Best Electronic Medical Records Software

Medical care is of utmost importance for human survival. Maintaining the record of patients is equally important for the medical staff to improve their performance and to provide treatment to the patients suffering from a same disease. The medical records were earlier preserved by the staff in registers and files. However the use of technology has changed its perspective at large.

This has been possible due to the invention of electronic medical records software. There are plenty of software available in the market for this purpose. However we have selected top ten software in this regard. These software not only help in maintaining the record but also provide you a complete history of the patients and the staff who helped in the treatment.

 Following is the list of top ten electronic medical records software. We hope that it will improve you performance as medical practitioners. 

The Best Electronic Medical Record Software Compared (in full)

Check all the services in detail as per your needs and choose service wisely – by the end, you’ll know exactly which one is the right option for you.

1. E-Clinical Works

This software has been designed to keep a complete data of the patients. The software offers space to gather maximum required data and store it for future usage. E-Clinical Works is being used by the leading medical care houses in the world. It maintains record of the staff and also helps you keep a close check on the revenue. The software has been up graded recently to provide a helping hand at medication management. It is also equipped with electronic prescribing and ordering process for tests and procedures. The software is working extremely well in the market and is providing best aide to the medical professionals.


Key features:

  • It keeps complete data of the patients
  • It provides detailed history of the patients and the staff involved in treatment
  • It helps you keep a close check on the revenue
  • It saves your time spent on clinic management

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2. Dr Chrono

It is regarded as the best mobile medical record software. The easy to use an installation of the software has added to its value. Currently, over 93000 medical professionals are using the Dr Chrono for the help required in their field. This software is equipped with the integrated medical billing facility that enables you to keep a check on the business flow as well and saves your time spent on it. The software has built-in tools for customizable clinical workflow. It provides you help in maintaining the electronic medical records and has easy search tool to locate the history of the patients.


Key features:

  • It has a secure messaging tool for the patients
  • It keeps a record of the patient's check-in
  • It helps you to schedule appointments with the patients
  • It helps in increasing practice revenue

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3. Athena Health

It is the software designed to facilitate the clinical management. The software is well organized to keep your workflow in proper order. The Athena Health software is regarded as best for keeping the patients engaged. It has additional space to cater to your clinical requirements. It has ample data saving capacity with an easy module. The billing and revenue tools are also added in the software to provide you help in the management of the work. The software has earned a reputation of best medical aid that can be given to medical practitioners.


Key features:

  • It helps in maintaining electronic health records
  • It facilitates in generating medical billing
  • It also helps in generating revenue cycle
  • It provides help with population health issues

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4. Epic Electronic Medical Records Software

It is regarded as the best software that is equipped with all the facilities of providing help in clinical management. From keeping the history of the patients to providing them medical tips, this software works wonders. Epic Electronic Medical Records Software works wonders for the medical practitioners and earned laurels in this regard. It provides the patients a personal as well a family record of their treatments. Besides, it gives them the fitness chart that keeps them engaged with the clinic as well. It also provides facility to schedule the appointments with the doctors and saves your worthy time.


Key features:

  • The applications of this software are user friendly and customizable
  • It helps in streamlining the jobs and makes clinical management more easy
  • The software is helpful in improving clinical practice
  • It helps you track record of the patients at any given time

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5. Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is an ideal solution to the clinical management problems. It is cloud-based software that helps in maintaining the record of the patients and the practitioners. It provides a platform to streamline the workflow at the clinic. It is easily accessible from the mobiles and the computers as well. The software is currently providing assistance to thousands of professionals and helping them improve their skills. It is regarded as the most connected software that helps to interact with thousands of medical practitioners. It facilitates you to get automated updates for health care and the related issues.


Key features:

  • It is cloud-based software
  • It helps you get automatic updates
  • It is certified by ONC has HIPAA
  • It is easily customizable software

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6. Medi Tab solutions

This software is equipped with facility of generating data for cost and limitations. It has earned several awards owing to its performance. Medi Tab Solutions is the most sought after product in medical record management software. It helps in providing support for staff management. It stores valuable data of the patients and keeps a complete record of their medical history intact. It is vital for interacting with the patients even after they are given proper treatment and keeps them engaged and updated about their health. The software is a comprehensive care portal for the patients as well.


Key features:

  • It is a certified clinical automation system
  • It is equipped with ROI calculator
  • It provides online help to the patients regarding their health
  • It can be installed in the mobiles as well

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7. Amazing Charts

This software provides charts to study the medical history of the patients cured from last stages of their illness. This unique facility makes it the most amazing software that engages the patients as well as the doctors to keep an eye on the record for their future benefit. Amazing Charts provides online help to the patients for their healthcare. The software is rated best to educate the patients and give the practitioners help for their future tasks. It has easy to use tools and an easy installation procedure. The software is a perfect medical guide for all the learners.


Key features:

  • It has been rated ideal for new users
  • It provides you hands-on opportunity to interact with the professionals
  • It provides a variety of training options
  • It is also helpful for clinicians and for the practice staff

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8. Neumd EHR Software

This medical record management software is fully equipped with all the requirements best suited for clinic management. The software is unique in its manufacturing as it provides aide for online interactions with the patients and the professionals. It offers rich features of tool sets that help in managing the workflow in the clinic. The Neumd EHR Software enables you to have a complete watch list for better management of the business. This software can easily be used in phones and tablets.nuebd

Key features:

  • It is highly customizable software
  • It helps you maintain workflow with flexible encounter templates
  • You can code patient encounters with precision
  • It is fully integrate with medical billing software

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9. Health Fusion

This is highly recommended software for the clinical management solutions. The Health Fusion is designed to provide all the solutions pertaining to the medical record tracking and preserving the data. It is flexible to adapt to track many types of data. It offers a standard workflow process with a web based management system. It is cost-effective software that offers very low investment in grooming your business to the sky high. Choosing this software to increase your medical record management will not only help you finding ample time to earn more valuable profit.



Key features:

  • It provides facility to manage HER, Billing and Patient portal
  • It is user friendly web based application
  • It offers JD Power award winning customer support service
  • It offers a live demo as well

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10. Micro MD

This is compact software that offers a variety of tools to add to the value of clinic management system. It helps in resolving challenges pertaining to the medial record management. The software provides solutions for increasing team collaboration and streamlining communications with the professionals and the patients. It provides much needed help to increase work efficiency. It is also equipped with electronic prescribing and ordering process for tests and procedures. The software is working extremely well in the market and is providing best aide to the medical professionals.


Key features:

  • It is flexible software for enhanced care delivery
  • It helps you integrate with your practice management system
  • It is complete web-based ASP Software
  • It helps you improve efficiency
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The software mentioned above are produced to enhance the efficiency of clinical management. The software are not only helpful in maintaining the data but also help you keep a check on the inflow of the business. These softwares are extremely reliable in securing the data and providing you ease to interact with the patients.

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