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Who Uses This Software? AcaStat is recommended for anyone who collects and analyses data. It is ideal for businesses and organizations, schools and universities. It is great for beginners in statistics because it has an in-depth user guide and practice modules.

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AcaStat is statistical analysis software for Mac and Windows. You can use it to perform common procedures such as means and averages, or you can use it for more complicated tasks. It allows you to do comparisons, correlations and regressions, frequencies, weighted means and more.

For businesses AcaStat comes in handy if you want to know elasticity of demand, analyze decision tables, do cross-tabulations and frequency tables. That is not all. This tool is rich in functionality, so explore it to find out what it can do for you.

Users love AcaStat because it's easy to master; it has an intuitive user interface and you can see all variables on one screen. Output is presented in an easy-to-read log. You can export results into tables and graphs which can be shared with others.

AcaStat has a help module on its website that teaches you how to use the software. There are practice modules for beginners.

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