Do you want to escape from VerticalResponse? Well, we've handpicked a few VerticalResponse alternatives that will help you to make a final and a better choice.

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vertical response alternative

But wait.

Let me list down some cons of VerticalResponse which will help you make a better decision.

It has users worldwide and by their reviews, we found some cons like:

  • Fewer customization features for designing templates. It is the major issue found in reviews.
  • The user interface is a bit clunky, which means accessing this software is quite complicated and one needs professional training to work smoothly.
  • Updates of this software come in very short intervals. The user needs to be very flexible to adapt and learn the changes.

In this post you'll find some services which might be new to you. However, we really want you to trust us as we have done out homework.

In the world of innovation and invention, thousands of products are invented every day. Sometimes a product can be great but unknown to users. This happens because there are product designers who spend their budgets on improving features rather than marketing.

We have selected the services here after deep analysis of reviews and our own experience with the products. All our listed services are tried, tested and approved by us to stand as the best “VerticalResponse Alternatives”.

Our selected services are free from the flaws of VerticalResponse and they have a lot more features.

A quick glance at the best VerticalResponse alternatives

ServicesPricing Drag & Drop FeatureMultiple SMTPMultiple Domains
MailGet Bolt$15/Mo
Constant Contact$20/Mo

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1. PlatformlyRead ReviewView Listing

Platformly is a suite of tools for multi-channel marketing automation. It allows businesses to turn leads into brand advocates with targeted campaigns and highly personalized emails. All this can be done without writing a single line of code.


Features of Platformly:

  • Design and send beautiful email marketing campaigns with ease.
  • With marketing automation you can trigger personalized messages based on user actions.
  • The CRM lets you nurture your company's relationships with new and existing clients.
  • Business dashboards monitor the health of your business in real time.
  • With link tracking you can optimize all your email marketing.
  • Beautiful lead capture forms can convert visitors into customers in an instant.
  • You can make data-backed decisions using the in-depth reports provided by the software.


  • There are 3 feature packages that you can choose from, and each has a 15-day free trial.
  • Send emails to up to 1000 contacts starting at $19/month with the Starter Package.
  • You can try the Rich Profiles add-on which gives you additional information for a better understanding of your contacts.
  • There are no setup fees, no contracts and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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2. MailGet Bolt (Most Recommended in VerticalResponse Alternatives)

It is the best VerticalResponse alternative and is used by many professional email marketers.

MailGet Bolt empowers you to send emails in bulk. It lets you create beautiful and attractive email templates using a drag-and-drop builder, which helps you get higher open rates and attract more people to your brand.

When you do list segmentation with MailGet Bolt you send your emails only to targeted leads which increases open rates.

You can create your contact list either manually or by adding a CSV file. You can also send followup emails to those who ignore previous communications.

MailGet Bolt has a simple user interface that even beginner can use.

MailGet Bolt

Features of MailGet Bolt:

  1. MailGet has got 500+ pre-built templates which can be customized as per your need to start your email marketing campaign in a go!
  2. You can schedule a specific date and time to send emails to chosen contacts.
  3. A dynamic feature of ‘Auto Responder is given to the users, which will automatically send a reply, according to the situation.
  4. We can set up ‘Drips’ to mail our subscribers on short intervals.


Price plans of MailGet are very affordable, They ‘charge less and serve more to the customers’. They have Monthly and Yearly plans. MailGet Categorized their subscription plans in 4 parts

Starter: You can send emails to 2500 subscribers for $9/Month.
Rookie: You can send emails to 5000 subscribers for $19/Month.
Pro: You can send emails to 10000 subscribers for $34/Month.
Advance: You can send emails to 15000 subscribers for $49/Month.

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3. MailGet

This is the cheapest VerticalResponse alternative. It is one of the finest professional email marketing solutions for sending emails to bulk contacts. According to one user, “It is the most reasonable email marketing solution, better than other email marketing software out there”.

This service has a huge variety of integrations. You can easily integrate Google Analytics, Zapier, and Wufoo to your MailGet account in a matter of minutes.

MailGet - VerticalResponse alternative

Features of MailGet:

  1. MailGet’s list cleaning feature will filter your contact list. Incorrect email address and spam will be automatically removed.
  2. SMTP routing in MailGet enables you to send emails using different vendors at one place.
  3. The built-in lead capture tool helps you to capture leads through a form. This form can be embedded/shared on different sites.
  4. With MailGet whenever a person opens your email, you get all the information you need to improve future campaigns: type of device, browser, operating system and country. All these are brought to you by the ‘Email Tracking Feature’.


As already mentioned, MailGet has the cheapest plans. The monthly subscriptions are divided into 4 categories.

Starter: $5/month to email 5000 subscribers.
Rookie: $29/month to email 25,000 subscribers.
Pro: $49/month to email 50,000 subscribers.
Advance: $79/month to email 100000 subscribers.

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4. iContact

This is an easy email marketing service that provides you the best features. It offers a 30 days free trial to new users so that they can test before buying. The trial version of iContact is limited to 100 email addresses only.

The software has a consulting staff for email marketing solutions, which is a unique feature in this category.

iContact provides personalized, one-on-one expertise to the user. In short, they have a responsive support team you can rely on.

iContact - VerticalResponse alternative

Features of iContact:

  1. iContact offers you A/B Split testing for your email templates. This way you can closely analyze and compare the templates that you create and based on user behavior, you can make your final choice.
  2. You can track a contact's behavior on your sent mail using real time data provided by the Performance Tracking feature. It is possible to get real time click analysis on each sent email.
  3. An unlimited number of users can access the account with the “Multi-User Accessibility” feature.
  4. iContact also helps you to stay in the conversation with blog writing and press releases.


The pricing is in two categories:

Essential: $32/Month. You can send unlimited emails with features like Segmentation, A/B Splitting and many more.
Professional: $99/Month. This has all the features of ‘Essential Category’ + workflow, triggered message, landing pages etc.

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5. Constant Contact

Constant Contact provides you with a wide range of templates which helps give a professional appearance and create a positive impression towards your contacts.
The best feature of Constant Contact is that it enables mobile optimization of email templates. By using it, your email templates will be displayed uniformly on all devices as well as computer screens.

Constant Contact - VerticalResponse alternative

Features of Constant Contact:

  1. It offers you a “Polls and Survey” tool for customer feedback.
  2. You can create invitations and track upcoming events.
  3. You can generate a fundraiser request email and collect donations online.
  4. It gives a feature to promote or pull your content directly from your email template.


It offers subscriptions in 2 categories:

Email: $20/month: send unlimited emails with 1 GB file storage capacity.
Email Plus: $45/month: with unlimited emails and 2 GB file storage capacity.

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6. Benchmark

Benchmark allows you to send the “right email to the right person at the right time”. It offers 250 free emails to subscribers so that you can learn all the functionalities of software and upgrade only when you are sure.

It's not just for creating and sending email; it can monitor real-time reports of sent emails.

Benchmark - VerticalResponse alternative

Features of Benchmark:

  1. It has an automated trigger system; when a customer subscribes they are automatically added to the contact list.
  2. It sends a follow-up emails to subscribers who haven't read previous emails.
  3. You can send scheduled messages based on whether your emails were opened or links were clicked.
  4. It provides data about your sent emails. You can know which emails bounced, which ones were opened, unopened, unsubscribed and more.


It offers subscription in 4 categories.

Medium: You can send unlimited emails to 2,000 subscribers for $27.19/month.
Large: You can send unlimited emails to 10,000 subscribers for $69.69/month.
Extra Large: Here you can send unlimited emails to 100,000 subscribers for $420.74/month.
Massive: You can send unlimited emails to 1,000,000 subscribers for $3632.89/month.

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7. ActiveCampaign

A superior service for email marketing that provides all the tools you need to make meaningful connections and grow your business.

It gives you a feature to design email templates, newsletters and messages targeted to each contact’s interests. Their motto is ‘Make every campaign you send feel personal’.

ActiveCampaign - VerticalResponse alternative

Features of ActiveCampaign:

  1. It offers an autoresponder feature by which you can send a series of automated emails to the subscriber. For example, you can send welcome emails, delivery emails, confirmation emails and so on.
  2. It has a trigger email system, where emails are automatically sent based on the subscriber's action. For example, whenever a subscriber purchases something from your site or visits your site, or when your subscribers display interest, the appropriate email will be sent to trigger the next action.
  3. It has a multi-user editing system where you can create or edit your email campaigns with your team.
  4. With ActiveCampaign's mobile optimization feature, you can make your emails look the same on mobiles, tablets and desktops.


It offers Subscription in 4 categories.

Lite: $17/ month with unlimited sendings.
Plus: $49/month with all features of lite and additional features.
Professional: $129/month with unlimited sending and many professional features.
Enterprise: $229/month includes all the features from the Professional category plus additional features.

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8. Mad Mimi

It is one of the best user-friendly VerticalResponse alternatives.

Mad Mimi works, in simple terms, to ‘Create, Connect and Send”. That is why this software is used by users who want an easy email marketing platform.

It is best for small-scale businesses.

Mad Mimi - VerticalResponse alternative.

Features of Mad Mimi:

  1. If you want to design beautiful and mobile-friendly emails you should choose Mad Mimi.
  2. It enables you to attach social icons in your email templates: Facebook, Instagram and so on.
  3. With the Mad Mimi multi user platform you can link your team to your Mad Mimi account.
  4. With it's RSS feature you can promote your blog posts. Just copy your blog's URL and paste it in your email template and send it to your contacts.


It offers you subscription in 4 Categories.

Basic: $10/Month With 500 contacts.
Pro: $42/month With 10000 contacts.
Silver: $199/month With 50000 contacts.
Gold: $1049/Month With 350,000 contacts.

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9. GetResponse

This VerticalResponse alternative has some important and helpful features which can help you to grow your business and connect with your customers.

With GetResponse you can connect live with your customers and make them feel that they are part of a community.

The best feature of this email marketing software is their ‘Webinar System’: you personally come before your subscribers and have a conversation with them.

GetResponse can be considered one of the best professional tools for email marketing.

GetResponse - VerticalResponse Alternatives

Features of GetResponse:

  1. The website provides landing pages, which will help you capture more leads.
  2. It provides a marketing automation tool which is a platform that marketers use to plan, coordinate, manage and measure all of their marketing campaigns, both online and offline.
  3. With GetResponse CRM you will have everything you need to turn your email leads into sales.
  4. It offers eCommerce tools which you can use in your email templates. With these tools, subscribers can buy your products, you can give recommendations and offer similar products.


Its subscription comes in 4 categories.

Email: $15/Month with 1000 Contact List Capacity.
Pro: $49/Month with 5000 Contact List Capacity.
Max: $65/Month with 10,000 Contact List Capacity.
Enterprise: $199/Month with 100,000 Contact List Capacity.

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10. Campaign Monitor

This is the only software which provides you with an image gallery. The pictures from this gallery show different templates, which have different categorizations like top 100 email templates, featured newsletters and more.

It provides you with a 24×7 customer support through experts.

Campaign Monitor believes that email marketing is not just a promotion platform; it is an email conversation between friends. This is their approach to make the recipients feel important.

Campaign Monitor - VerticalResponse alternative.

Features of Campaign Monitor:

  1. It offers to make personalized the customer journey which helps you to engage subscribers and convert them into customers.
  2. It gives you detailed statistics of your sent emails: for example, open rates, click rates, bounce rates and more.
  3. Its list segmentation feature is better than others. You can analyze your customer data, split your contact list into different segments and send relevant emails to them.
  4. It also enables you to connect with hundreds of business apps like Shopify, WordPress, Magento and so on.


It offers subscription in 3 categories.

Basic: $9/month, 2500 email sending capacity.

Unlimited: $29/month unlimited email sending capacity.

Premier: $149/month unlimited email sending capacity with phone and email support.

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Last words:

As we came to the end of our post, we hope the information provided here helps you choose the best software for email marketing. You can use this blog to differentiate between different services.

Your feedback and response are valuable to us.

Thank you.