Any Subscriptions software that supports multiple languages in the checkout page?
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Yes, you are right. There are some countries where English is the secondary language. In this case, if the merchant wants to target their non-English customers, then the first step is to create the checkout page in the customer’s language … (more)

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What are the main features I have to keep in mind before choosing subscription management software?
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In my view, the best subscription management software is the one which comes up with all the advanced features but at a reasonable price. So, that even a small business owner can also afford that.

There are some basic features which … (more)

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Is there any billing software that supports multiple payment gateways?
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Yes, there are so many. Let me show you some of the software along with their payment gateways-
Wallee:- Braintree, SagePay, SlimPay, First Data, HeidelPay, Authipay etc
Rebilly:- Vantiv, RPN pay, WorldPay, Walpay, Stripe, Jetpay etc
Recurly:- Paypal, Stripe, WorldPay, Braintree, Payeezy, … (more)

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How can I reduce payment related churn?
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Reducing payment related churn is a headache for any businesses. But with billing software, it is an easy task for you.
These software provides dunning features with which you can handle all the payment failure problems.
As we all know that, there … (more)

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Why proper product descriptions is important for SAAS businesses?
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As an online marketer, you need to make a simple and an attractive website for your customers along with proper product descriptions. So that your customer will get to know about your product in detail, like -:

What is the use … (more)

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