How Godaddy is Giving So Damn Cheap Domain Names ?

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingHow Godaddy is Giving So Damn Cheap Domain Names ?
asked 6 months ago

How Godaddy is giving such a cheap domain names, not a single other hosting service provider avail such cheap domain names?

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answered 6 months ago

Godaddy is a smart company. They sell cheap domains because they want to acquire new customers and then they recover that cost by up-selling other relevant hosting items at their website at a high price. eg. SSL

answered 5 hours ago

If you feel Godaddy’s domains are cheap, you’re seriously negligent in reading the fine print!

  • Domains are discounted ONLY for the first year
  • On some domains, the discount ONLY applies if you’re registering for 2 years (i.e. 1st year discounted, 2nd year full rate)
  • After that it costs full rate.

Let’s do a REAL price comparison. Godaddy’s annual rate for the .COM is currently INR 959 (in India – I’m not doing a global comparison). They will give you the domain for INR 99 for the 1st year if you register for 2 years or more.

What you pay Godaddy:

  • 1st year: 99+tax (if you pay for 2 or more years)
  • 2nd year: 959+tax
  • 3rd year: 959+tax
  • … etc.

Now in my experience, domain costs should be approx INR 750-800 with a 10-15% profit margin through a domain reseller…. Godaddy is a top level registrar which means they easily have a healthy profit of 120-150%!

How I know this:

  1. We (Wherrelz Corp) have been into hosting & domain registration since 2005 – now only on a limited basis for our investees or our own SaaS products. We are domain resellers.
  2. I’m a member of multiple ICANN working groups – incase you didn’t know, domains are the property of ICANN and you can only RENT them on an annual basis

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