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Any tips to grow SAAS application by 10x

All QuestionsCategory: PaymentsAny tips to grow SAAS application by 10x
asked 4 months ago

Can any one share tips for growing SAAS application and a very rapid rate.


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answered 1 month ago

Here, I am sharing some of the powerful growth hacks which prove to boost any business.

1. Application Functioning: First of all, make sure that your application works properly without any bugs. Make your application more engaging with an interesting user interface. A good looking application also plays a major role in attracting customers.

2. 3rd Party Integrations: You must provide integrations with other well-known required applications, this will surely boost up your business.

As a user, I’d like to go with that application that has a number integrated applications. So, that I don’t have to look for other software for extra services.

3. Know your Leads:  It is one of the major task that you should consider, Knowing your leads properly, consequently help you to engage them more.
There’s one software that I should share is MAilGet Enricher, It is a stand-alone software which gives you all the details of your leads such as – their social media accounts, phone no, pictures and so on.
All you have to do is input the email addresses of your leads and with just a click, you are able to see all the details of your leads.

4. Freemium Services: To grow your business, you should offer FREE trials and OFFERS to your clients. This will help you to attract more new customers as well as keep your old customers happy.

5. SEO: This is the most concerned part, you should keep your rank up in the SERP. This is the key point which boosts your business like anything.

6. Social Media: Doing promotions on social media proves to increase your business graph because social media is the place where you can capture more leads.

7. Email Marketing: It is the most powerful strategy of digital marketing, with the help of email service provider you can send bulk emails to your clients, aware them about your new offerings, updates etc. this will reduce your churn rate.
I suggest you to use MailGet- email marketing software, It is the cheapest software in the market and offers the vast variety of features in just $5/month.

I hope this information helped you in growing your business.

Good Luck!!

answered 1 month ago

Hello Jassie_Matthew!

Can you please elaborate more how can an email service provider help in growing any SaaS business?

answered 1 month ago

Hey Andrew Wizard

Thanks for your response, As I’ve already mentioned the use of email service provider in my answer.

But for your ease, I’d like to tell you that ESPs are nothing but the email marketing software which helps you in sending mass emails.It allows you to send promotional emails and welcome emails to your new subscribers.

Along with that, you can capture more leads by embedding subscription forms within your email.

So, if you have a large number of leads then your business will definitely grow.

I hope, I’ve resolved your query.

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