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Rank Ranger, LLC.

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Rank Ranger is an all-in-one SEO client dashboard. It allows SEO agencies to provide reports with accurate metrics and insights that clients can use to improve business.

It has a module that tracks ranking and another for mobile rank. You can also get unique insights into local rankings. Rank Ranger allows you to see what your clients' competitors are doing, and provides strategies to outrank them.

The software provides customized client reports. With a variety of graphs and widgets you can set parameters for each client and even each report to reflect the most important and insightful metrics. You can embed videos and surveys to give your reports even more impact.

The We-Develop program allows users to suggest what they need to the development team. Suggestions are given due consideration and the team gets to work to deliver what clients need to improve their agency business.

You can keep track of your costs by choosing the appropriate data package for your business. An extensive list of 3rd party integrations means this software will fit right into your operation.

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