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MLM Software refers to as a Multi-Level Marketing tool through which an admin can administrate a network, compensation plan & its users. It offers its end-users on the network to see their network status, revenue, and management of referrals and payouts. You can use this system to determine which marketing strategy has to be deployed to get the profits.

Top Multi-Level Marketing Software Comparision

Service Name Unique Feature Ratings
Epixel Business Intelligence Tool 4.9
Ventaforce KYC Data Verification Option 4.6
ProMLM Integrated With Cheetah Builder 4.5
LeadMLM Uses Internal Mail System 4.4
InfiniteMLM Supports Genealogy Tree Option 4.7

In this article, we try to provide comprehensive information in order to find the best features and properties in the MLM software. Here are the best MLM software that helps you to grow business –


Epixel MLM Software is a multi-level marketing solution for managing, controlling and organizing your network marketing enterprise. It is a suite which brings together a wide range of MLM systems, with each module designed to address the specific needs of different MLM plans.

Epixel lets users choose a particular module to help them achieve success by running the MLM program. Epixel offers a number of modules, including Binary MLM, Matrix MLM, UnilevelMLM, etc.

Epixel Solutions

Key Features

  • Web-oriented software solutions specially developed for direct party sales like Avon or Tupperware.
  • Epixel offers you various management options like lead, order, shipping, inventory, etc.
  • Provides customized host parties solutions, administer consulting, incentive programs and process contracts.
  • Uses real-time Business Intelligence Tools (BI) to provide information with a simple user-friendly version.
  • The multi-level marketing software from Epixel can also be integrated with any electronic commerce system.

Pricing Plan

For pricing plan, you need to contact the service vendor.

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Ventaforce is a dynamic and robust MLM software developed to grow business online.

It is software that addresses all of the concerns of a network marketing company, including payment processing, multi-language management of inventory, etc.


Key Features

  • Offers many impeccable features like tax management, commission management, report analysis, etc. for unique and unparalleled success.
  • Provides you multi-language and currency options that help you to spread your business globally.
  • It enables you to accept a large number of payments through cards, net banking, cash, DD, wallets, etc.
  • Compatible for combining business plans to personalize the options. All reports or data can be exported from the system to excel or printed in PDF format.
  • It allows you to store the data or information of your clients through the KYC data verification option.

Pricing Plan

This service comes with various one-time purchase plans that offer you different features. The starting plan of this service available at $2200/user.

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Pro MLM Software

Pro MLM offers the best MLM marketing software solutions for domestic and international clients by integrating advanced and unique features. The software is integrated and delivers all sorts of MLM compensation plans such as binary MLM, forced MLM, Australian, party and many more.

In addition, it also provide consulting and installation services, design services, customization services, and data migration services.


Key Features

  • Each registered user receives a replicated website that can be used as a downline recruiting tool with the Pro MLM software.
  • The product or service provider offers an online subscription option that allows customers to access products or services.
  • By using its card widget builder, users can change the card product design themselves without coding.
  • Supports 120+ payment gateways that give users the freedom to choose the right payment gateway.
  • Admin can create unlimited coupons through the software and allow stockists to sell eCoupons to others.
  • Integrated with Cheetah builder that allows you to create landing, replicated and lead capture pages.

Pricing Plan

You need to contact to service vendor to get the pricing plan.

Pro MLM Software

Lead MLM

This tool is a leading provider of MLM software solutions for MLM Businesses to make the networks work smoothly and to manage several knots through a highly organized downline network.

Lead MLM has always been an ideal MLM software provider with efficient MLM plans, which can be integrated to provide an effective optimization process that helps the company to increase its profit.

Lead MLM Software

Key Features

  • It offers you 10 different thematic colors for your software interface.
  • The promotional tool allows users to share their links on different social media sites to promote their business.
  • Admin can add new affiliates to the system so they can use your referral links and to earn rewards.
  • Its internal mail system plays an important role in transmitting and passing information through the MLM platform.
  • In Lead MLM software, users can send an application to withdraw their profits and admin has the option of releasing the amount throughout the MLM structure.

Pricing Plan

The MLM software comes with a one-time pricing plan & it starts with a price tag of $650.

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Infinite MLM

Infinite MLM provides a broad range of MLM compensation plans, add-ons, and customization to meet different businesses of various customers. The software can be integrated with Magento and Opencart to enable online transactions such as product purchases, repurchases, registration, product order, product deliveries and more.

Io8 1

Key Features

  • Supports Genealogy Tree option that allows you to represent members in the form of a tree as per their positions.
  • Software comes with the advantage of multi-language and currency option that lets you expand your business worldwide.
  • Comprise with SMS integration that provides notifications to registered members for every payout, new membership, birthday recall of every user.
  • With E-pin you can make a safe purchase of products and joining.
  • Export the reports in a variety of formats, such as Excel, PDF, and CSV.

Pricing Plan

This software comes with a one-time purchase plan of $950/user.

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Secure MLM is a fully-functional network marketing software with some unparalleled features used in MLM. It’s business plans exist today like Binaria, Unilevel, Party, Gift, Matrix, MLM Board, Step Stair MLM, etc.

MS 1

Key Features

  • Supports all e-commerce platforms and payment gateways like PayPal, Magneto, WooCommerce, etc.
  • It comes in the form of a mobile app that helps you to manage direct selling business anytime, anywhere with a single touch.
  • Provide support to users with the help of the ticket system.
  • It also contains features to create pages like Autoresponder, Lead Capture, etc. that help you to grow business.

Pricing Plan

To enjoy the services of this network marketing software you need to contact the vendor through the website.

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Exigo Nano

Exigo is an open source flexible MLM software platform that has developed into a complete turnkey solution requiring little or no technical expertise. It contains various features like replicated websites, signup, back office, commissions, payment gateways, CRM distributor tools and more.


Key Features

  • Exigo offers you multiple management options like commission, distributor, inventory, etc.
  • Enables you to create point balances and customer subscription.
  • With a custom reporting engine, you can create commission, qualification and many other reports.
  • Manage a payout plan and structures.

Pricing Plan

To know about the pricing plan you need to contact to the vendor of this software.

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MLM Vibes is the innovative software that focuses on providing its customized MLM software solutions that are technologically advanced in compliance with its MLM software requirements. MLM Vibes software can be integrated into the existing business easily.

MLM Vibes

Key Features

  • Provides custom design option that allows you to customize pages as per your taste and requirements.
  • Offers you domain registration option to create a business website.
  • This network marketing software provides multiple payment options like net banking, wallet transfers, etc.
  • Analyze the behavior of users & their activity with the support of Google Analytics.
  • Contains e-wallet options that make your transactions & money storation process simple and secure.
  • The backup system helps you to restore software to the preceding stage without any data loss.

Pricing Plan

To get the details of the pricing plan of this network marketing software you need to refer the website.

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We offer a unique one-stop service software (SaaS) which enables customers to manage their e-commerce and all activities in direct selling processes. Direct sales companies achieve faster customer base growth in one country or many countries and minimize costs leading to stronger relations with sales.


Key Features

  • Supports Amazon cloud which is one of the most popular content delivery networks.
  • Manage your leads easily by using its lead management option.
  • Provides full coverage in all direct sales models including MLM, Bi-Level, Party Plan, Catalog sales and e-commerce.
  • It has fully integrated CRM and social media integration options.

Pricing Plan

It contains various packages but to know the pricing of all, you need to contact the vendor.

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NetSoft offers highly advanced MLM software designed and developed exclusively for multi-level marketers and MLM companies. This enables you to monitor sales, products, delivery data, commissions, and more so that you can generate higher sales.

NetSoft is indeed a great solution in the list of MLM software for your online business.

NetSoft MLM is highly secure with 2FA and 5S module that provides simplicity, stability, security, speed, and scalability.

MLM Software

Key Features

  • Make your direct sale and MLM business available for your members via mobile apps on iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Supports purchasing options like PV (Purchase Volume) & GPV ( Group Purchase Volume).
  • Integrated with some advanced promotional tools like web messaging, e-mail campaign manager, etc.
  • For your business model, this software supports 120+ payment gateway options & various types of cryptocurrencies.
  • Allows you to connect & promote your business on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Pricing Plan

To know the price & experience the features of this software you need to contact the vendor.

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In this article, we have discussed the best Multi-level marketing software of all time that helps you to grow your business online. I hope you got all the information about services and it will help you to choose the best MLM software to grow business.

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