Nowadays, live streaming on websites is a convenient way to generate a sense of excitement for your audience & grabs their attention towards your website.

Gone are the days when people used to sit and write long codes in order to embed a single YouTube video. But thanks to technology, now you don't have to do that.

You've got Live Streaming WordPress plugins to help you in displaying any kind of audio, video content or even your social media posts on a website in a real-time for visitors.

Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

Now as you know that what is live streaming? You must be wondering where to find these plugins? Right?

Don't worry, in this blog, we are mentioning some of the best & leading live streaming WordPress plugins which includes all the excellent features, you need to create your website.

Top Live Streaming WordPress Plugins Comparison Table

Service NamePricingLive Video StreamingGoogle Analytics CompatibilitySocial Sharing On Different PlatformsResponsive To All Kind Of Devices
VideoWhisper $35 per month
WpStream $19 per month
Flow-Flow$36 per month
Easy Video Player$49
Elite Video Player $45 ✔

Below is a list of Best Live Streaming WordPress Plugins:

1. VideoWhisper – Live Stream WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin provides you the easiest way to interact or communicate with peoples in real-time using web-based live video streaming on your website. Also, the plugin saves the snapshots of current live video as images for future preview purposes. Moreover, you can communicate with people in different ways such as one to many,  few to many & so on.

VideoWhisper - Live Streaming WordPress Plugin

Main Features –

  • VideoWhisper allows you to broadcast live streaming channels or videos from different sources such as PC webcam, IP cameras, iOS/Android & desktop encoder apps, etc.
  • It provides different live video applications for communication such as video messenger, video recorder, 2-way video chat, video conference, etc.
  • You can display your business logo over the video.
  • Fully customizable settings for skins, icons, interface sounds & much more.
  • You can integrate this plugin with custom scripts or with popular editions like Plain PHP, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Additional Features –

  • Automatically reconnects if disconnected.
  • Compatible with all types of browsers.

Pricing –

  • Free Trial – This WordPress plugin provides a free trial to users.

Moreover, the plugin comprises different pricing plans for the following applications –

  • Video Consultation – $ 35 per month
  • Video Messenger – $ 45 per month
  • 2-Way Video Chat – $ 35 per month
  • Video Recorder – $ 25 per month
  • Video Conference – $ 25 per month
  • Live Streaming – $ 25 per month

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2. WpStream WordPress Plugin

WpStream is recognized as one of the most meritorious live stream plugins for WordPress by professionals.

It allows you to stream live events, concerts on your website and also to sell tickets or recordings with the help of WooCommerce. Further, you can rent your videos & recordings of events.

WpStream - Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

Main Features –

  • It allows you to monetize your video content on the basis of subscription. It means customers will pay a weekly or monthly fee to access the content.
  • You can charge your website customers on a pay-per-view basis.
  • Besides, paid events you can also broadcast your live events on a website for free.
  • It enables you to set up more than 100 things on your website like yoga classes, concerts, seminars & much more.

Additional Features –

  • Informative video tutorial & documentation
  • Provides round-the-clock customer support

Pricing –

Free Trial – You can sign up for a free account in order to test the features and then upgrade to premium plans. 

Family Package – $19 per month

This package is useful to broadcast personal events or videos.

Team Package – $49 per month

A medium-low sized audience can use this plan to broadcast.

Friends Package – $149 per month

This is a well-suited plan for a medium-sized audience to broadcast periodically or sporadically. Also, you will have full control over your content & get ad-free streaming.

Fans Package – $399 per month

This plan will be helpful for bigger audiences & to show higher quality videos.

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3. Native Web Radio Player – HTML5 Live Stream WordPress Plugin

Now easily bring music to your WordPress website using this ultimate Native Web Radio Player plugin and attracts more visitors towards a website.

This Native Web Radio Player is an HTML5 live stream radio player WordPress plugin that helps you to play all MPEG-Audio and AAC-Audio streams on your website conveniently. Also, it allows you to quickly construct a cross-platform radio stream into your web pages.

Native Web Radio Player - Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

Main Features –

  • It displays the currently playing song information on a player as a stream title for various servers like Icecast 2, Shoutcast 2, Radionomy & Radiojar servers.
  • You can add a player to any page or post of your website using simple shortcodes.
  • It enables you to create any color scheme according to your website design.
  • It allows you to add more than one stream on the same page.
  • Supports mobile devices such as IOS and Android. Also, looks good on tablets & desktops.

Additional Features –

  • Written in JavaScript
  • Complete documentation
  • Add mute button in the player
  • Includes draggable volume slider
  • Use Google Fonts or create your own fonts

Pricing –

You can take advantage of its unlimited and advanced features at just $22.

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4. Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream Plugin

If you are looking for an easy way to share your social networking updates on a website with your blog readers and visitors? then this WordPress plugin will perfectly help you with that.

The Flow-Flow WordPress plugin is one of the most popular social media plugins that show off all of your latest posts & updates in a single stream from various social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Consequently, your website visitors will be able to view all of your latest posts from different social accounts in one place.

Flow-Flow WordPress Social Stream - Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

Main Features –

  • Supports 16 different stream sources including 14 popular social networks + WordPress + RSS.
  • Provides you with eye-catchy layouts for social streams such as masonry grid, carousel, wall, etc.
  • You can fully customize or manage the appearance & behavior of your streams on a website.
  • It allows you to display your website images in an attractive lightbox.
  • With the help of the approval system, you can preview & check your posts before publishing them.

Additional Features –

  • GDPR Compliant
  • CSS3 animations
  • WPML compatibility
  • Visual Composer integration
  • Add different social sharing buttons
  • Video support for YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram

Pricing –

The plugin provides both free and pro versions. Thus, you can install & use this plugin for free, in which you can explore the basic features of a plugin.

Further, for advanced features, you need to purchase the plugin at $36 one-time payment.

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5. Easy Video Player WordPress Plugin

These days a simple text-based website may not be enough to grab a reader’s attention. You need to insert some amazing video content on your website to make it more interesting for users.

Hence, in that case, you can use this Easy Video Player WordPress plugin to add a powerful & responsive player on your website that can play video or audio (mp4 / mp3) files conveniently.

Moreover, the plugin helps you to stream videos from server HLS / HTTP or other platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Easy Video Player - Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

Main Features –

  • You can optionally add a video download button with videos.
  • With 360° videos, you can give the opportunity to your visitors to watch a video from any angle.
  • Provides you with 8 different pre-defined skins to choose from. Also, you can add your own skin.
  • You can add a small advertisement popup window over the video, that will play whenever the video is paused.
  • It enables you to make your videos private by adding a password with them. Thus, private videos will only be played if the correct password is provided.

Additional Features –

  • Add a video controls bar
  • Multiple CSS color options
  • Google Analytics compatibility
  • It can work with any WordPress theme
  • Supports all kind of devices such as mobiles, desktops, etc

Pricing –

Easy Video Player WordPress plugin has a simple pricing of $49.

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6. Kast – HTML5 Radio Player for WordPress

Kast is an Extraordinary SHOUTcast HTML5 Sticky Radio Player for WordPress that allows you to stream a live radio station to your website for visitors. Moreso, this player works as a sticky audio player & will perfectly stick to your website’s corner. 

Kast - HTML5 Radio Player - Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

Main Features –

  • It provides two different types of themes such as material light and dark.
  • The audio player supports different formats such as MP3, OGG, AAC, AAC+ (aacPlus).
  • You can add a non-sticky widget at any place of your website using simple shortcodes.
  • Multiple color options that you can choose according to your website’s design.
  • It includes different volume controls like mute, unmute. Also, it has minimized and maximized options for the player.

Additional Features –

  • Popup player options
  • Written in simple JavaScript
  • Supports all kind of SHOUTcast versions
  • Compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, IE

Pricing –

This plugin includes one pricing plan that costs around $189.

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7. Livestream Social – Broadcasting WordPress Plugin

This Livestream Social WordPress plugin helps you to display or broadcast live streaming across your social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, etc from your own WordPress website.

Also, the plugin can play videos of YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram & Hitbox.

Livestream Social For WordPress - Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

Main Features –

  • The plugin is fully user-friendly, you can use it by simply entering the URL stream.
  • It automatically matches the video schedule.
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth.

Pricing –

This Livestream Social WordPress plugin has got one simple price plan of $21.

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8. bzplayer Pro – Live Streaming Player WordPress Plugin

bzplayer is an HTML5 video player for WordPress that comes with some excellent features like social sharing, live streaming, advertising, theme builder.

Moreover, this plugin helps you to playback any kind of videos on your website from different sources like Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive, Soundcloud, and also self-hosted videos.

bzplayer Pro - Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

Main Features –

  • It supports all popular live streaming formats such as HLS, RTMP, MPEG-DASH.  
  • Apart from videos, it also allows you to add audio live streams on a website.
  • Allows you to continue your video from where you have left.
  • You can playback your videos on all kind of browsers & devices with the help of video player.
  • It provides you with 5 different themes such as default, classic, line, flix & round. Also, you can build your own theme as per your website needs.

Additional Features –

  • Supports PNG, JPG or GIF formats.
  • It enables you to share your media on social platforms.
  • You can restrict the video content for a particular age group.
  • Set any color for the player i.e. RBG, RBGA, transparent, etc.  

Pricing –

You can take advantage of its amazing features at $21.

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9. Elite Video Player – WordPress plugin

Elite Video player WordPress plugin helps you to add a fully responsive & customizable video player on your website that supports all kind of platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosting, Google Drive, Amazon S3, LiveStreaming HLS m3u8 videos & much more.

Elite Video Player - Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

Main Features –

  • You can add your own pre-roll (before), mid-roll (during), post-roll (after) video ads & pop-up ads.
  • You can create your own playlist by mixing up different videos like YouTube, Vimeo, Self-hosted, Google Drive in one playlist.
  • Google Analytics helps you to track how many times your videos have been opened/clicked or downloaded by the users.
  • It allows you to display images or GIFs instead of the video. Also, you can mix images with videos in the same playlist.    

Additional Features –

  • It provides you with 12 pre-built scrollbar types.
  • You can add attractive shadow effects in the video player.
  • It allows you to display video player in sticky and lightbox modes.

Pricing –

It has a price plan of $45 for a regular license.

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10. Instagram Feed Gallery — Grace for WordPress

Grace is one of the most convenient Instagram Feed Gallery WordPress plugin that helps you to stream posts of Instagram accounts, hashtags, and locations on your website.

Thus, you can design a gorgeous wall of your Instagram feeds & posts. Also, you can mix up multiple feeds in the same social media wall.

Grace - Instagram Feed Gallery Plugin - Live Streaming WordPress Plugins

Main Features –

  • The plugin provides you with beautiful stream layouts such as Grid, Masonry, Justified and Slider.
  • You can display your posts in an attractive lightbox.
  • With the post-approval system, you can check & edit your posts if needed, before uploading them on a website.
  • You can exclude or include posts by word, username & URL.
  • Enable your visitors to easily share posts on different social platforms, without leaving your website.

Pricing –

This Instagram Feed Gallery WordPress plugin provides both free and pro versions. Hence, with the free trial account, you can explore some of its features.

Further, you can purchase its pro-version at $ 24 and take advantage of all of its advanced features.

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Final Thoughts:

After reading this blog, hopefully, you are feeling confident that no matter what type of content you are planning to stream on your website, you can easily do that using the above-listed plugins.

These are the handpicked plugins for live streaming on your website. You can select the one that suits best for your website.

Apart from this, if you still have any kind of queries or suggestions regarding these plugins do let us know about it below in the comment section.

We will be happy to hear from you…

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