SMTP plays a vital role in transmitting email from one end to another.

Think this way:

In olden days people used to send letters via the Post Office. The postman would collect and distribute the letters to their respective owners.

These days emails have replaced letters, the internet has replaced the Post Office and SMTP has replaced the postman.

If you are a marketer and want to send emails to subscribers you need to connect with an SMTP server to complete the process.

For this reason, there are crowds of SMTP service providers in the market.

10 Best SMTP Service Providers & Servers 2018

It is a big task to choose the best among the numerous SMTP service providers.

Sending emails is not easy; not only do you have to create a contact list, but you also have to craft interesting emails and make sure that they are delivered in the recipient's inbox. It isn't made easy by the fact that there are so many SMTP providers to choose from.

To make your task easy, we bring you the best SMTP servers from around the web.

Comparison Between Different SMTP Service Providers

ServicesPricingNo. Of EmailsMultiple DomainsRatings 
Platformly$19/ Mo.1k4.8/5.0
Mailget Bolt$29/ Mo.Unlimited4.5/5.0

In the list we have compiled here you will definitely find the right SMTP service provider to add to your bucket of tools.

Confused about the best Email Marketing Software?

Choose Platformly- An Email Marketing Application. You can effortlessly integrate this app with unlimited STMP servers. 

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As you read through these SMTP service providers think about your needs. By the end you will know which one is most suitable for your business.

1. PlatformlyRead ReviewView Listing

Platformly is a leading marketing automation tool that allows you to send and track bulk emails. With it, you can add SMTP accounts and send unlimited emails. You can track sender score and delivery rates and you can compare sender stats from different SMTP providers.



  • You can choose Starter, Growth or Unlimited plans.
  • Each plan has a free trial – try Platformly for 15 days and buy only if it suits your needs.
  • All plans can be scaled to infinity. Moving plans is easy through the member area.
  • Starter Plan starts at $19, Growth at $49 and Unlimited at $99 per month.
  • For a small additional fee you can get Rich Profiles and Sales Reporting.


  • Email Tracking – Platformly allows you to track your warmest prospects so that you can guide them through the sales funnel.
  • Templates – A wide array of professionally designed templates allows you to create appealing emails each time.
  • Lots of Functionality – Creating new emails with Platformly is easy and quick with the available tools and functions.
  • Monitor Campaigns – You can track activity across different campaigns and adjust your strategy as required.
  • Integration – Platformly integrates well with many apps to help streamline your business and make it more efficient.
  • Opt-In Forms – You are able to create email opt-in forms easily with the drag-and drop tool.


2. MailGet Bolt

MailGet Bolt is an SMTP service that packs email marketing services along with several other functionalities.

The 2-in-1 software is best known for its SMTP relaying capabilities as it offers high inboxing, email tracking, etc. in a cost-effective manner.



MailGet Bolt offers multiple affordable pricing plans based on the number of subscribers who can be billed either annually or monthly. The plans offers:

  • Unlimited emails to 10,000 subscribers at $42/month.
  • Unlimited emails to 15,000 subscribers at $59/month.

and so on.


  • Improved Email Inboxing – Considering the number of emails that usually go into the spam folder, MailGet Bolt ensures high inbox delivery.
  • Bulk Emailing – From sending a single email to thousands, MailGet Bolt provides a flexible option to select your email list volume.
  • Twice The Open Rate – An exclusive feature to reach email recipients who have not opened your previous email campaigns.


3. SendinBlue 

Email marketers need reliable tools to design business promotions, and one of the best in the market is SendinBlue. Setting it up is easy and even non-tech-savvy marketers can use it. Its pricing and rate of delivery are impressive; it is worth every dime you spend on it as the deliverability stats are significant.

SendinBlue has a unique feature: transactional SMS messages can be sent along with transactional emails. Transactional email API is the special feature and SMS marketing is the value-added supplement to make your marketing campaign more effective than ever before.



  • It has four types of plans and the free option allows you to send emails to 9,000 ids/month.
  • The Lite plan sells for 25USD and you can use it to send 40,000 emails/month.
  • The Essential plan level costs 39USD and you can send 60,000 emails/month.
  • The Premium plan costs 66USD for which you can send 120,000 emails/month.
  • The Enterprise plan is for marketers with more advanced needs and you can get a quote on request.


  • Easy to use tools – You can quickly design an email to send to a large number of recipients with a variety of widgets and accessories that are very useful and easy to use. You can edit and preview the email before you send it and changes are easy to make with the available tools.
  • Useful API & Integration – Same REST API is used to create campaigns for the marketing platform, send transactional emails and SMS messages too. Customer data maintenance becomes easier with SendinBlue CMS and e-commerce platforms. You can start a campaign with the click of a button.
  • Campaign tracking – Tracking email campaigns is one of the best features of SendinBlue. It provides reports based on click rate, bounce, open rate etc.
  • Easy campaign creation – Campaign creation through responsive email design, dynamic personalization and image hosting offers an added advantage.


4. Moosend SMTP

Moosend SMTP helps to say goodbye to expensive and clunky SMTP tools. It is easy to use and provides an integration API that lets you integrate with your website and other applications.

With Moosend you are free to create unlimited email lists and send transactional emails extremely fast to increase delivery rate.

It also provides a segmentation feature that lets you divide the database in such a way that messages get delivered to the right users.



Moosend offers multiple affordable pricing plans based on the number of subscribers. The plans offer:

  • Unlimited emails to 1,000 subscribers for free.
  • Unlimited emails to up to 8,000 subscribers for $40/month.
  • By using its 6 month and yearly plans you can save up to 15% and 20% respectively.
  • Provides a “pay-as-you-go” plan that is for the occasional sender; you have to pay for each email.


  • Report Tracking – Be up to date with your transactional emails stats by keeping track of their performance like whether they are sent, pending, bounced etc.
  • Drag And Drop Editor – Moosend comes with a drag-and-drop campaign editor that you can use to create beautiful newsletters that are responsive on every device.
  • Advance Security – Try to monitor SMTP servers on an hourly basis by introducing TLS encryption across all of your message.  It provides advanced security while sending important messages.


5. Pepipost

With the help of Pepipost, you can easily send emails through secured and whitelisted servers. This software is trusted by over 20,000 customers to send more than 7 billion emails every month. It provides you with two diverse options to integrate i.e SMTP relay or web API.

Pepipost SMTP Server


You can opt for the free plan with which you can send up to 30,000 emails a month without the need to provide credit card details.

Alternatively, you can choose the paid plans for better efficiency and more features.

The paid plans start from $15 to send 100,000 emails every month.

For every additional 1000 emails you only need to pay $0.60/month.


  • You can receive HTTP POST call-backs in real-time (when any email event occurs such as delivered, opened or bounced).
  • Integrate your website or app using the HTTP APIs that will handle errors without any trouble.
  • With sub-user management, you can provide access to users according to their roles and manage them accordingly.



There is no need to change server settings when you are using the MySMTP. You don't compromise your professional identity when you use this SMTP service provider. Small and the medium-sized businesses find this one to be a perfect option as it has immense benefits in terms of flexibility of plans, terms and so forth.

Sales consultants are using it extensively for these reasons. Freedom to email is another advantage of MySMTP global servers because you can send emails from laptops, tablets and desktops.



There is a 25% waiver for the two-year subscription. You get a variety of options. You can pay just $46/year to send 75 emails every day. Based upon the credits received you can send email in bulk. The cost of 250 credits is $25. You can get up to 5000 credits, for $1755.


  • No credit card required – You do not have to provide credit card details to test the service.
  • Service testing opportunity – You can send twenty emails every day per email id to test the service.
  • Scalable – SMTP cloud is scalable.
  • Quick setup – Only takes a couple of minutes to do the setup.
  • Email goes directly to inbox – Email reaches the inbox folder only and not the other folders or junk mail folder.


7. SMTPProvider

This is next-level email marketing at an affordable cost. There are two distinct plans available: transactional and promotional.

Data-driven transactional emails can be sent through a powerful and reliable API. Reaching more customers instantly is possible with the promotional plan by paying small, incremental amounts. Deliverability is higher, as are results.

It provides a variety of features that are easy to use – you don't have be tech-savvy. Many non-developers are easily integrating this platform with their functional e-commerce and CRM needs. You can also build a newsletter with smart tools.

Smtp Provider


The transactional plan is perfect if you are a big business owner who needs to send more than a million emails a month (3 million newsletters sent to clients in a month can bring revolutionary changes in promotional trends).

It doesn't increase your costs either. For all that you spend $5/month. That alone makes it one of the best in the business today.


  • Easy Integration – Easy integration does not require any expert hands; you can do everything.
  • Higher deliverability – High deliverability is another important feature which is available at an affordable rate.
  • Flexible plans – There are 12 plans, with a free plan that allows you to send ten thousand emails/month.
  • Unlimited plans – There is also an unlimited plan. You just pay $600 and send to as many email ids as you want in a month.


8. SendBlaster 

Managing email marketing campaigns from your desktop and doing changes in newsletters is done with ease when you choose Sandblaster.

Some of the special attributes for the pro editions are: parallel connections, number of recipients at a single stretch, number of lists, programmable tags, supporting file attachments, customized attachments, number of segments, adding calendar events, search engine listing, easy means to export mailing lists into CSV files, password protection, etc.

You get fifteen days money-back guarantee. Plans are explained as below. You can track emails using a cloud-based server. Reports can be used to make improvements to email campaigns.



  • Easily create email newsletters – The mail-style newsletter creator lets you compose an email with ease which is rendered at once without using any code. Optimized newsletters can be created for all kind of clients.
  • Email campaign analysis – This is a feature that let users analyze click rates, user action on email etc. through the use of TrackReport. The collected data can be used in order to improve newsletters and to change the timing.
  • Send email campaign – No need to worry about duplicate content, recipients or emails. You can also schedule the email campaigns to avoid flooding.
  • Easy mailing list management – The Subscribe and Unsubscribe function let users easily manage and update the email list. Details regarding your contacts can be viewed here (such as who are active and who are subscribed to your email campaigns).


9. SocketLabs

SocketLabs makes it easy to integrate logical operations, an attractive feature for users today.



This software offers various plans ranging from $59 for 300+ email templates and a pro version which costs $129.


  • Easy integration – Easy to do integration quickly.
  • Great email performance – email performance is down to a science.
  • In-depth analytics – In-depth analytics are available that provide real-time data so that you can monitor and improve the way you connect with audiences.
  • Confirmation of email delivery – Trustworthy email delivery with receipt of confirmation reports.
  • Demonstration – Demonstration videos are available that show you how to set up the software.
  • Best technology and safety measures – Hurricane, a proprietary platform, ensures safety. Entrepreneurs can send big volumes of email and enjoy high deliverability. Email applications are crisp.


10. Easy SMTP

List back-ups are automatic with EasySMTP. You can send more than 10,000 emails for free. A scalable architecture is this SMTP's specialty. It has high deliverability, a detailed reporting system, and emails are secured through SSL. It is possible to deliver emails one at a time.



Four types of plans are available, from Diamond to Bronze. The Silver plan, best for the SMB sector, costs $70. Higher plans cost up to $150.


  • Easy tracking – The server is cloud-based, so tracking is easier.
  • Higher deliverability – Scalable architecture along with higher deliverability makes it one of the best.


11. AuthSMTP

Starter accounts are cheap with AuthSMTP. Control panel management is discreet and simple. Responsive support  both from computer monitoring and humans is an added advantage.

You can use this SMTP server for reputation monitoring as well (they have been doing it for more than a decade).

You don't need to be tech-savvy- startup is instantaneous.



You can start with the smallest plan and upgrade accordingly over time. The Silver plan is the most attractive of all; there are hundreds of positive reviews posted online about user experiences especially by companies in the SME sector.


  • Quick setup – You do not have to wait. Start sending emails in just two minutes or so after sign-up.
  • Great customer support – Responsive webmail and great support is a major plus.
  • Reputation monitoring – Reputation monitoring is possible with the cloud-based server.


12. Scanf

The beauty of Scanf is the unlimited number of emails you can send with the dedicated cloud SMTP servers. Even if you choose the basic plan, you are sure to get the best benefits (15000 emails can be sent in an hour).

If you prefer a bigger plan you can send even more emails every hour.



  • Domain Keys – Domain-key identified emails.
  • HTML support services – This makes things easier and you can connect with your audiences with ease.
  • Image support – Image support is another feature which makes this plugin one of the best.
  • Bounce report – Reports on mail bounces and mail opens are available.
  • Other features – Other features include a 32bit operating system, Panels WHM/Plesk, Email Panel Interspire, Web Panels, Dedicated IP 4 and more.


13. MailGet SMTP

MailGet SMTP is an email relay service provider which focuses on delivering your emails beyond common obstacles. This SMTP service facilitates lightning-fast email delivery irrespective of what plan you are subscribed to. It ensures that emails land in the inbox of the receiver. 

The MailGet SMTP relay service can be used to send emails for miscellaneous purposes and customer support is always available.



MailGet SMTP has got you covered if you have varied email sending needs. It offers you multiple plans depending upon your usage. For example:

  • $10 – 30,000 emails
  • $25 – 75,000 emails
  • $50 – 150,000 emails
  • $75 – 225,000 emails
  • $100 – 300,000 emails
  • $200 – 600,000 emails


  • High delivery – The service sends emails through whitelisted servers which reach your contacts inbox.
  • Email authentication – Every email sent is embedded with DKIM signatures and validated through SPF, ultimately resulting in better branding.
  • Bulk emailing – MailGet SMTP also allows you to send emails via multiple domain names.



Now that you have gone through a comparison of all the best SMTP providers, you can decide the best tool to help increase business productivity.

Our number one rated marketing automation tool for small and medium businesses, Platformly, as well as offering its own mailer, allows you to connect to SMTP providers too.

Any of the tools featured here can be used in combination with Platformly. Another benefit is that Platformly allows you to see the open, click and income stats broken down by SMTP provider, so you can see which service performs best for your particular contact list.

If we missed any good SMTP please be free to comment below so that we can review it and add it to the list.

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