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 There are many tools on the market that can handle one time & recurring payments. Since it is about the revenue of your business, so you should properly choose a software that can really fulfill your needs. That's why I would like to suggest Pabbly Subscriptions for handling one time & recurring payments. It is a complete subscription management & invoicing software in which you can precisely manage invoices, one time & recurring payments, subscriptions & many more. Personal Experience: I've personally used it after using multiple Subscription management & recurring billing software & came to a conclusion that it is best among the other software in its category in the market. The reason is that it only charges $299 FOR LIFETIME and I've never seen or used a software which has a lifetime plan. My business's revenue just got increased by 100%. There are some other recurring payment management tools which cost some transaction charges with the base plan's charge & also cost some percent of the revenue. But Pabbly Subscriptions has nothing like that. Just be sure of 3 things with Pabbly Subscriptions:$299 for LIFETIME No Revenue Limit No hidden charges/taxesThe features provided in its lifetime plan are as follows:Setup UNLIMITED products. Add unlimited customers. One time payments. Recurring payments. Multiple payment gateways. Dunning emails. Multiple currency support. Invoice billing. Unlimited plans & many more.All these features in just a lifetime plan, I think there is more in Pabbly Subscriptions than meets the eye. So just signup for it & start using this amazing recurring payment management software. Hope my reply helped!
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