Is PMTA a good option to send bulk emails via Godaddy server?

All QuestionsCategory: QuestionsIs PMTA a good option to send bulk emails via Godaddy server?
asked 3 weeks ago

I want to install PMTA over Godaddy to send bulk emails, Is it a good option to send bulk emails via Godaddy?

1 Answers
answered 3 weeks ago

PMTA in itself is good for sending bulk emails but Godaddy do not allow to send more than 250 emails per hours.

So it’s a waste to time and money with Godaddy + PMTA  for sending bulk emails.

I suggest you to look for some server that provide dedicated IPs for email marketing then only you can send bulk emails. provide dedicated IP’s for sending email.


You can opting for any email marketing service that provide dedicated IP’s for email marketing.

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