“Create unlimited forms online with the help of Web Form Builders”

Web form builders are the most powerful & commonly used tools for creating forms for any cranny. Be it payment form, feedback form, subscription form or any other form.

In today’s busy life, people want everything at their fingertips!

So, when it comes to filling a form, why waste time and paper as well, when you have a better option?


With the help of web form builders, you can generate forms without any trouble, and simply embed them on the website. The forms will display on the websites and the interested users will fill them there then.

Web Form Builders

Web from builders provide you with arrange of features which will prove to a boon for you such as-

  • You can create a form or choose from the templates provided by the form builders.
  • It enables you to collect payments through multiple gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc.
  • Further, you can get email notifications as and when a lead is generated.
  • Also, you can send pre-defined custom responses on a certain event like ‘Thanks for subscriptions’ etc.

and a lot more…

For your convenience, we have amalgamated a list of Web form builders where we have discussed the attributes, pricing details and a lot more about these web from builders.

So, quickly go through the list and find the best web form builder for yourself.

1.  FormGet – Form Creator Software

FormGet is veritably one of the finest web form builder software. You can effortlessly create forms for any niche within few clicks. It provides you with a number features for creating & customizing the forms like custom branding for adding logos, images, message and a lot more.

You can create forms, validate various fields such as name, address, email, upload images and a lot more. Plus, it also enables you to redirect the users to a certain website on form submission. By creating payment forms you can collect payments in a secured way through various gateways like PayPal & Stripe

In addition to this, when a user submits his form, all the data entries get collected in Amazon Infrastructure, that ensures that data of your forms is safe & secure.

FormGet Web Form Builder


Pricing Details (Monthly)
Web Form Builder Pricing  No. of Users No. of Forms   Submissions per Month  Payment Account
Starters  $5 1 1 1200 1
Rookie $35 5 25 25k 5
Pro $79 10 Unlimited 60k 15
Advance $99 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Note: The software also provides a FREE plan of 7-days to its customers, where you can create unlimited forms with access to all the pro features.


  • You can check the authenticity of a user while submitting forms through re-captcha & prevent spamming. This spamming is mostly done by automated bots which carry out human activities on the internet.
  • It enables you to create helpdesk forms via which you can resolve the queries of people. The queries are characterized into four categories new message, on-hold message, replied message & all messages. 
  • Apart from this, you can easily draw the pattern of a client’s behavior by keeping an eye on their activities. You can track the IP address, country, web browser & devices from which your site has been viewed. So, you know the audience you need to focus on.
  • This software enables you to send canned replies. You can create templates for replies to the most common queries and form entries.

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2. Pabbly Forms – Web Form Builder

Pabbly Forms provides you with a range of features for creating a different kind of forms such as payment form, feedback form or any other forms which make it stand out.

You can easily validate various fields like contact, radio buttons, etc by simply dragging and dropping the fields at the desired place.

Further, it provides multilingual support which will allow you to create forms in different languages and thereby, making it more expressive for your users from different regions.

 Pabbly Forms Web Form Builder


Pricing Details (Monthly)
Web Form Builder Pricing  No. of Users No. of Forms   Submissions per Month  Payment Account
Starters  $5 1 1 1200 1
Rookie $35 5 25 25k 5
Pro $79 10 Unlimited 60k 15
Advance $99 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited


  • You can create conditional logic forms to show & hide various fields or sections based on logic. Hence, shorten the length of the forms.
  • It provides you with an email facility which enables you to receive an email as soon as the user submits the form.
  • Plus, you can create multiple forms and give access to specific team members. By doing so, you can enable them to manage their own section of forms simultaneously.
  • Also, you can integrate with email marketing application via which you can receive email notifications as and when the user subscribes.

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3. JotForm – Form Building Tool

If you are looking for a software which enables you to create forms and customize them as per your convenience. Then you are in the right place. JotForm allows you to generate forms or you can simply select forms from a number of templates and carve it according to your needs.

JotForm provides you round the clock i.e. 24*7 customer support. Moreover, you don’t need to sign-up for free users as you receive the notifications on your email at the end.

This form builder is studded with exemplary features like customization of the form is quite easy with the UI interface of JotForm.

JotForm Web Form Builder


Pricing Details (Monthly)
Web Form Builder Pricing   Monthly Submissions  No. of Forms   Submission Storage Branding
Starter Free 100 1 500 JotForm Branding
Bronze $19 1,000 25 Unlimited Custom Branding
Silver $39 10,000 100 Unlimited Custom Branding
Gold $49 100,000 Unlimited Unlimited Custom Branding


  • It notifies you via emails for each response. Thereby, you can collect data without any hassle.
  • You can create forms online and publish them there then.
  • Visual Report Building allowed using the responses of the form. This helps in analyzing the responses of the JotForm.
  • Besides, it offers you more than 2500 templates and 40 themes which are fully customizable.

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4. K2 FormsOnline Form Builder

K2 Forms is widely used to generate forms and customize them according to the needs. This application provides you with a variety of features for easy customization and adding files.

You can add and validate fields by simply dragging from the fields section and dropping them in the form at the desired place.

Plus, this easy to use the app is responsive to all screen sizes and mediums like mobile, desktop, tablets, etc.

K2 Forms Web Form Builder


Pricing Details (Monthly)
Web Form Builder Pricing  Workflows  No. of Forms 
Starters  $12 5 25
Builder $18 25 125
Premier $24 125 600
Enterprise $31 1,000 5,000


  • You can use drag and drop functionality to create and validate fields in the form.
  • With the help of conditional logic, you to show or hide various fields or pages, auto-assign data and many other possible options.
  • It empowers you to give access to diverse users and they can further handle the management of forms of their section.

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5. Zoho Forms – Software To Create Forms

Zoho Forms is a renowned web form builder which enables you to create forms and customize them as and design them as you want. This form building tool enables effortlessly select from around 30+ field types, themes and templates to create a form of your own choice.

It offers you various options for validating the fields, uploading files, changing the color and a lot more. Plus, you can create forms and publish them on another website. Simply embed the code the code on the website & share it privately or publicly.

Further, it fits beautifully in all screen sizes like desktop, mobile, etc and it is 100% responsive.

Zoho Forms  Web Form Builder


Pricing Details (Monthly)
Web Form Builder Pricing  No. of Users No. of Forms   Submissions per Month Storage
BASIC $8 1 Unlimited 10,000 500 MB
STANDARD $20 10 Unlimited 25,000 2 GB
PROFESSIONAL $40 25 Unlimited 75,000 5 GB
PREMIUM $80 100 Unlimited 150,000 10 GB


  • You can assign certain tasks to manage specific forms to the people by granting them access & permissions which makes it more easy to handle a large number of forms.
  • It empowers you to create custom reports for sorting the information. Also, you can view the performance of your forms and identify your traffic source right from Zoho Forms.
  • Also, you can create conditional logic forms via which send emails, assign tasks, and display thank you pages based on the responses you receive.
  • Zoho Forms allows you to send emails and keep a copy of data in PDF format which will enable you to keep a record of the important details.

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6. WPForms – Form Maker Software

It is probably one of the finest web form builders which is studded with impeccable features like easy customization, spam protection & much more. This is a very user-friendly tool and is responsive to all mediums like mobile, desktop, etc.

All you gotta do is, simply embed the form in the website and you are good to go. WPForms facilitates you to create subscription forms and link them to your email account. So now you receive the emails regarding the submission of forms and other activities.

 WP Forms Web Form Builder


Pricing Details (Yearly)
Web Form Builder Pricing  Supported Sites Updates Surveys and Polls Custom CSS
 Basic $49 1 1 yr
Plus $99 5 1 yr
Pro $199 25 1 yr
Agency $349 Unlimited 1 yr


  • You can easily create forms by dragging & dropping the fields in it. This will validate the fields therein without any trouble.
  • It empowers you to send email notifications to the leads as soon as they click the submit button. And you can also view all the details about lead in one place to streamline your workflow.
  • Apart from all this, you can prevent spamming as it grants smart captcha and honeypot for automatically preventing spam submissions.
  • You can create conditional logic forms by adding the required logical fields and thereby, enhance the user interface.

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Wrapping Up!

In a nutshell, we listed a few best web form builders which help in creating and customizing the forms.

Also, we have scrutinized their major attributes, pricing details and several other details which will help you in analyzing.

After going through this blog, we hope you are able to select the best from the list of web form builders.

So, do share your views about web form builders & drop in the names favorite ones. We would like to know!

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