Back in the time, it was impossible for people to easily collect or gather the information of an individual. But in today’s technological world, everyone is connected through social media networks. These social networks become the ground of complete information about a person. Hence, it is no more difficult to gather information.

However, the collection of information isn’t that easy as you have to get certain tools for that. One of them is email enrichment tools.

These tools help you to dig into the personal and professional profile of a person in no time. You only have to enter a person’s email address, contact number or any other specified details to get the complete summary of information.

Email Enrichment Tools

So, to make your work hassle free, we are here with best email enrichment tools.

Through these tools, you can get various details of a person such as social connectivity, location, job history, occupation, working status, relatives details, etc.

A Quick Comparison Between Best Email Enrichment Tools
Services Pricing Social Profiles Profile Image Link Email Id Status Checker
PeekYou Contact Sales Yes No Yes
FullContact $8.33/m Yes Yes No
Behind $1.99/m Yes No Yes
Clearbit $99/m Yes No No

These details can be integrated to start online campaigns that are more precise and fully focused on your online business. In fact, it’s not till here. You will also get to know the details of their relatives, criminal-court records, photos, other social network details and much more.

Furthermore, all the enrichment tools present here have different functions like all of them are facilitated with API Keys, provides authentic information, instant access, and insights of the audience.

And, for this reason, they are considered to be the best in their segment. We advise you to read out this article & finalize the best tool according to your taste!

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So, without wasting a single minute let’s dig into the main function of email enrichment tools in details.

1. FullContact

FullContact is an outstanding email enrichment tool that enriches you to obtain the details by entering person’s email ID, contact number and Twitter handle.

Also, it will help you to upload the business card of the person in the format of .png or .jpg file image for human transcription. Additionally, FullContact allows you to sync leads across Google Contact, iCloud, Exchange accounts, multiple Google accounts and receive the details.

FullContact Email Enrichment Tool


Individual Plan: This plan is further categorized into three pricing plans.

  • Basic Plan is completely FREE of cost. But enriches you with its numerous services such as organize contacts list, syncs with 1 account (Google, iCloud, or Office 365/Exchange), helps you to store 1k contacts of person safely on spreadsheets.
  • The Premium Plan comes up with a price tag of $8.33/m & $99.99/y. In this plan you can easily summarise contacts up to 25k on different platforms, syncs with five various accounts (Google, iCloud, or Office 365 / Exchange), update the list of 500 contacts/ week etc.
  • Team Plan will charge you $9.99/m/user & $119.99/y. This plan helps you to share the address book of the client across your team members. So, you can scan 1000 of the free business card with 14 days free trial.

NOTE– This individual plan further differs on the basis of month-to-month. And it only filters the data of Gmail domain.

Business Plan: This pricing is divided into three sections.

  • Trial Plan doesn’t charge anything as its free of cost. You can enable this plan for small projects, 100 matches/m, company data.
  • Small Business Plan will charge you $499/m. And get complete 360° details of your user through APIs in real time, 50,000 matches per month, do data add-ons, premium support etc.
  • Enterprise Plan benefits you with batch file processing, professional services, provides you with millions of matches, and much more. To know the pricing of this plan you have to contact the sales team.

Partner Plan: Its pricing is distributed in two plans.

  • Developer Plan doesn’t charge a single penny to you as it comes free of cost. But in return benefits you with the services such as fetch 100 person social network details or company matches per month.
  • Custom Plan enriches you with services like you can add FullContact data to your own mobile applications, commercial partnership, API’s. To know the pricing of this plan contact the service provider.


  • The data collected by FullContact is on the basis of a person’s location, bio, age, social affinities, current job profile etc.
  • You will be provided by FullContact API keys through which this email enrichment tool can integrate to your site.
  • FullContact searches all over the public and private web once in a month to see if any further change is made in leads profile. And notifies you back if any changes are there.
  • Also, this email enrichment tool benefits you with a dashboard through which you can fetch the data from any lead in a few clicks.

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2. Clearbit

Clearbit allows you to gather the information on the basis of personal and professional detail just by entering person email ID & domain. This tool claims that the data collected is accurate and legitimate.

It allows you to integrate the software on your own site or other sites by using its advance API keys. So, this helps you to receive the data of person through an email address.

Clearbit Email Enrichment Tool


Segment Plan and API Plan: In this plan, you can fetch the details of 2500 leads for $99/m, 5000 leads for $149/m. And for, 1000 contacts data you can pay $199/m and can get details for 25000 leads at $499/m.

Note: If you use marketing automation software such as Marketo and Salesforce, it will charge you $499/m.


  • Clearbit Classify the details of the person on the basis of personal attributes (location, time zone, bio, avatar, site etc. And company attributes ( domain aliases, UTC offset, raised fund etc).
  • Further, the data collected by this tool is searched around 250 public sources which confirm that data is accurate & authentic.
  • This email enricher tool keeps on modernizing the information of leads on every 30 days cycle.
  • Also, it will allow you to search person personal and professional details on different 85 unique data points.

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3. PeekYou

PeekYou is the best lead enrichment software that you can use to fetch the data by entering a name, username or contact number.

And as an output, it delivers you the details of social networks, public records, email ids, web searches, images etc. Moreover, it claims the data fetched is accurate. Plus, it provides you the searched data instantly.

PeekYou Email Enrichment Tool


For its pricing details, you have to contact PeekYou.


  • PeekYou is a reliable lead enrichment tool which converts a single piece of information in detail format and refines profile.
  • Also, it provides you the person’s gravatar fetched from different social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. It helps you to easily recognize the personal identity.
  • Moreover, you can also get arrest records as well as driving infractions. It will consist of some details like name, contact information, driving & arrest records, photos, & many more.

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4. Behind

Behind provides you the access to recognize the personal and professional details of a person by their email addresses. Also, this software enriches you with the details like name, location, job profile, alternative email ids etc.

Moreover, it allows you to collect the information of 2,000,000,000 emails profile at a time.

Behind Email Enrichment Tool


Plan1: This plan comes with a price tag of $1.99/m. In this plan, you can get details like age, job profile & other details of single email id.

Plan2: This plan offers you to create an unlimited number of reports and for this, you have to subscribe for its unlimited membership plan which costs $4.99/m.


  • You will be able to collect the details on 50+ social networks like Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Moreover, this software uses Google Map integration to spot the current location of a person by his email ID.
  • Also, Behind tool helps you to verify the list of emails on the basis of their existence.
  • Additionally, the data fetched by this software will return back in CSV format or Excel spread in a systematic manner.

5. MailGet Enricher: Best in Email Enrichment Tools

MailGet Enricher is a web-based lead enrichment software that can be enabled to filter the details of your contact list. You only have to follow some of the basic steps and in return:

You will get the filtered and refined data list which will be directly sent to you on your email account.

It also checks the status of an email id whether it is active (200 status) or not found (404 error). In fact, MailGet Enricher is the only software that is low in cost and it can filter the contact list whether it’s big or small.

Moreover, this software is trusted and used over 1200+ companies globally such as CISCO, ISKCON, AVAYA etc.

MailGet Enricher Email Enrichment Tool


The pricing plan of MailGet Enricher differ on the basis of emails:

Starter Plan: This plan will cost you $4 and avail you to fetch data from 200 emails. The data can be a name, age, gender, occupation, etc.

Rookie Plan: For this plan, you will have to pay $19 and get information about 1000 emails. These pieces of information can come from social media profiles, police records & other web-based platforms

Pro Plan: Its very popular plan and allows you to fetch the details of 5000 emails at $99. Some of these details can contain profile image links, bio, Klout score & so on.

Advance plan: This plan includes the details of 10,000 emails by paying $175. This plan further differs on the basis of emails which can go up to 1,000,000 email lists.


  • You can upload the data in bulk and in return, the data you get back will be in the Excel spreadsheet or CSV format.
  • The information of a person is collected on the basis of the name, age, gender, location, occupation, photo, MySpace and many more.
  • Also, the data in refined on the basis of the different social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Tumblr etc.
  • With this email enrichment tool, you can filter the data of person on more than 30+ unique parameters.

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So, above are some of the best email enrichment tools which you can use to gather all the web-details of a person. All you have to do is to use his/her email id, add it on the enrichment tool & you’ll get all the possible details of him/her.

The details can be of:

  • Social media profiles
  • Police records
  • Occupation history
  • Location history
  • Family background & many more.

After getting these details, you will easily be able to focus only on those leads which are worth for you & your work. So, just pick the best one from the above services that are cover with tonnes of unique features.

For any kind of query and suggestion please comment below!