Send a personal email to an email list unsubscriber and ask why he/she subscribed?
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We think it’s legit to send a personal email as a founder in this case. When your users unsubscribed from your list they didn’t want to get any automated emails from your regular sequence, and a (real) personal email is … (more)

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What email you suggest for past due final payment notification ?
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Agreed with above points.
Sometime we collect payment via different name and service is with some different name. So I suggest to use your service logo when sending emails. As this help customers to recognized your service and change become more … (more)

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Tools for collecting subscription billing & recurring payment solution.
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Stripe. I've heard good thing about Recurly, which still requires a payment processor (like Stripe) but makes subscription management easier.

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What you do to store credit card details of recurring subscriptions for any Payment gateway issues
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In such case what-if you have to switch your payment gateway due to some reason. Maybe from Stripe to PayPal.

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What is the best way to write outbound sales emails?
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@Danas Kurlavičius Very nice suggestion. I completely agree with you.

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Is there any way to clean spam traps from email address?
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I do agree with Satyabala, All the email list cleaning service claims to find spam traps but there is no way to find spam traps without real sending of emails.
When we send emails then only hotmail SNDS mark number of … (more)

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How can I maximize the open rate of my emails?
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There are few things that are really important to increase the open rate of your email.
1. Personalization – Send an email with a personalized subject line makes more open rate. Below is the example.
Subject line: Hello, There is something for you.
Subject … (more)

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List of Free Outgoing SMTP Services?
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Homepage: Marketing & Transactional Email Service | SendGrid
Free: 12k
Turbo SMTP
Homepage: SMTP Server – The best free SMTP service | smtp mail server
Free: 6k
Homepage: Transactional Email API Service for Developers by Rackspace – Mailgun
Free: 10k
Homepage: Bulk Email Marketing Services – Mailjet
Free: … (more)

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Is PMTA a good option to send bulk emails via Godaddy server?
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PMTA in itself is good for sending bulk emails but Godaddy does not allow to send more than 250 emails per hours.
So it’s a waste of time and money with Godaddy + PMTA  for sending bulk emails.
I suggest you look … (more)

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Is there any Free Email Marketing Software?
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I don’t think so that there is entirely free email marketing software available over the internet but there are a lot of online software services available that provide free sending of emails up to a certain limit if you like … (more)

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