Project Management Software

Application of the processes, Methods, skills, knowledge and experiences to achieve the specific project requirements and objectives is called project management and it is really important to increase customer satisfaction and interest towards the business. Also project manager or the steering committee can monitor the project progress through different kind of tools and reports associated with project management software.

 Following list is the best available project management software in the market. 

The Best Project Management Software Compared (in full)

Check all the services in detail as per your needs and choose service wisely – by the end, you’ll know exactly which one is the right option for you.

1. Trello

Trello is cloud based project management software which is infinitely flexible and completely free to use.


Following set of features associated with Trello to organize the project activities.

  • Allows to work more collaborate in agile way.
  • Boards, lists and cards available with Trello provide facility to organize and define priorities for each defines project activity in easy way.
  • When a team share updates on current assignment on a project, everyone can easily get an idea on current situation in graphical way.
  • Facility to add more information on Trello cards.
  • Attachments, comments adding facility to Trello cards allows to pass specific knowledge and comments regarding to each activity and increase collaboration of the project.
  • Easy to change working team and communicate planned absence for the team.
  • Commonly use apps can directly integrate with the workflow and it allows making workflow live according to unique business features.
  • Compatible to all mobile devices and all the changes sync real time. This facilitates to collaborate with the team from anywhere.

2. Basecamp 

Basecamp is a web based project management tool and collaboration tools facilitate the entire requirement to handle successful project with agile way of working principles.


Following features of Basecamp is design to facilitate to this.

  • Possibility to organize all the project activities to a list and sort on priority.
  • Easy to reorder the priority on activities.
  • Create due date per activity and assign to a team/person.
  • Add file attachments or a detailed note to an activity.
  • Personnel login will facilitate to filter only assigned activities to user.
  • Summary card or stack list view facility.
  • Message board for announcements, proposals and ideas with embedded images and files.
  • Message history tracking facility with separate page for each topic.
  • Real time chat and group chat facility with funny sounds, video and emotional.
  • Drag and drop feature enabled folder structure to organize document storage.
  • Possibility to create document versions with comments and complete history on each document.
  • Event scheduling facility for a range of dates, for a time interval or a as a full day event.
  • Integration the event plan with Google Calendar, iCal, or Outlook.
  • Possibility to track on progress of assignments and currently working items.
  • Reports to measure all the project related data like work progress, performance, and backlog.

3. Active Collab

Active Collab is a powerful but simple project management tool for create and manage tasks, Collaboration, time management and tracking and invoicing.


Following features of Active Collab is design to facilitate to this.

  • Summarized project description next to each project.
  • Filtering and sorting facility to project list.
  • Prioritizing facility and top priority projects are in the top.
  • Possibility to create project template and reuse to save the time.
  • Possibility to create unlimited number of projects.
  • Integration with Trello and Basecamp to import existing projects with them.
  • Possibility mark project status with colored labels and completed projects are in separate list.
  • Categorize project on the project requirements and tasks.
  • On/Off facility to project cost related features.
  • Project budget vs cost compression according to reported time.
  • Graphical project progress bar.
  • Create task can include sub tasks and task description. Also possible to sub tasks to task. Also possible to duplicate tasks when create new ones.
  • Possible to assign each task separately and also each member can see the task to work.
  • System define filters and also possible to configure customer sorting.
  • List view, Column view and Timeline view available with the system.
  • Possible to configure reminders for project activities.
  • Drag and drop file upload facility.
  • Possible to hide information from client when it is specify only to the team.
  • Possible to attach the files available in Drop Box and Google Drive.
  • Inbuilt calendar to select dates and also facility to configure color codes for each activity state.

4. Teamwork 

Teamwork is a collaboration of online tools that specially designed to maximize the productivity of the project team.


Following features of  Teamwork is design to facilitate to this.

  • Define planned project start and complete dates when define a project and also possibility to categorized project.
  • Project activity overview in graphical way.
  • Possibility to define different type of project roles with permission sets and also define project observation role with limited permission sets to visible only required information.
  • Simply on /off facility for project features.
  • Inbuilt integrations to all major cloud storages and tools.
  • Gantt style project chart with color code indicator to specify project milestones.
  • Document editor facilitate to edit document without leaving application.
  • Task can create with subtasks and also possible to assign tasks to single or multiple assignees with date to start and due date.
  • Task priorities, task description and attachments to each task can upload.
  • Possibility to log time on each task and also facility to track the reported time for each task.
  • Milestone calendar can use to view and monitor the project progress.
  • Message facility within project members with attachment and categories.
  • File storage facility with version control and categories.
  • Inbuilt image viewer.
  • Invoicing facility with set hourly rate and use difference currencies.
  • Unlimited system users and possibility to add unlimited clients.
  • User QR codes.
  • SSL Encryption for security.

5. Workapps 

Workapps is a project management system comes with Projects, Tasks, Team discussions, Contacts, etc. to keep and manage the entire project related works to one place.


Following features of Workapps is design to facilitate to this.

  • Possibility to list the entire assign task in one place according to the user login.
  • Fully detailed task window can include details on assignee of the task, due date, special notes, followers, attached project of the task.
  • Direct email facility from tasks.
  • Possibility to mark as completed and not completed and reopens or copy functionality for closed tasks.
  • Filter on due date, assignee or the task creator.
  • Search applicable t closed task.
  • Notification alerts in assignment, start discussion, share file, add comments, add contacts of the tasks to assignee.
  • Single page team discussion facility with file, images and video sharing facility and meeting recording functionality.
  • Facility to store all project related files in single place and quick backup facility.
  • Define member roles within project with access permission and facility to create multiple predefine reports in single click.

6. Atlassian Jira 

Atlassian is a collaboration tool that keeps all team together to achieve project goals within defines time range.


Following features of Atlassian is design to facilitate to this.

  • Simple steps to create project plans, meeting notes and project requirements.
  • Facility to add direct feedback within the work itself other than using email and chat.
  • File storage with version tracking facility.
  • Separate work spaces can create for each team, department, and major projects to work with specific setup.
  • Inbuilt industry proven best practice template to increase project performance.
  • Facility to share news announcements within the team or the company.
  • Define specific user roles with a set of permission according to the project requirements and work assignments.
  • Defining agile methodologies for project activities with enhanced JIRA add-ons.
  • Compatible with all the mobile devices with fully functionalities to give feedbacks, add comments, approve developments, etc.
  • Knowledge management facility within the team.
  • Cloud hosted and also cloud storage for the project activities.

7. Mavenlink 

Mavenlink is a robust project management tool allows managing all project related activities within the project to meet the dead line with high quality work in a stress free environment.


Following features of Mavenlink is design to facilitate to this.

  • Facility to create project plan , schedule and arrange resources according to project plan and assign work on each resource base on the set of skills.
  • Gantt chart visualizer on project plan and the project progress.
  • Possible to create reusable templates using successful project plans.
  • Global project list window with color coded project status info and projects cards with all information on individual project.
  • Cloud based application with cloud storage for project resources and possible to access from anywhere to perform project activities.
  • Custom project names to give better idea on what is to deliver with the project.
  • Costing solution to analyze actual and planned expenses on a project.
  • Project invoicing based on reported work hours.
  • File storage and sharing facility.

8. Asana 

Asana comes with plenty of features to track and organize the work load of a project with available resources and skills. Simple steps to get started and also flexible to work with when the team is grow.


Following features of Asana is design to facilitate to this.

  • To initiate the work, meetings and programs, organize the set of tasks to a shared project.
  • Break each assignment into manageable task within team members.
  • Define steps to fulfil each task if it is not smaller enough.
  • Assign responsibility to a task and the assignee is visible to all the team members.
  • Custom field can include in to any of the activity window if the predefine set of field not enough to display all required information.
  • Facility to set due dates and all the task display on Asana calendar or any other calendar you use.
  • Inbuilt automatic time zone handling facility.
  • Possible to add attachment to the project or task from the computer, Drop box or Google drive.
  • Indicate task dependency I clear way to correctly identify the task priority.
  • Possible to add comments to the task and also team page facilitate to team communications.
  • Task status can update using color codes.
  • Grant permissions to employees, Followers, Guests according to the requirement of information.
  • Admin panel and user control all information and activities.

9. Vorex 

Vorex is a project management platform facilitates to all sized projects to handle project activities with predefine measures and targets. There are specific set of features associated with Vorex which are defined with considering the project size and the nature of the assignment.


Following features of  Vorex is design to facilitate to this.

  • Multi language supports up to 5 differences predefine languages.
  • Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone/iPad compatible.
  • Cloud hosted application can use with software as a service.
  • Time and expense tracking system with possibility to do the billing, budgeting and invoicing according to predefine parameters and existing records.
  • Customer relationship management facility.
  • Resource allocation for project activities.
  • Predefine workflows and also possibility to customize each workflow according to the project requirements.
  • QuickBooks integration.
  • Help desk and ticketing facility.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 product support.
  • Asset management facility.

10. ZOHO Projects 

ZOHO Projects is online project planning and collaboration tool that facilitate to streamline your project activities within the required duration and budget.


Following features of ZOHO Projects is design to facilitate to this.

  • Facility to break large project into tasks and subtasks that are easily manageable within the project.
  • Project planning with milestones, tasks and subtasks.
  • Project progress details on Gantt chart to give a complete picture on project progress.
  • Separate chat room for each project.
  • Track time across for all the projects and create invoices based on the reported time and basic data.
  • Up to 10 MB free space for a project and storage extended facility.
  • Several subscription packages can select according to the project requirements.
  • iOS and android apps available for the application to increase accessibility.


When considering all above described 10 project management software, all are mainly focused on creating most possible small project unit that can handle as a separate functionality. Also the permission set for each role according to the project assignment and security handle from all tool. Cloud based application and cloud base storage facilitate most of them with mobile compatibility. Agile principle is the base when creating features and several inbuilt facilities to team collaboration in easy way.

Free trial version associated with all and after confirming the correct tool there is several subscription options to industry use.

Project activity tracking can perform with each reports and charts and project plan can reschedule according to the project flow.

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