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asked 4 months ago

Can any one suggest good SMTP services that are available to send bulk emails in millions. Please suggest service that have good inbox ratio

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answered 4 months ago


You can refer this post for finding best SMTP servers -> Best SMTP Service Providers 

They have explained very well about what is SMTP, what is the use of SMTP and what are its benefits?

Amazon SES is best in terms of pricing & inboxing in this list. It charges only $0.10 per 1,000 emails.

But, sending emails with any external SMTP is quite hectic as it requires a lengthy process of SMTP Integration.

I would suggest you go with the service where you don’t require any integration, no separate cost of a server, no additional cost of email sending application.

I picked MailGet Bolt from the list which offers high deliverability along with email creation, email tracking, list management, scheduling, drip mailing, Auto follow-up and much more.

It’s a complete & low budget solution for email marketing.

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