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Who Uses This Software? WizardMac is ideal for any business or organization that collects and analyses data. Companies that gather survey data will find this software particularly useful. It's used in fields like medicine, public policy, teaching and more. It can also be used by students who gather and analyze data. It is designed for Mac users.

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WizardMac is the leading statistical analysis tool for Mac. It's two main strengths are that you don't need to do any programming or input code to analyze data, and you also don't need to type. As such it's much faster than other statistical software in the market. It can be used by beginners and expert statisticians alike; it's easy to learn, and all commands can be accessed on a single user interface.

WizardMac has several outstanding features. You can view all data analysis results in easy-to-interpret pictures. It also has powerful advanced statistical analysis formulas and you can use available data to model scenarios. Both of these are particularly useful for businesses in the course of strategizing and allocating resources.

The software allows for easy import and export of results; if, for example, you would rather view analysis in Excel you can move all results there with the click of a button.

WizardMac is for Mac users only.

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