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Who Uses This Software? Anyone who would like to see higher conversion rates can use Buttonizer. It helps with lead generation and conversion. Buttonizer is also ideal if you would like to increase the level of interaction with certain pages on your website and reduce bounce rate.

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Buttonizer for Small Businesses costs $24/year and can be used for one site

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Buttonizer for Professionals is $89/year and can be used for 10 sites, while Buttonizer for Agencies costs $149/year and can be used on up to 1000 websites

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Buttonizer is floating button software for WordPress sites. It provides more than 30 actions and buttons that you can choose from to guide users to take desired action.

You can use Buttonizer to add buttons that connect with popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and many more.

It comes with lots of customization features that allow you to create buttons that suit your intent and brand. Each button you create can be connected to Google Analytics to see whether it's achieving the desired effect. Choose which buttons you want to show and when you want to show them.

You don't need any technical expertise to use Buttonizer; you can set up floating buttons with the smart editor in just minutes.

The software has a wide array of features. After you create a button you're able to add an unlimited number of on-click actions. Customize the button style, color and icon and create appropriate triggers. You can also choose where you want the button to show on desktop and on mobile.

Use Google Analytics to track the performance of your buttons and make changes as needed.

Buttonizer is especially useful for online retail and eCommerce businesses. You can use it for sales and promotions, sign-ups and social media.

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