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Who Uses This Software? Wordze is available for anyone who would like to do accurate keyword research without spending a cent. It's ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Digital marketers will find this tool particularly useful because it provides long-tail keywords with high buyer intent.

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Wordze is a free keyword tool that allows you to generate thousands of long-tail keywords with the click of a button. Wordze is different from other free keyword tools because it gets data straight from Google API. It has 3 main features, and they work together to bring you keywords you can use to write superior content.

Ultimate Research will generate thousands of keywords for your search in a matter of minutes. You can do a broad search, or you can search for exact matches. A broad search gives you back relevant keywords in your niche that include the phrase that you searched for. An exact search delivers keywords that have the exact phrase that you searched for.

Long-tail Keywords is perhaps the most important feature of Wordze. It brings you long-tail phrases that users are searching for. This way, you can write content that's sure to attract leads with a high buyer intent. These leads are easier to convert, and your site will rank faster.

The third feature, Keyword Analyzer, lets you see top rankings for any keyword. You can focus on the ones that are easiest to rank for and save time and money.

Wordze allows you to use Ultimate Research and Long Tail Keywords for free. However, for Keyword Analyzer, you have to pay a small fee.