How to handle spam and bounce when doing email marketing?

All QuestionsHow to handle spam and bounce when doing email marketing?
asked 3 months ago

I connected with a lot of SMTP’s, Is there any way to connect with any SMTP out there and collect spam and bounce in just one go?

I am not a coder and don’t want to do coding stuff.

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answered 3 months ago

Generally, all the SMTP service gives End Points or API for collecting bounce and spam emails data and it will really hard to code all the end points for different SMTPs.

So I personally suggest you, use MailGet for connecting with any SMTP and sending emails.

MailGet connects with a lot of SMTP services and they have configures all the code to handle bounce and spam, so at your end, you need not worry about coding and managing programming.

answered 14 hours ago

Don’t know about other systems, but automatically handles bounces/unsubscribes/spam reports so that they don’t receive any future newsletters from you.

BUT, you can still choose to manually delete the emails from our system system by doing this :

To delete, go to the Subscriber list view > Press “All recipients” at the top, select “Bounced” > Press “Actions” and then select “Delete subscribers”

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