Lifecycle management software provides assistance in managing the entire lifecycle of a product. It begins with the inception of a product and engulfs the whole manufacturing process and ends with the disposal of the manufactured products. There is plenty of software available in the market for the aforesaid management and it sometimes confuses the customer to choose among the best. The boom in the industrial growth has increased the value of Product Lifecycle Management Software.

The software not only helped the manufacturers to improve the quality of their product but also guide them to understand which area they need to improve in their products. The advent of the Product Lifecycle Management Software has caused a revolution in the market and its usage has also increased the market competition.

 Following is the list of 10 best Product Lifecycle Management Software that has been listed as per the qualities they offer to the consumers. 

The Best Product Lifecycle Management Software Compared (in full)

Check all the services in detail as per your needs and choose service wisely – by the end, you’ll know exactly which one is the right option for you.

1. Arena Solutions

Arena Solutions presents compact software that offers a variety of tools to add to the value of your worthwhile business. It helps in resolving manufacturing challenges across the multiple industries. The software provides solutions for increasing team collaboration and streamlining communications with the market stakeholders. It provides much-needed help to increase the shelf life of the product and also helps the customers to choose the best market for their product. It further contains information regarding the fast transportation of the product to the desired market.



Key features:

  • It helps in maintaining and maximizing supply chain’s collaboration.
  • It keeps the bills of the materials data centralized
  • Provides up to date data to help in obtaining a high-quality product
  • It helps in increasing the team’s communication by streamlining product efficiency.

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2. Inflectra ALM

The Inflectra ALM is an application specially designed to assess the lifecycle management of the product. It is equipped with the detailed tasks for resource tracking. It provides a much-needed assistance in planning the assessment tests. Its unique Agile planning board helps in designing tests along with the provision of aid in creating, editing and executing the test cases. The application not only increases the business scope for the consumers but also provides feasibility reports in user-friendly mode. It is rated as a far better assessment toll than the other available in the market for the same purposes.


Key features:

  • Project management: It helps in prioritizing and scheduling requirements for each release.
  • Bug tracking: It helps in tracking bugs thus enhancing the business scope and lowering the risk
  • Test management: It helps in managing manual and automated testing
  • Customizable reporting: It offers personalized dashboards and customizable reporting

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It is a simple software that is equipped with all the desired functions for the customers. The advent of technology has made it easy to increase the lifespan of the product and is also helping in generate new markets for the products manufactured in a plant. PTC PLM is designed for the customers to keen on detecting the faults in the due course of enhancing their business scope. Use of this software will not only add value to your business but will also earn the further chances of eliminating risks involved in the growth of the market.



Key features:

  • Helps in increasing productivity for the manufacturers
  • Provides detailed insight into critical business processes
  • Provides much more accurate reporting and analysis
  • Helps in management of the cost for the market suitable for the product

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4. Prolim PLM Solutions

Business is all about minimizing risks and increasing the scope of the product. This is all that a manufacturer can dream to get his business at the top. Prolim PLM Solutions offer you the best engineering services in this regard. The PLM Consulting services include enterprise application software. This is designed as per the industry standards and best practices with PLM implementation. It also provides development and support services across the extended PLM environment to compete in the top markets. The Prolim PLM Solutions have so far been able to successfully provided best-in-class project management methods on multi-platform expertise.



Key features:

  • It provides expertise in CAD, CAM, CAE, Digital Manufacturing tools and technologies
  • It ensures real-time assessment project control for customer satisfaction
  • It provides identification of PDM data cleansing for applications and their data model
  • Helps in managing cost-effective management projects

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5.  Infor PLM Solutions

It is a multitask PLM management software that has so far been able to make its mark as a leading business solution manager in various fields. It can be helpful in industries including food and beverages, cosmetics, specialty chemicals, fashion, and hi-tech industries. The software is aimed at turning the products into profits. The user-friendly Infor PLM Solutions software offers help in enhancing the markets by giving you much desired control over product management. It helps in cutting the cost and increasing the lifecycle of the product. It is also effective in protecting brand integrity and ensures compliance with appropriate standards and regulations.




Key features:

  • It helps in speeding the development of new products and variations
  • Keeps check on the risk involved in manufacturing the products
  • Provides guidelines for the cost-effective management
  • Helps you in providing integrated regulatory compliance

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6. Auto Desk Fusion PLM

This software has been updated with better product data management. Auto Desk Fusion PLM is acclaimed as the first ever end-to-end PLM solution in the cloud. It provides the best analysis for product market flow and helps in improving the business strategy. It has also been acknowledged as the more effective sharing of design data across the enterprise. The unique features of the Auto Desk Fusion PLM make it the most looked for software in the business world. It helps you cut the manufacturing cost without compromising the standards of the pro duct.


Key features:

  • It is user-friendly software with the help manual for the customers
  • It offers bills of material management
  • It helps in visualizing, sharing up to date BOM information across an organization in real time
  • It helps you avoid costly launch delays of the products

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7. Aras Solutions

This software is helping thousands of its customers in realizing their dream of approaching global markets for their products. The software has been designed with business solutions as per the aspirations of the business community on a broad scale. Aras Solutions is best known for the provision of précised data management along with cost-effective schemes. It has been equipped with the solutions best for enhancement of productivity and increasing the scope for your products. All the help provided by Aras Solutions is based on a common technology framework.


Key features:

  • It helps to develop consistent processes to optimize resources
  • It helps to secure CDA data and makes it available for other users to accelerate the development
  • It offers visual collaboration for all the users that help better interaction and saves time
  • It is user-friendly and can be used easily in the large-scale business setup

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In the era of intense competition, the investors are always looking for the best ways to manage their business. The compatibility of the product is challenged with each passing day and the advent of technology has made it easier for the consumers to choose among the best. HCLTECH ENGINEERING RD SERVICES is specially offered for those looking to beat their compotators through quality. It provides the complete solution to accelerate productivity and to make access to market easier for the manufacturers. It is equipped with all the modern-day techniques to enhance the scope of your business.



Key features:

  • HCL’s PLM solutions are focused on faster time-to-market techniques
  • It helps to reduce the cost of the product with innovation in the manufacturing
  • It helps in enhancing configuration, customization, and deployment
  • It also helps in interface migrations with minor and major upgrades

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9. WX on Demand PLM

This software offers business solutions for fashion, apparel, footwear, accessories, and consumer goods industries. The targeted market of the software makes it a more viable choice for the selected business holders. It helps in integrating with the world’s leading fashion houses and the other related industries. Offering a variety of solutions for enhancing scope in the business, the WX on-demand PLM has made its mark in the market. It not only helps is accelerating the profit but also provides much-needed help in the cost-effective management. The software is successfully helping the customers to obtain their business goals.


Key features:

  • It helps in enhancing collaboration among internal teams, offices, and vendors
  • Helps in planning collections from across the region
  • Helps in defining cost targets and quantities
  • Helps in getting samples from vendors and offers track progress

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10. Centric Software

It is testified as state of the art software that provides complete web-based solutions. It is user-friendly software with an outreach to the thousands of customers who are satisfied with the solutions it offers to them. Centric Software provides much-needed help to line planning, global sourcing, calendar management, materials management, quality management, collection management, technical design, and retail execution.


Key features:

  • It is compatible with the mobiles and is easy to use for common customers
  • Provides both innovation and implementation at the same time
  • It is low-cost software equipped with all the desired features
  • It guides the user to increase the demand of the product in the targeted market

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The purpose of making product lifecycle management software is to facilitate the business community with the perfect solutions to the issues pertaining to their circles. This software is not only helping to improve the scope of business but is also providing assistance to save both time and money. Use of these software has made the life of businessmen much easier. The product lifecycle management has become much more necessary in the modern era. However, finding the solutions pertaining to this grave need is also made easy by the above-mentioned variety of software.

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