MailChimp Review: Can anyone share his thoughts about MailChimp?

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asked 5 months ago

MailChimp Review: Can anyone share his thoughts about MailChimp?

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answered 5 months ago

If you are using MailChimp for email marketing, then you are probably in trouble.

Every time we send emails using an email marketing service we expect 100% delivery rate.

Now, there ain’t any use of the email when it hits the junk box. As MailChimp users are free to add anyone to their email list.

Can you imagine how many people are going to throw your email into the junk folder?

That is going to waste your precious time and money as well.

Another thing is that most of the features that you get will the free subscription are not that useful. Important and productive features are basically locked in free accounts. So, in the end, you have to pay for premium service and to unlocking these features pay more money.

The templates which MailChimp provides are pretty basic. Sure -they’re ready made, but they aren’t really that attractive from a reader. This means you’ll have to either spend time and/or money to import your own forms if you actually want to grow your business via email marketing.

answered 3 months ago

Well, most services have the similar functionality nowadays. It mostly depends on how you like the interface and how much they charge you.

As you see, if you have 35 000 subscribers, we would charge you SIX times less than Mailchimp would:

Our UI is really intuitive and easy-to-understand. You can set up Push-Notifications, autoresponders, transactional emails, live technical support even if you’re using the free version (no need for $199/month “PRO” subscription). The deliverability is maxed out – no spammers getting through means the IP reputation is untarnished. Also, if you ever reach 50 000 subscribers, you will get a dedicated IP set up for you which means that the deliverability potentially could be even better.
Try, you will love it!

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