What is the best way to write outbound sales emails?

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingWhat is the best way to write outbound sales emails?
asked 5 months ago

What are outbound sales? How can I write these emails to get maximum open and click rate?

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answered 2 months ago

We get enormous amounts of outbound emails on daily basis and there are various reason why they don’t get opened.

The emails that are rejected or marked as spam at the first look are those having very generic headings, no proper taglines and they lack in catchy statements.

The best way to create a Targeted Outbound Sales Emails that assures to get opened are

  • Define proper subject line.
  • Should have a good opening line and body content.
  • Signature is a must item that a good email should carry.
answered 2 months ago

Here are some tips on both the subject line AND the content.

  1. Relevancy. It has to be relevant to the person. If what you’re offering is not interesting to the person, he won’t open it.
  2. A free gift. If you tell people that a free gift awaits them, more people will be persuaded to open the email. People LOVE free stuff.
  3. Urgency. One of the most powerful stimuli is knowing that time is running out, the stock is low. It’s important to not use this method too often, it will start seeming ordinary if you abuse it.
  4. News. Know your audience, know what news could be interesting to them. If you do, you could grab their attention by letting them know once something important in the industry has happened.
  5. Stories. People love stories. Provide them with interesting facts about your company, success stories of your clients or some other material they would like to know. It might be a really positive change in communication, because newsletters will seem more interesting.

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answered 2 months ago

@Danas Kurlavičius Very nice suggestion. I completely agree with you.

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