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Who Uses This Software? SERanking is ideal for anyone who is keen on a healthy backlink profile. Affiliate marketers and eCommerce traders, small and medium-sized businesses will find useful backlink tracking features in this software.

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Optimum costs $31/month and can be used to track 5,000 backlinks

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Plus is $71/month and can monitor 25,000 backlinks, and Enterprise is $151/month and can be used to monitor 75,000 backlinks

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SERanking allows you to examine your backlinks from different angles. You can use it to see new and lost backlinks and all referring domains. It allows you to see where backlinks come from through IPs and subnets.

You can use this software to discover Dofollow and Nofollow links and see whether your links are to images or text. SERanking lets you analyze anchor text, and it shows you domain ranking metrics.

Other parameters include page trust, Alexa rank and date when a link was first and last seen. You can see which links generate the highest interest and set up the Backlink Monitor tool to check on them every day.

If you pay a little more you can use the Check All Parameters option for additional metrics and analysis.

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