How to check IP reputation?

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asked 4 months ago

Is there any way I can get the details on IP reputation of any particular IP and also its nearby range?

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answered 4 months ago

There are 2 services that I think is best in terms of checking IP reputation.

Senderscore will tell you the IP reputation at the scale of 100, Higher the ranking better the IP reputation is. When you register at the website, It also tells us about the recent spam trap hits of that particular IP. – Now it name as, This tool is far better than the senderscore it tells about the IP reputation as well as it shows IP reputation of a complete range so that you will get the idea of near IP address and it’s IP reputation.

Other than that it also provides email volume history about the particular IP. You can consider Good IP who’s email sending is constant and its reputation is good.

It also tells us about the IP’s blacklist status. IP perform poor at inboxing if it is blacklisted.

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