Looking for some of the best human resource software?

Human resource software's allow you to create a network within a specific organization where your efforts and collaborations are, focused on the greatest financial returns.

Human Resource Software

These days, human resource software's are more than simply an online repository of associate's reviews.

Human resource software's has developed into a centralized source of up-to-date, rich associate data which your business lenders can easily refer to improve overall business performance and is also helpful in making strategic talent decisions.

These software's help you to easily integrate with other business applications.

Check all the services in detail as per your needs and choose service wisely – by the end, you’ll know exactly which one is the right option for you.

1. Bamboohr

BambooHR is an online human resource software, which is, designed for mid-size and small-size businesses.

It offers small as well as growing companies with an easy and user-friendly platform where they can easily migrate data from tricky spreadsheets to a modern HRIS(human resource information system) that fits specific needs.

Bamboohr can easily administer all aspects of the associate's life cycle, as well as offer the necessary personnel visibility using strategic indicators such as turnover and retentions.

It is also available with a facility to integrate it easily with more than twenty HR business and systems management applications.


Key features of Bamboohr:

  • Availability of centralized associate database
  • Accurate reporting
  • Easy to use system
  • Applicant tracking system
  • Report generation
  • Smart reminders
  • Controlled access
  • Employee on boarding
  • Availability of HRIS software
  • Accessibility of HRMS software
  • Performance management

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2. Breezy.hr

Breezy.hr is an up-to-date, perfect HR manager for medium, small, as well as large businesses around the world.

It is one of the best software with help of which, you can streamline employee management, and make collaborative recruiting to an extent you never believed was possible.

Breezy.hr is, known for delivering the functionality, which you need in affordable and reasonable price rates. Using Breezy.hr, you can enhance your business standards easily in a short period.


Key features of Breezy.hr:

  • Email and schedule candidates
  • Candidate management
  • Team collaboration
  • Unlimited candidates
  • Candidate scorecards
  • In-app scheduling
  • Smart searching
  • Customizable pipelines
  • Posting on premium job boards
  • Availability of hiring management inboxes
  • Customizable templates for individual and bulk emailing
  • Questionnaires
  • Reference checks
  • Distilled reporting and analytics
  • Developer API
  • Career pages
  • Chrome extensions for angelList, linkedIn, and much more
  • Mobile optimization
  • Technical support

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3. Zoho.com

Zoho.com is an award winning human resource platform. It won FinanceOnline supreme software award and best HR management award for 2019. Zoho is available with flexible and simple HR platform, which covers associate management operations, from attendance, records, as well as leaves.

Zoho.com human resource software is ideal for organizations who want something that can be, easily implemented without customizing the whole system.


Key features of Zoho.com:

  • File cabinet
  • Admin operations
  • Mobile app
  • Attendance management
  • Leave management
  • Employee self-service
  • HR process automation
  • Time tracker
  • Form customization
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Centralized employee information

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4. Planday

Planday is associate scheduling software, which gives the manager a tool with some of the best functionalities requires to manage their employees in a better way. This tool empowers both employees and managers to work smartly rather than hard.

It connects associates with managers across all devices through a shared overview of shift swaps, work schedules, punch clock, absences and much more. This software also offers the advance payroll export feature as well as a location-specific clock.

Planday system has proven to be very effective so thelpsit help reduces time spent of associate scheduling tasks up to seventy-five percent.


Key features of Planday:

  • Schedule templates
  • Centralized employee data
  • Easy employee scheduling
  • Fully integrated associate communications
  • Cost tracking
  • Bids, shift swaps, ad approval
  • Payroll export
  • Scheduling rules
  • Document storage
  • Free telephone support
  • Salary supplements
  • Lieu and overtime tracking
  • Revenue tracking
  • Contracts with electronic signatures
  • Advanced reporting
  • Location-specific clock-in

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5. Tribepad

TribePad is an advanced web-based application tracking system used for delivering out-of-the -box functionality for different organizations and companies around the world.

It is, specifically designed with an idea to assist different companies to easily understand the role of technology in their hiring process as well as help them to improve their employment engagement and strategy.

This particular human resource software is, well supported on different devices.

Tribepad permit users to easily access information almost every organize employment process with minimum management interference.


Key features of TribePad:

  • Talent management
  • Video interviewing
  • HCM
  • Candidate management
  • Brand support
  • Recruiter tools
  • Social integration
  • Security and infrastructure
  • Smart analytics
  • Vacancy marketing

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6. Lever

Leaver is a best-of-breed application tracking system, which works well for organizations of all sizes, sector, or any industry.

With this particular software, users will enjoy the multitude of features such as job site customization and configuration, referral links, one-click sourcing to, easily streamline recruiting efforts.

Using Lever human resource software, users can leverage powerful analytics and reporting.

Lever has rich associate referral functionality, which include sharable job links for Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as Twitter.


Key features of Lever:

  • Candidate sourcing
  • Custom jobs site
  • Two-way email sync
  • Interviews and feedback
  • Reports
  • Interview scheduling
  • Recruitment metrics

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7. Recruitee

Recruitee is available with intuitive designs, which are helpful to streamline your hiring activities as well as manage your associates more efficiently.

This particular award winning human resource software is, used by more than six-hundred companies, which include Red Bull, Vodafone, peerby etc. It was, also distinguished with 2016 Rising Star Award and Expert's Choice Award for 2016.

Offer drag-and-drop user interface, which is fully customizable, and brand able. It enables different users to easily, create custom pages for each job opening.


Key features of Recruitee:

  • Automatic job board integrations
  • Availability of API and JS widget
  • Automatic secure monthly payments
  • Custom pages for each job
  • Bulk emails as well as standard templates
  • Daily backup in available secured private servers
  • One-click social media postings
  • Parsed resumes into profiles
  • Personal email integration
  • Review and rank top candidates
  • Schedule job interviews in-app
  • Social Media integration available
  • Schedule job in interviews
  • Track candidates in a custom workflow
  • Track team and candidate activity

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8. iCIMS

iCIMS is an on boarding and talent acquisition platform which come with a rich set of features including a branded career portal. This customizable career portal makes candidates to; easily look for different career opportunities.

It offers different organizations and businesses functionalities as well as tools which they require to simplify and accelerate the talent acquisition process without giving up the qualifications and quality of candidates.

Using iCIMS, organizations, and businesses have a platform which will help them make improve hiring processes, quality hires, engage the right candidates, as well as follow key metrics all within a single powerful application.


Key features of icims Talent Acquisition :

  • Background screening
  • Assessments
  • Candidate management
  • Interview management
  • Internal HR
  • Job Requisition as well as posting
  • On boarding
  • Jobs board integration
  • Recruiting firms
  • Resume search
  • Resume parsing
  • Social media integration

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9. HouseCall Pro

HouseCall Pro is a full service tool, which permit service professional to, easily run their entire business using their smartphones as well as the complimentary web portal.

This particular application is available with support service and low cost professionals along with all aspects of their workflow including the customer database, job scheduling, invoicing technician dispatch, payment processing, and more.

It is fully integrated and is easily accessible with HouseCall Pro consumer booking app.

The HouseCall Pro consumer Booking App allows homeowners as well as renters to easily book home services using the push button.


Key features of HouseCall Pro:

  • Consumer marketplace
  • Billing
  • Customer email marketing
  • Clients postcard marketing
  • Customer management & tagging
  • Electronic signature
  • Dispatch management
  • Google calendar integration
  • Invoicing
  • GPS tracking
  • Job management
  • Payment processing
  • Mobile access
  • Quickbooks online integration
  • Scheduling
  • Quotes or estimates
  • Service history tracking
  • Work order management
  • Technician management

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10. CakeHR

CakeHR is one of the best choices for start-ups as well as established medium to small businesses that do not want to bog down in using papers or spreadsheets to manage their associate's time off.

It is useful in automating every step of the procedure from the manager's approval to requesting time-offs.

This will help you to, easily update individual employee's accruals and entitlements, record time off on shared organization calendar etc.


Key features of CakeHR:

  • Time-off requests
  • Facility of online leave management
  • Employee self-service
  • Detailed company reports
  • Shared leave calendar
  • Google apps integration
  • File storage
  • CSV export
  • Works on multiple devices
  • Visualize your company's org chart
  • Customizable fields
  • Build a centralised database of associate profiles
  • Filter HR data
  • See graphical reports for easy gather meaningful insights
  • Online leave management
  • Facility to check graphical reports to easily gather key insights
  • Help you to solve your HR challenges
  • Keep an eye on day-to-day absence plans
  • Offboarding
  • Get new notifications directly to your email
  • Onboarding

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Using these above-mentioned 10 best human resource software's you can easily clarify job responsibilities, enhance group productivity, developing associates capabilities and much more.

Human resource software's are useful in creating a unified arsenal of business alignment tool and people performances for driving true operational success.

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