Did anyone tried Amazon SES, How is there open rate?

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingDid anyone tried Amazon SES, How is there open rate?
asked 6 months ago

I am using MailChimp for my email marketing service but i am not happy with the inboxing rate.
Did any one tried Amazon SES for sending emails and how is there inboxing percentage?

2 Answers
answered 6 months ago

Amazon SES is really good for inbox, I tried multiple service for sending emails and in compare to other email marketing service, I think Amazon SES has a good open rate.

There is small lag that they don’t have interface to send bulk emails and it’s hard to track open, clicks, spam, bouce via Amazon SES panel.

answered 3 months ago

Well, to use Amazon SES is to transfer a lot of weight on your own shoulders.

The thing is, to most people, unless you’re sending tens of millions of emails daily, Amazon SES is not worth the hassle. There are better low-cost alternatives. Like Sender.net.

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