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Who Uses This Software? If you're having trouble keeping track of your passwords 1Password can be of help. It can help strengthen existing passwords and generate new, strong ones. Teams can use this software to securely share passwords.

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The Personal & Family package costs $2.99/month

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1Password Families costs $4.99/month and can be used by a family of 5

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AgileBits, Inc.


1Password is security management software that stores all your passwords in an encrypted vault. Instead of having to remember logins for different accounts, you only need remember the 1Password password.

The app syncs your passwords across all your devices and is easy to use. It may not have as many features as other password management software but it gets the job done.

Features include multiple vaults and Travel Mode which keeps your data safe when you travel. It works across all popular browsers and comes with easy-to-install extensions.

1Password has an automatic password generator, and all you need is a master password to access your other login details. It also has customizable vaults and password monitoring to alert you about weak passwords and possible breaches.

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Password GeneratorRole-Based PermissionsMulti-Factor AuthenticationEnd-to-End EncryptionPassword SharingMulti-Platfrom SupportRecovery OptionsSave And AutoFill Passwords