How can I ensure that my newsletters won’t be delivered to spam folder?

All QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow can I ensure that my newsletters won’t be delivered to spam folder?
asked 3 months ago

I have some emails on my list but they didn’t subscribe to my newsletters? How can I ensure that my emails will not reach to spam folder of those leads? Should I send emails to them or not?

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answered 1 month ago

You should not. If they did not subscribe, they aren’t really interested in what you’ve got to offer, which means it will hurt your brand(company). The return from those types of emails is minimal, yet the damage may be irreparable.

If you decide not to send emails to those email addresses, you should head to and create an account. It’s got a great, award-winning UI, the pricing is more than reasonable and the live support on-site will always help you!

EDIT: The IP reputation of this ESP is also great, which means that your mails have a lower chance of being delivered to SPAM.

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