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Who Uses This Software? MaxStat is ideal for anyone who does data analysis. Whether you are a business, a non-profit, government agency or student you will find that this software has everything you need to help you make sense of your data.

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MaxStat is affordable statistical analysis software for businesses, organizations and students. It comes highly recommend among data analysts because it is rich in functionality. There is so much you can do with this software including row and column statistics, row means, normality tests, variances, determining and analyzing outliers, regressions and more.

You don't have to be a professional to use MaxStat. It has an intuitive user interface that anyone can understand. If you are not sure about what you would like to do with your data just input a description into the software. It will find the most ideal statistical tests for you.

Results are presented in the form of tables and charts, and are easy to interpret. You can export and share results using Excel, and the software has an in-built word processor to help you out with reports.

MaxStat offers support through tutorials and an in-depth guide.

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