Are you looking for some of the best social networking software?

Social networking is a practice, which is, used for expanding business or social contacts by making different new connections through social media sites or through individuals.

Social Networking Software

Social networking established interconnection online communities, which help people in making contacts. By making use of social networking, people will be able to contact any other member.

If you want to know about ten best social networking software's then you are in the right place.

Here, we have a list of ten best social networking software's provided, which will let you boost your business by making connections with people easily and conveniently.

Check all the services in detail as per your needs and choose service wisely.

1. Social Engine

Social Engine is a software suite, which allows creation of different customizable online communities. With help of Social Engine, you will have the freedom of maintaining fine-grained control over all other aspects of your content and your site.

Social Engine will let you to build a community, which is unique along with completely no powered by links. It will never stop you from serving your own advertisements or from moving your community.

Social engine is available with complete PHP source code, which will let you to easily integrate or add your custom features.


Key features of Social Engine:

  • Availability of multiple social network
  • Drag and drop content management
  • Accessibility of moderators and membership level
  • Get easy development service for different custom projects
  • Buy third-party plugging and themes
  • Online support included
  • Up-to-date knowledgebase
  • Professional installation service
  • Professional installation service
  • Ready to go theme available with customizable layouts.

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2. MooSocial

MooSocial is the best social networking software available, which is, used to create the social or online community site. Using mooSocial, start your site in minutes. Even without programming skills and without designing, it is easy to use.

It is, based on CakePHP 2 framework and is easy to customize. As compared to other social networking tools, mooSocial is a standalone tool, which means that there is no need to install a content management system, which is, used for running the tool.

You can easily customize your social site easily and quickly using this CMS-independent software.


Key features of MooSocial:

  • Available plug-in system
  • Custom HTML block
  • User roles
  • Custom profile fields
  • Payment gateway
  • Hash tag
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Full multi-language support
  • Bulk mail
  • Page Manager
  • Ads network support
  • RTF language support
  • SQL, XSS injections
  • Full HTTP/SSL support
  • Customizable email templates
  • Membership subscription
  • User tag.

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3. Schoology

Schoology is an inventive learning management system and one of the best social networking tools. Shoology offers a collaborative blending learning experience, which is helpful in making traditional LMS more effective.

This particular tool gives a flexible training platform, which is helpful in systemizing content management. Schoology makes it easier to share as well as develop academic content.

It is useful in integrating systematic process of content creation and management.


Key features of Schoology:

  • One of the best webpage creation tools
  • Create custom applications
  • Flawlessly integrate third-party programs
  • Availability of collaboration based interface
  • Best instructor tools which is used for course management and creation
  • Accessibility of global community for sharing resources
  • performance-based analytics and automate grading system
  • Centralize online educational activity
  • Advanced analytics
  • Curriculum management
  • Resource sharing instructors and centres
  • Align content to common core and state standards
  • Automatically updating system of online grading
  • Open-access integration platform
  • Student information systems integration.

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4. Tessello

Tessello is a collaborative learning platform which will help your business to perform better. It is one of the best tools, which is, used for relationship building. Connect your associates to one another using tessello.

Using it, content and development opportunities are quiet easy to find. Your associates will build and grow their knowledge using this tool, which will help then in boosting their engagement and confidence.


Key features of Tessello:

  • Tessello hosts and tracks any SCORM-compliant courses
  • Easily update existing content
  • Moderation capacity
  • Facility to upload any type of resource which include Word documents, PowerPoint, videos and much more
  • Create your own resource bank of content and title
  • Admin-controlled groups for unit/team discussions
  • Add¬†content in a variety of languages
  • Learners can easily like and share content
  • Community interaction and peer-sharing
  • Comment on shared learning experiences
  • Reputation and engagement points.

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5. Hallwaze

Hallwaze offer a robust cloud based platform, which is useful in making communication and collaboration more interactive, social and super secure. By making use of Hallwaze, you can easily customize your feeds and platform dynamically.

All relevant documents are, contextually arranged in the functional group. It is one of the best interactive projects management tool with help of which, you can create project groups, track, and assign tasks to share documents, start conversations, and promote collaboration.


Key features of Hallwaze:

  • Customized collaboration
  • Intelligent profiling
  • Automated recommendations
  • File Sharing
  • Personalized sticky notes
  • Custom content feeds
  • Intelligent searching
  • Task and team management
  • Social media integration.

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6. Jive

Jive products and solutions help your associates, customers and partners work better. It gives you one place with everything, which you need to get your job done. It is easy and quick to use for organizations of any size for solving real business challenges.

Using jive social networking software, empower your department, office and team with pages and sites that speed up the key business process.

It is integrated with mobile apps that link you up with your team and department where you can easily receive latest updates, access data etc.


Key features of Jive:

  • Data export service
  • Community sentiment analysis
  • Profiles
  • Groups
  • Blogs
  • Discussions
  • Smart search
  • Document collaboration
  • Events
  • Streamlined administration
  • Ready-to-use sites and availability of pages for your business users
  • Enterprise-grade security, ISO 27001:2013 certified
  • Automatic news streams subscription
  • Appealing and configurable news page
  • Your Jive intranet on the go
  • Find the people you need in a mobile employee directory
  • Message teams and individuals in real time
  • Massive integrations with Outlook, Gmail, Box, Google Drive, and more
  • Community manager reports
  • Engagement analytics dashboard
  • Content-level impact metrics.

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7. Crea8socialPRO

Crea8socialPro is powerful software, which is used for creating social networking sites along with great speed and modern features, which you will not find anywhere else.

Using Crea8socialPRO software, you can create any kind of social networking site of fashion, lifestyle, or general social network.

It is available with powerful and adequate cache system. By making use of this powerful software, you can easily serve millions of concurrent users.


Key features of Crea8socialPRO:

  • One-time payment
  • Instant download after purchase
  • Five minutes installation process
  • Spam protection and maximum security available
  • Content management system
  • Reaction system
  • Social integration Facebook, Twitter etc
  • Membership system
  • Announcement from admin panel
  • Plugging Management
  • Payment gateway
  • Multi-Lingual with RTL Support
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Members Activities log
  • Advance Advertising system
  • Emoticons and stickers
  • Advance newsletter.

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8. Bitrix Site Manager

Bitrix 24 is a communication and collaboration platform, which cover internal as well as external operations. It provides different tools for document sharing, task management for providing maximum efficiency of communications and work.

Bitrix 24 offers a practical solution for managing a company. It offers a solution, which is ideal for small business and is suitable for other big organizations.

Bitrix 24 will let you to easily store, share, search, and discuss documents. It is also useful in managing external communication along with extranet and CRM with minimal navigation.


Key features of Bitrix 24:

  • CRM, document, hr and financial workflows
  • Built-in CRM with billing reports, and invoicing, email
  • File sharing and versioning
  • Task and team management
  • Social media integration
  • Instant messaging, video chats, group chats, activity stream
  • Collaborated with email.

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9. is a simple and flexible interface, which make it easy for anyone to manage an online community. It is accessible with mobile friendly interface, which make it easier to use in all devices.

It integrates with existing CRM, which create competitions, contest and leaderboards to sales metrics. customizable and animated leaderboards display every team member progress, which is useful in keeping everyone engaged and competing.


Key features of

  • Advanced reporting
  • Multi-author blogging
  • Forums
  • Chat events and chartrooms
  • Premium memberships
  • Email and system alert notifications
  • Custom themes and design
  • Groups
  • Calendar events
  • Surveys
  • Access custom CSS
  • File upload (photos, video, files)
  • Custom pages
  • Single sign-on
  • Full text customization
  • Robust member profiles
  • Member leaderboard
  • API
  • Full image set customization
  • SSL encryption.

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Social networking is the best online platform, which is, used to build social relations and social networks.

By making use of these above-mentioned ten best social networking services, you can easily improve your business standards.

In addition to the social media platform, the capacity of social interaction is, increasingly built into different business applications.

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