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EventBookings Pty Ltd

EventBookings is an affordable and innovative web-based event ticketing platform, which allows you to create tailor-made virtual ticket booths that take payments, allocates seats, and collects the required guest information as per your specifications.

Our modern and advanced software provides the organisers and event managers’ complete control over the ticketing process. With backend access to their event page, the process of creating, promoting and managing events has never been more straightforward. Little to no technical knowledge is necessary to oversee an event from the beginning to the end.

Organisers can customise the event page to reflect upon their organisation’s brand. Visitors on the event page presented with essential information and provided with a visual display of the venue along with the seating structure. They will have the option to checkout as a guest or user when purchasing their ticket through our secure payment system.

The system itself has no setup fee or ongoing costs! Organisers only have to pay a nominal service fee, charged after ticketing begins. With the EventBookings phone application, event organisers can even quickly scan guests into the venue.