How can I maximize the open rate of my emails?
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If you want to maximize the open rate of your emails, you need to have a good email list. You should use an email validation service to verify that email database, to be sure that those users are valid users. … (more)

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What is the response time for real-time email validation?
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That depends on what Email Validation Software you are using. For, for example, the response time for their API is between one second and 70 seconds and their API supports 50.000 requests per second. 
You can test out their service … (more)

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Can anyone suggest me an email service provider with High open rate, Higher delivery rate other than MailerLite?
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You can try MailChimp, Constant Contact, SendGrid in that order. But, I suppose you know that before to start your sending email marketing campaign, it’s recommended to have a clean and opt-in email list. Doesn’t matter which email services provider offers … (more)

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Is it worth to buy an email list? How can I do that?
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Personally, I don’t recommend you to do that it’s not safe, even there are many emails database vendors on the internet. Now with the GDPR law, it’s better to have an opt-in email list with the consent of those users. … (more)

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How can I ensure that my newsletters won’t be delivered to spam folder?
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I would not recommend you to do that if they didn’t subscribe. I would like to give you an advice! It better to clean your email list before to run out your email marketing campaign. Using an Email Validation Service … (more)

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What is the best unpaid bulk email verifier software?
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Well, if you want the best Bulk Email Verifier Software but unpaid, I’m not sure of the quality of it. I would like to recommend you It’s not an unpaid service, but their prices are very competitive in the market … (more)

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How to Find valid emails for Catch-All Domains ?
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The term Catch-all means that the email server tells you that the email is valid, whether it’s valid or invalid. These emails are impossible to validate without sending a real email and waiting for a bounce. Did you try I … (more)

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Hello guys, I have an old email list (80k subscribers) and I want to reactivate it. To avoid hard bounces, I decided to use Zerobounce email validation platform.Do you think this is the best option in terms of performance and cost?
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I can say that it is the best email validation service, I suggest you to continue using it. Regarding their prices, they are very competitive in the market and also the credits never expire.
Please, check the features below:
Email Bounce … (more)

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