You know how to recruit and train volunteers, however, how do you manage them once you have enough? There are certainly tonnes, and you probably use a few, of volunteer management strategies out there.

But that does not cover your entire non-profit volunteer management process. Voluntary management software helps you register, plan and communicate with your volunteer network by saving contact details, participant history, availability and more.

Service Name Pricing Unique Feature
VolunteerHub $150/month Dynamic campaign pages, De-duplication, Google Analytics integration, Liability Waiver
Volgistics $9/month Group tracking, Multi-site capabilities, Document storage


Real-Time signup notifications, Custom design & URL, Flagged volunteer list, Volunteer certificates, Toggle jobs online/offline
myTRS Contact sales team Attendance and exportable reports, access codes to protect sensitive data, upload activities and clone sites
HandsOn Connect

Contact sales team

Apps integration, personalize page theme & content, cloud-based solution

Since so many tools are available for your volunteer management, we know that it is difficult to find a tool that meets your non-profit needs. So we made a list of ten tools. These are the best volunteer management instruments to meet your non-profit requirements.


You must use the time, effort and effort of your volunteers and the time and effort you devote to their management. We make it easy not only to manage but to engage and engage your volunteers. VolunteerHub is simple, safe and affordable volunteer management software.

VolunteerHub - Home

Key Features:

  • This is the only cloud-based volunteer management software which can be integrated with Blackbaud's CRM.
  • However, it may take time to write and send multiple emails manually. And with changing event details, volunteers must quickly find updates. Save time and more effectively engage with your volunteers through the automated communication capabilities of VolunteerHub, including e-mails and text messages.
  • VolunteerHub automates the process and saves time, money and frustration with voluntary tracking for your organization. As part of their standard software package, VolunteerHub delivers automated tracking, including features that are extremely useful to advanced reporting organizations.


Plus Plan – From $150/month that manage up to 1,000 volunteers.

Pro Plan – From $260/month that manage up to 2,500 volunteers.

Enterprise Plan – Manages 2500+ volunteers. For pricing, contact the sales team.

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Volgistics assists you in managing your volunteers throughout the entire cycle. You'll find Volgistics with the features you can activate and deactivate in accordance with the way you work from the online application to the award calculation.

Volgistics - Home

Key Features:

  • Volgistics uses an advanced relationship database to store your volunteer information. This Web interface is designed for maximum flexibility and functions in your voluntary database that is user-friendly and adaptable.
  • Volunteer scheduling of Volgistics software includes tailored functions for your organization and volunteer leaders, such as perpetual scheduling, view and print schedules, substitute tracking, substitute tracking and more.
  • You can quickly and easily generate the reports you require by using one of the stock reports included in the system or a custom report that you produce with an easy-to-use interface using Volgistics volunteer reporting software.


Use this price calculator to calculate the monthly Volgistics rate. Select the level of service and your preferred options. The minimum cost is $9/month besides its free trial plan.

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Volunteer Local

VolunteerLocal is an easy-to-use volunteer platform used by all types of event planners and volunteer co-ordinators. We have plans to adapt to a wide range of budgets per event and annual (unlimited events!).

VolunteerLocal - Home

Key Features:

  • Collect a (refundable) temporary deposit with the credit card integration of VolunteerLocal.
  • Customized registration forms for each volunteer to gather comprehensive demographics.
  • Track individual or group hours of volunteer work via VolunteerLocal's on-site check-in/out tool.
  • Send (and schedule) messages by job, shift or event to your volunteers at any time. Use the SMS tool to send your volunteers text messages on the spot.


Discover for $200/event  Р10 admin users, custom registration fields, export data to CSV file.

Grow for $800/event – 75 admin users, job assignments for team leads, toggle jobs online/offline.

Conquer for $3,000/event – 200 admin users, shift-swapping, name badges, responsive questioning.

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The software developed by Event Planners and TRS's online event management, online voluntary scheduling and online ticketing software for event planners are just what you think you do. For an efficient, successful event plus functionality for sharing social media, reporting, tailored e-mails, SMS and much more we can offer all the tools you need in one easy and user-friendly interface.

myTRS - Home

Key Features:

  • Send emails (committee, activities, group of activities, shift, or other) based on mass or criteria.
  • Customize fields, graphic banner with a welcome page, sponsor logos and photos, add custom instructions on each page.
  • Integrated bar and QR codes make seamless scan and badge operations possible.
  • Volunteers choose to change based on availability, competencies and preferences.


Contact the sales team to know the price quotes of this service.

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HandsOn Connect uses hundreds of non-profit foundations and higher education to draw upon the knowledge and expertise of Points of Light, the world's largest voluntary service organization, in order to give you the best product to engage with volunteers successfully.

HandsOnConnect - Home

Key Features:

  • Customize the subject & content page with native CMS with required feed, blogs, themes, etc.
  • Maximize Salesforce by producing custom hours, events and volunteers reports.
  • Get reports, dashboards, and information, whether you have an office or remote access, at the tip of your hands.
  • Follow your organization's best practices, and critical needs through donors, donations, foundations & grants, corporations & sponsorship.


Contact the sales team to know the price quotes of this service.

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CERVIS, web-based voluntary management software is the most complete and customizable available. CERVIS facilitates the online recruitment, coordination and management of voluntary activities, and the effective communication with volunteers.


Key Features:

  • It gives a professionally managed environment with multiple levels of security, redundancies, and backups.
  • Anyone with an Internet connection can access CERVIS, anytime, anywhere on your tablet, smartphone or computer.
  • Facilitate email and text messages communication with the volunteers as it sends timetables and thanks messages automatically.
  • Set up and post online opportunities for voluntary service quickly. CERVIS enables volunteers to find and easily register online.
  • Track and report voluntary hours automatically. Specific volunteers, groups, events and custom fields quickly produce reports, covering any period.


Basic Edition – $25/month

Standard Edition – $100/month

Premier Edition – $150/month

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You can easily set up your events, notifications and pages with Duplie and configure them to suit your needs. Our powerful platform allows specific volunteers based on groups to limit roles and events.

Duplie - Home

Key Features:

  • Manage volunteers and donors & create the perfect directory with customizable profiles, roles, and user fields.
  • Enable your volunteers to register and administer their preferences. Send recalls (email and SMS) automatically with weekly opening notifications.
  • Integrated with some of the top payment processors to focus on donations, ordering, and registration forms.
  • Intuitive dashboards show exactly what is going on in your business in real time.
  • Create custom events with repeated dates, voluntary roles, various designs and options for RSVP.


Basic – $75 per month.

Premium – $149/month & avail options like no duplie ads, file uploads, phone support and more.

Pro – $349/month and comprises of advanced features like external APIs, Hemasphere integration etc.

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Manage your volunteers in a smooth solution with everything you need. Navigate among useful features, such as apps, rotas, reports, and expenses, to keep volunteers on tracks and on tracks.

Assemble - Home

Key Features:

  • Cuts the screening time to enable you with a simple automatic process to integrate new volunteers as fast as possible.
  • See every touchpoint, email or note associated with the applicant with a snapshot of recent activities.
  • Automate and streamline both organization and volunteer expense claim processes.
  • Promote volunteers to discover the events, donations, and colleagues in your community.
  • Communicate through comprehensive news and social media content with volunteers.


You can contact the team to know the pricing of the following plans for growing your business.

Starters – This plan allows one administrator to manage up to 100 users.

Premium – With this plan, you can grant access to the 5 administrators to manage 500 users.

Enterprise – This advanced plan allows you to create unlimited administrator to manage unlimited users.

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A volunteer management software helps you register and schedule and communicate through the storage of contact information, history, availability and other information with your volunteer network.

Because there are so many tools to help you manage your volunteers, we know that finding one for your non-profit needs is a difficult task. That is why a list of ten tools has been produced. These are our choices for the best tools for voluntary management to meet your non-profit requirements.

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