“Do you wish to raise the conversion rates without wasting your time on the email leads?

Start launching drip email marketing campaigns.”

Drip email campaigns make it possible to create a sequence of emails to be sent. Further, these emails are sent in a defined order automatically. The automated email campaign continues to run until you close the campaign.

10 Best Drip Email Marketing Services & Software

If you own a business, then there is always a need to promote your trade for its tremendous growth.

There are multiple marketing techniques available in the market like Email marketing, SMS marketing, Social media marketing, etc. One of the effectual marketing technique out of these techniques is Drip email marketing.

To fulfill the need of promoting the business. Of course, you need to choose the best Drip email marketing service.

But, why Drip email marketing?

With Drip campaign, you can send the emails automatically to your subscribers or customers on the regular basis. After a specific time period till the campaign stops by itself. With the help of Drip email marketing, the right information can be delivered to the users when they need it. Also, it automates the marketing activities by tracking leads to enhance the sales of your company. There are various companies that are offering the best drip email marketing services that you can avail for your business.

Explore out the other best email service providing companies compiled up in the following post

Quickly, Go through the Comparison of various Bulk Email Marketing Services

Services Pricing /Month  Email Tracking Autoresponders List Cleaning
MailGet Bolt $9
MailGet $5
Drip $41
MailChimp $10
Predictive Response $10

 Let’s dive into the services feature now – 

Check all the services in detail as per your needs and choose service wisely – by the end, you’ll know exactly which one is the right option for you.

1. MailGet Bolt – A Drip Emailing Service

It is one of the finest software which provides the life-cycle emailing facility. You can send emails to subscribers without any trouble. All you gotta do is simply define the time & the users you want to deliver mails. That’s it! Rest is done by the software itself. MailGet Bolt will send the emails automatically as in a defined order.

You can also trigger the mails on certain actions like on sign-ups or subscribes. It allows you to simply drag & drop the content & create a responsive template.

MailGet Bolt Drip Emailing Service


The pricing for this drip email marketing service starts from $9 per month along with which you can send emails to 2,500 subscribers. For the next plan, the cost is  $19 / Month in which you can send emails to 5000 subscribers with 10 monthly campaigns.

Also, you can opt for a Pro plan by paying $34 for a month for sending emails to 10,000 subscribers & get live chat support, email builder & a lot more. Further, if you want to send emails up to 15,000 subscribers, auto follow-ups, monthly campaigns and many other features, you have to pay $49/mo.

Unique Features-

  • Unsubscribe  Handle:
    You can provide your subscribers the facility to easily opt out of list i.e. your users can simply unsubscribe you. This will ensure that they don’t report or spam your emails which will affect your site’s credibility.
  • Email Tracking:
    It provides you with the details about how many people received your email, opened your email, clicked on the links or opened attachments.
  • Personalized Email Marketing:
    This feature allows you to insert the name of receiver or client in the mail. This will make him feel important & gain attention. So, you will get higher open rates.


2. MailGet – Automated Email Campaign

MailGet offers the drip email marketing services at very affordable prices so that any business could grab its services. Drip email campaign in MailGet offers you the strategy of scheduled communication with your customers which overcomes the communication gap.

Drips are set of automated emails which reaches the customers on specific time. Hence, it saves time & efforts. This feature is becoming more prominent with the passage of time. Around 1200 companies are using its services.

It is all in one platform for marketing as it integrates various amazing features like email builder, responsive email design, email tracking into a single platform.



MailGet is available at a very reasonable price by offering unlimited emails to 5,000 subscribers at $5 per month, unlimited emails to 25,000  subscribers at $29 per month and unlimited emails to 50,000 subscribers at $49 per month.

Similarly, you can also chose the number of subscribers you want to send mails to. If you wish to use Amazon SES platform for sending emails, then you can send 10,000 emails at the cost of $1.

Unique features:

  • Email Editor:
    It’s amazing email editor saves you from doing the HTML coding as you can design appealing templates in just a few minutes. Simply, drag and drop the components in mail section. Your template is ready!
  • Email Drips:
    This feature allows you to send the emails automatically in a predefined order and timelines of the emails. Once anyone gets added to your list, he or she starts getting the emails automatically.
  • List Cleaning:
    You can use this feature to cleanup your list of email. Therefore, you send emails to the active users and the inactive one filter out of the list.


3. Drip – Marketing Automation

Drip offers the best drip email marketing automation platform that might increase the productivity of your business by sending the right email to people. Its aim is to create effective and dynamic email marketing campaigns in minutes by automating marketing process. It lets you design the email campaigns on the basis of your subscriber’s goals, actions, decisions to ensure positive subscriber.

It integrates a wide range of tools so that each tool can be used for building the smart email campaigns. Email marketing tool at Drip is used by various types of business because of its amazing features and the ease of use.



In starting, Drip lets you send unlimited emails to 100 subscribers. Its basic version will let you send emails to 2500 subscribers at $41 per month, and the pro version enables you to send emails to 5000 subscribers at $83 per month.

Unique features:

  • Automating everything:
    Drip offers around 16 actions and 18 triggers in its automation rule builder. This automation lets your subscribers enter in and out of the campaigns.
  • Tagging subscribers on the basis of actions:
    With the help of its automation engine, like if they visit your website, make purchases on your website, click a link in the email so that emails could be sent to them according to their interest.
  • Tracking the lead score:
    Its email marketing campaign is designed with the lead scoring algorithm that lets you track which subscribers are interested in your content and can become your customers.
  • Sending targeted emails:
    Drip’s flexible segment builder lets you find the right subscribers whom you can send the emails. So, it lets you send the targeted emails to a targeted audience.


4. MailChimp – Lifecycle Emails

MailChimp is one of the popular drip email marketing service providers with over 14million users who are using this platform to grow the productivity of their business. An automation workflow feature of MailChimp lets you perform drip campaigns after someone buys some product from your company or subscribes to your company.

It has been found that around 10 billion emails are sent every month from this platform. This figure of emails makes it a popular company for email marketing services.



If you are starting up a new business, it offers you the free version in which you can send around 12,000 emails up to 2000 subscribers or less. If you have a growing business, then it offers a growing business version at $10 per month and if you have already reputed business, then it provides a Pro marketer version at $199 per month.

Unique features:

  • Design emails effectively:
    MailChimp lets you customize the emails the way you want just by simply dragging and dropping the content and media. With dynamic email campaign, you can attract your customers and according to the response of customers and subscribers, you can keep on changing the email templates to make it look appealing and better.
  • Robust automation:
    It provides the robust automation so that your email could reach to the right group of subscribers at the right time. You do not need to send emails again and again manually, as emails can be sent automatically according to the subscriber’s reactions to the emails.
  • Advanced analytics:
    Its email marketing platform lets you monitor the sales and performance of your email marketing campaign so that you could enhance your business in a better way.


5. Predictive Response – Drip Email Marketing Service

Predictive Response is one of the prominent drip email marketing service providers, especially built for the Salesforce applications. Launching a drip campaign by Predictive response keeps reminding your users and customers of the services your business offers.

Creating drip email campaigns on this platform lets you even know whether people are opening your emails or not, whether they are clicking on the link sent in the email or not so that you could keep on enhancing the email campaigns.



It usually offers a thousand emails in $20. Its packages are classified as Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. You can even make an estimation of your target with its pricing calculator on its official website.

Unique features:

  • Click and page tracking:
    With its click and page tracking feature, you can track how many people click on the link you provided in the email.
  • Drip campaigns:
    You can predefine the sequence of emails to be sent and predefine the time when the emails have to be sent.


6. Vision6 – Tool For Drip Email Marketing

Vision 6 offers the best and simple to use drip email marketing services that perform a variety of functionalities at a time. By availing drip email marketing services at Vision 6, you may send various types of campaigns, whether it is a welcome autoresponder or customized emails.

Even drip campaigns at Vision 6 may allow you to deliver drips via SMS and social media too.



The packages of the Vision6 are classified as Starter, Business, and Pro Marketer. In the Starter package, you can send around 2500 emails to your 500 contacts at $9 per month. In a Business package, you may send unlimited emails at $29 per month while in the Pro Marketer package usually beneficial for the reputed business, you can send unlimited emails at $99 per month.

Unique features:

  • Drag and drop editor:
    It’s amazing drag and drop editor lets you create dynamic, effective and creative emails to attract more and more subscribers. No need to do any HTML coding, do drag and drop.
  • View email insights:
    You can view email insights to grow your business accordingly. You can see how many people have opened your emails and clicked the links.


7. HubSpot CRM – Drip Email Marketing Software

Another secret weapon that you should have in your drip email marketing arsenal is the free and effective CRM software by HubSpot. As you would know, a drip email marketing campaign is meant to send emails at specific and automated times, therefore HubSpot’s CRM offers a great opportunity to run an effective email drip campaign that gets you the desired results!



HubSpot CRM is free!

Unique features:

  • Personalized sequences:
    With this feature, you can queue up the emails and then deliver to the prospective customer on your time schedule.
  • Create email templates and measure performance:
    HubSpot allows you to convert the monotonous and repetitive emails into attractive templates. These can be created and sent in seconds. The tool also allows you to measure the performance of your emails.
  • Notifications in real-time:
    This software allows you to know exactly when a prospective customer has opened an email or downloaded an attachment. This function helps you to target the prospects at the right time for a follow-up.


8. Email Monks – Automated Email Campaign

Email Monks is one of the popular drip email marketing service providers that provide the services to either design or code the emails, landing pages and newspaper templates. Drip email campaigns at Email Monks help to nurture the sales leads by increasing the clicks on the website 3 times higher. Stay hassle-free with our best drip email marketing services.

Email Monks

Unique features:

  • Customized email design and coding:
    Email Monks understands your brief and accordingly provides you the crafted email design. After you approve the email design, you get the email HTML which is responsive and also compatible with more than 40 email clients.
  • Converting PSD into Email HTML:
    If you already have the ready design files, Email Monks can convert them into the email design as you want in less than a period of 8 hours.


9. Customer.io – Drip Email Marketing Tool

Customer.io offers the best platform to perform drip email marketing. It is basically based on the behavior of a customer. This software performs the drip email campaigns on the basis of an individual’s actions. Further, it keeps on tracking, whether the customer feels interested in viewing the message you send or not so that you could make changes accordingly.

Besides, you need to have good coding skills in order to work on this platform.



If you are starting up the marketing campaign, then you can avail start version in which you can get around 200 profiles and 400 messages in a month for free. If you pay $100, you can avail the growth version in which you would get 15000 profiles and 30000 free messages. The most expensive version is the enterprise version in you will get 500000 profiles and total of 10Lac free messages.

Unique features:

  • Automation process:
    With the help of an advanced rule-based engine technology, you can perfectly time and trigger your messages.
  • Analytics:
    This platform helps you to evaluate how many people open your message and how many people click on the link you provide in the message.
  • Design and customization:
    You can either add your own designed HTML page or you can take help of the experts at Customer.io for getting the better email design.
  • Segmentation:
    The segmentation feature allows you to create groups of similar people so that you could target the group of similar people accordingly.


10. Sendloop – Services For Automated Email Campaign

Sendloop offers you a well-organized drip email marketing service that makes it possible to increase the sales of your business by offering easy to use email marketing tools. It’s ready to use email templates help to create drip email marketing campaigns in just a few minutes for your ease of use.

A variety of email layouts it offers makes it the best platform to create drip email marketing campaigns.



Pricing of email marketing campaigns at Sendloop differs with the number of subscribers you target. Its lowest package starts at $14 per month in which it offers unlimited emails to 1000 subscribers, more than 100 mobile friendly email templates and more than 500 third-party integrations. Whereas its highest package is of $1645 per month in which it provides unlimited emails to 350000 subscribers, more than 100 mobile friendly email templates and more than 500 third-party integrations.

Unique features:

  • Creating email templates:
    For creating the email templates, you hardly take any time as you only need to drag and drop the content blocks for creating the email templates.
  • Mobile responsive email templates:
    Email templates available at Sendloop are 100% mobile-responsive as most of the people check their emails on their smartphones. So, mobile-responsive templates can fit according to the size of the mobile screen.
  • No technicality needed:
    To perform email marketing at Sendloop, you don’t need to have technical knowledge as it is easy to build templates with drag and drop editing.
  • Email scheduling:
    It offers the amazing feature of email schedule with which you can predefine the time and date when you want your email to send to your subscribers or customers.
  • Marketing automation:
    Marketing automation features allow you to send the emails to the right audience at the right time so that you could perform the effective email marketing.
  • Simplified Email Gateway:
    Email gateways at Sendloop ensure that your emails don’t fail or delay. So, you can send the emails via the infrastructure of Sendloop so as to waste your time in setting up and maintaining the infrastructure.


11. Agile CRM – Drip Email Marketing Services

Agile CRM provides the coolest and simplest way as the name suggests and makes it possible to create drip email marketing campaigns with a variety of functionalities on a single platform. Drip campaigns at Agile CRM allow you to send the relevant message at a right time according to the behavior of customers.

It is built with intelligent technology that makes it easier for a business to perform the marketing.



Pricing package at Agile CRM is classified as Free version, Starter version, Regular Version, and Enterprise version. The starter version is available at $8.99, the regular version at $29.99, and the enterprise version at $47.99.

Unique features:

  • Effective Design:
    It facilitates you with various features in order to make the design more effective. Such as, it offers pre-designed templates & themes. All you gotta do is alter the text, images, and color themes according to your choice.
  • First name marketing technique:
    It provides the first name marketing technique in which the email campaigns are designed in such a way that when it reaches to the customer, your customer feels that this mail is specifically designed for him or her.
  • Email Tracking:
    It helps you to know the various activities of the subscriber. Whether they opened your mail or which subscriber has clicked on the link you provided. Thereby, you can evaluate the lead score.
  • Real-time tracking:
    It allows you to track the performance of your email marketing campaigns in real time.\



Listed above are the best drip email marketing companies which can prove to be a bane for your business.

You can opt for any of the above-mentioned automated email campaign services as per your budget or criteria.

Do you think we missed any service? Share it in the comment box below and we’ll look forward to reviewing it.

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