Looking for a fastest WordPress hosting?

Fastest WordPress Hosting Companies

Fast hosting can be achieved in two way either go with managed WordPress hosting or hire some server expert and get your server configured to the fastest setting over the internet.

Too good to be true, It's really hard for newbies to manage a lot of small setting over server or hire some expert to get it done.

Good configuration of server helps you to speed up the website and gives you lot of advantage over the competitor websites.

 We have Compared Some Fastest Hosting Companies

This list compiled below of the 10 Fastest WordPress Hosting Companies would be of immense help to you.

Feature Godaddy DigitalOcean SiteGround BlueHost InMotion
godaddy digitalocean siteground bluehost inmotion
Starting Plan $2.49 $5 $3.95 $7.99 $3.49
Space (SSD GB) 30 GB 20 GB 10 GB 50 GB Unlimited
Memory (Ram) Not Clear 512 MB Not Clear Not Clear Not Clear
CPU Not Clear 1 Core Not Clear Not Clear Not Clear
Bandwidth Not Clear 1 TB Not Clear Not Clear Not Clear
WordPress Managed No No No No No
Website Allowed 1 Unlimited 1 1 2
Visitor Per Month Not Good Unlimited 10K Not Clear Not Clear
Linux / Windows Both Both Both Both Both
Free SSL No No Yes No No
Free CDN No No Yes No No
Free Migration No No Yes No No
Refund Back Policy No No Yes Yes No
Staging No No No No No
Live Chat Support No No Yes Yes Yes

Main Advantage of Fast and Reliable Hosting

  • Fast speed website help user to stay longer on the website and enhance the user experience.
  • Speed helps the user to easily navigate other pages of the website and decrease bounce rate of the website that is again good in terms of SEO.
  • The speedy website is good for SEO and brings a lot of organic traffic.
  • Helps you to increase your sales.

Check all the services in detail as per your needs and choose service wisely – by the end, you’ll know exactly which one is the right option for you.

1. Kinsta

Kinsta is powered with Google Cloud Platform one of the most powerful and fastest server. They have purchase a big instance (Space) over there server and use LXD for virtualization (Division) and providing to there customers.

Powerful server serves fast speed and help to optimize websites for speed, still, there are a lot of small setting that they have done to enhance the speed.

All there plan supports unlimited visitors, unlimited page viewers per month only they have restricted the number of website that you can hosting with the plan.

kinsta Fastest WordPress Hosting

They offer unique offers like:

  • You would get WordPress experts right at your fingertips.
  • Manage hosting for WordPress.
  • 24/7 access to reliable support through the dashboard.
  • Hosting only support Linux, PHP7, Nginx, HTTP2, MariaDb, Redis and Memcache, high memory and CPU.
  • Automated backups, free site migration, one-click staging area, SSH access, composer, SFTP, WP-CLI, multisite support and Git Support.
  • You would also have the opportunity to choose your own data center. You can choose any of the Google multi-regional data center for any of your websites.
  • Amazon Route 53 for DNS. (For Reducing Latancy and it's free)
  • The infrastructure available here is that of the next generation, so you need not have any worries about been out of date.
  • Their network is also very highly secured. They are using LXD and Docker for maintaining the privacy.


2. Pagely

Pagely is powered by Amazon Web Services platform. Kinsta is founded by former employees of Pagely, So both service use almost same infrastructure and setting at the backend.

The only difference with both is Kinsta work on Google platform and Pagely work on Amazon Platform and both the server and no doubt one of the fastest and secure.

pagely Fastest WordPress Hosting

Unique Features They Support:

  • Manged hosting and core team is technical very sound.
  • Automated daily server backups.
  • Reliable and high uptime
  • Average customer support.
  •  SSH Access, WP-CLI, Staging sites, Git/SVN, Database Access, HHVM, PHP7, Nginx.
  • Low bandwidth and limited page views per month.
  • With Pagely you get access to a built-in redundancy, which means they have duplicated critical components and functions of each system so that in the event of any type of failure, there are mechanisms in place to quickly provide a backup or replacement. This comes with high availability plan available.


3. WPEngine

WPEngine claim themself as is best in class but looking at there website it is not clear, What technology they are using, why they are fast. They have expert team of WordPress experts who provide support via phone, email and chat.

Over 50,000 customers in over 120 different countries whom have chosen WPEngine ahead of their competitors.

wp-engine Fastest WordPress Hosting

Salient features and offers of WPEngine include:

  • Their super classy technological architecture and redundant systems which keeps WordPress fast, scalable, and secured.
  • Professional WordPress support daily from WordPress experts and hosting experts.
  • Provides CDN with all the plans and they themself configure all the setting related to CDN configuration.
  • Automatic daily backup, redundant system, staging for your critical apps and Malware scan to protect and eliminate malware.
  • They have proprietary EverCache technology combines proxy servers, database, disk caching, and content delivery networks to serve your media incredibly quickly.
  • They are proactive to make sure you’re using scalable plugins that don’t slow down your site.


4. Godaddy

Top leading domain and website trader is Godaddy. Godaddy has been in the business of websites hosting, domain registration and many others for a very long time.

They have a very limited option for there hosting and servers are not optimized for speed and even they do not allow to use ssh and make a lot of changes on the server for fine tuning.

go-daddy Fastest WordPress Hosting

Here are some unique offers and features that GoDaddy provide:

  • Hosting not optimized for speed.
  • Free domain with annual new hosting.
  • One click staging that allow to make backup copy of the server and test new plugins.
  • GoDaddy live sales chat is available but they provide live technical support only in limited country.
  • Generally they do not provide much technical help and your website is hard they have simple solution to let you go.
  • You can buy domain name, hosting, SSL certificates, email marketing and lof of other stuffs.
  • They provide one click installation of popular cms like WordPress, Joomla, Moodle and many more.
  • They also provide online website builder.


5. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is another force to reckon with when it comes to fastest Hosting. They provide hosting to developers with seamless ways to manage their infrastructure. They provide hardware and ask you to create a server (They call it Droplet) from the pre define images they provide.

They will help you to develop locally and globally and also deploy globally. They even help you migrate your server files from other server to there server easily. This hosting is only good if you are technical sound.

digital-ocean Fastest WordPress Hosting

Some unique features of DigitalOcean:

  • From $10 per month they give you access to 1GB memory, 1core processor, 30GB SSD Disk and 2TB transfer.
  • Instant Deployment of Droplet for pre define snapshot – In just 55 seconds you get access to compute instance.
  • Easily manage block storage from the control panel itself.
  • Fast network and even they provide robust infrastructure with DNS, floating IPs for failover, private networking, and IPv6.
  • They have predefined images and you can skip installation and configuration, get straight to deploying your apps by using one of our pre-built images supporting Node.js, Rails, Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, Docker, and many more.
  • Easy to understand API – Whatever be the work-load, DigitalOcean’s API is designed to let you handle them with utmost ease.


6. SiteGround

According to siteground, web hosting is their craft, amazing technical support is their pride, and latest technological speed is their passion as comprehensively unique security solutions are their specialty.

They offer different hosting platforms to suit every need. Starting from 3.95euros per month excluding VAT, you would be enabled to enjoy every offer that siteground.com offers.

site-ground Fastest WordPress Hosting

Some unique features of SiteGround include:

  • They provide you stuff like on boarding help, free website transfer and ongoing assistance at any time.
  • They have dedicated, cloud, shared hosting.
  • They have optimized for speed too.
  • SSD –  Solid-state drives for more speed for hosting.
  • LXD and LXC technology for hyper-vision.
  • Latest technologies and super fast speed.
  • Free SSL Certification.
  • Own Firewall security rules developed in-house for user apps auto updates.


7. BlueHost

BlueHost is the number one recommended web hosting by WordPress.org. Bluehost is one of the oldest web and WordPress host with several years of experience in the business.

blue-host Fastest WordPress Hosting

BlueHost has special features and offers such as:

  • Good thing is that they provide test drive for Cpanel before even buying.
  • If you have website on other hosting and want to migrate it to bluehost they charge $149, generally it free on most of the hosting provider.
  • Bluehost offers money back guarantees. They say that try them out and you must simply love them, or perhaps get your money refunded at any time when you are dissatisfied.
  • Get access to their 24/7 technical support team.
  • With as low as $2.95 per month you can get access to most of the offers of Bluehost.
  • They have cloud, shared, WordPress, WooCommerce and many other hosting.


8. InMotionHosting

You can get up to 30% off shared business hosting, with business hosting as low as $4.89 per month. According to inMotionHosting, they are the web and WordPress host that stands by you in terms of on-going commitment to open source program like Joomla, b2evelution, Prestashop.

inmotion Fastest WordPress Hosting

Some exclusive features and offers they have to include:

  • Exquisite customer services. The staff there would take care of you in ways that nobody else can. You would witness this from their billing to their entire support team.
  • They also make sure to invest excessively into their technology in order to be able to serve you very well.
  • They offer business hosting starting from as low as $4.89 per month.
  • Good hosting with lot of plans but not optimized for WordPress speed.
  • Considering price is also good little lower side.
  • FREE Site Transfer!
  • FREE SSD Drives
  • Secure IMAP Email


9. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks.com is noted for its unlimited space, transfer, email plus free domain and marketing package. This starts from $3.96 per month.

They offer 30 day money back guarantee, with no hidden fees, and 300% backed and powered by renewable energy. They are from Los Angelos, California to provide only the best service to their customers.

greengeeks Fastest WordPress Hosting

Some amazing features and offers of GreenGeeks are:

  • They offer reseller hosting. You can easily manage multiple cPanel hosting account with a greengeek reseller account.
  • VPS hosting. They have gotten dedicated resources and flexibility without the expense with a Greengeek. Starting from $39.95 per month.
  • Unlimited Domains on 1 Account
  • Unlimited Web Space & Data Transfer
  • FREE Domain Name Registration or Transfer
  • Website Site Building Tools
  • FREE Website Migration
  • SECURE IMAP/POP3 E-mail Accounts


10. DreamHost

This is an award winning web and WordPress hosting company. With over 1.5 million websites blogs and apps, Dreamhost provides a home grown dashboard. They provide a hosting interface like none other! Say bye bye to cPanel.

They had been building their control since 1997. Dreamhost.com's reliability in the field of web hosting is second to none.

They have been in this business for nearly two decades now and they have grown over the years helping professional developers and creative people build a successful website that is free of stress and also easy.

dreamhost Fastest WordPress Hosting

Some unique features and offers of DreamHost.com:

  • Privacy – They believe in privacy for every one. Hence they provide very reliable anti-spam policies.
  • Security – With DreamHost security will never be a concern again. The latest features such as sFTP that are auto-enabled and multi-factor authentication are deployed by them.
  • 24*07 Assistance – Their in house expert team is highly reliable and provides quick solutions to your problems to make sure you are satisfied very well.
  • Cloud Storage. Cloud objects storage for only pennies per GB. Perfect for backup and cloud applications.
  • Cloud severs. Their servers with root access SSD storage and blazing fast networking and powered by API’s.


Points to Consider Before You Buy Fast WordPress Hosting

When you are in the mood of purchasing fast WordPress hosting, Do consider these point with your hosting company and if they provide all these thing then you are good to go with them.

Choose Nginx Over Apache

Nginx is very new as compared to Apache. Nginx is must faster than Apache becuase of the capabiity of loading assets in parallel and much more.. 

PHP7 Is Faster Than PHP5.x

PHP7 is advance version of PHP5 and as per the status PHP7 is twice faster than PHP5.

Study Says MariaDB Is Faster than MySQL

Maria DB is again 7% faster than Mysql and WordPress 100% support MariaDB so you won't have to take any tension regarding compatibility. 

HTTP/2 Concurrent Loading of Assets

HTTP/2 Loads Content in parallel and much faster as compared to HTTP/1

Redis makes your database super fast

Redis is a open source system. That helps  in-memory data structure store, used as database, cache and message broker. Now server do not make any request from DataBase, so again you get faster speed.

Keep Alive Again Speed Enhancement

If you load a page multiple resource are downloads like images, Js, CSS then evey time a connection is setup from the server and then it get disconnects, keep alive make connection for the first time and transfer all the assets then it only it get close, So your server becomes in processing.

Find Your Capabilities and Take Decision (Final Verdict)

If you are expert in server then you have still lot of choice to move with different hosting companies but if you are not much aware of server management or you don't want to take the pain of maintaining server then you will go with managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress hosting can give your best performance and stability.

Apart from that you can also have a look at some intresting WordPress plugins here –

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