Gone are the days when students used to pack their heavy bags and move towards the classrooms.

Its time to transform your learning process gets redirected towards the online world.

Back in previous days, there was a scarcity of sources to learn new things. And students were dependent on the class teachers for gaining all the basic to advanced knowledge.

But thankfully, online learning websites opens a lot of doors to learning new things. This way, your learning approach is not limited to classrooms or institutes for knowledge.

Online Education Platforms

Did we mention that it also gives you an opportunity to expand your learning skills?

The best part of online learning is these sites provide video tutorialsThis makes it a lot easier for one to grasp the things that stay in mind for a longer time.

Lets Start A Quick Comparison Between Online Education Platforms

Service Name Price Details Search
Live Chat
Magnet Brains Free Of Cost  ✔
Alison $8.95 For Certificates
Udemy Premium Courses

Here, we have come up with the most crowd-pleasing online education platforms which come with numerous highlighted courses.

1. Magnet Brains – Online Learning Website

This Magnet Brains online education platform will enhance your education knowledge because the area of courses is extensive day by day. It provides you with the student dashboard to view the stats of courses and manage your profile.

Mangnet Brains - Online Education Platforms

Prominent Features

  • Free Courses: Currently, Magnet Brains working in Python videos, JQuery, Machine Learning and all classes NCERT syllabus i.e physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology and more.
  • Live Chat Support: Whenever you stuck in any technical problem, the support team of Magnet Brains will always ready to help you instantly.
  • Advanced Search: The students can easily search for any courses as it comes with an advanced search panel.
  • Experienced Teachers: Magnet Brains hires only highly skilled instructors. So, you can learn only the best quality content.
  • YouTube Videos: Every student is familiar with Youtube, this platform also uploads videos on Youtube. So, learners can easily watch videos on the Youtube web/app.
  • Handwritten Notes: It also provides quality handwritten notes for every course which helps you in easily understand courses.

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2. Alison – Online Education Platform

Alison is another high graded online education platform which provides over 1000 free courses of 9 different categories such as technology, science, Health, business, mathematics, lifestyle and more.
Moreover, it comes with the easy to use student portal, wherein, you can check your enrolled courses, complete courses, favourite courses, certificate list and more.

Alison - Online Education Platforms

Notable Features

  • English Hub: Alison additionally gives recordings on writing English to improve sentence structure, vocabulary and a wide range of issues which is face by English students.
  • Multiple Languages: Visitors can translate this website in the native language and it supports all major languages like Spanish, French, English, Italian, Brazilian.
  • Educational Assessments: It allows the students to attempt assessments multiple times, Basically, when you completed a course, this will open a multiple choices test. And if you are successfully able to get 80 percentile in the assessment. Then you are eligible to get the certificate of course completion.
  • Attestation Letters: This system also provides an attestation letter when you completer course on Alsion. Learners can use this letter in followings ways:

– Apply To Educational Institutions
– Submitting For Government Institutes
– Apply To Private Companies

In addition, after you complete a course, you can order an Alsion learner’s graduate t-shirt.

Note: Buy the premium version at $8.95 to avail discounts on courses, diploma and advertise-free website.

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3. Udemy – Online Learning Platform

The last but not the least product in our list is Udemy which is also a remarkable online education platform. Udemy gains lots of popularity among learners because of the content quality and it provides up to 100,000 online video courses.

Udemy - Online Education Platforms

Quality Features

  • Trending Categories: Udemy provides you numerous courses with trending categories like Development, Business, IT and Software, Design, Marketing, Personal Development, Photography, Music and more.
  • Udemy For Business: Business can also get Udemy services for their employees. Just enrol your business and paid the amount, to access all videos.
  • Instructor Benefit: The teachers can also upload their courses and join the instructor community of Udemy. This platform provides numerous tools to create an online course with ease. They can also even start their earning, every time a student purchases a course, the instructor get a commission on behalf.
  • 15+ Languages: The websites comes with 15+ language translation ready. Here, you can change the website language in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian, Chinese, Japanese and more.

Meanwhile, you can also install the Udemy application on App Store and Play Store.
With the Udemy app you can:

  • Explore 100,000+ courses
  • Download courses to watch offline
  • Listen to courses with podcast-style audio
  • Watch courses with Chromecast or Apple TV

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Wrapping Up

In this blog, we have compiled a list of multiple online education platforms which comes with quality features like easy to use student portal, start earning by courses, live chat support and many more. Now, it's up to you choose the best one which suits you best.

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