With the development in the field of technology, the mode of communications also revived. In the modern day of connectivity, the customers are in touch with the servers round the clock.

It has become more of responsibility to keep your customers updated at all times. The growing scope of the media has also made it vital for the customers to keep an eye on the servers. Customer care services are thus the most important part of every organization.

Each of the organization values its customers and tries its best to cater the need of its customers by satisfying them with all their queries. Use of customer service software has also increased in this regard.

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 Following is the list of the top ten customer service software that are adding value to the leading businesses. 

The Best Customer Service Software Compared (in full)


Multichannel Communication  Support

Inbuilt Ticketing

Live Chat Support

Self-Service Portal

Customer Sentiment Analysis



ZohoYesYes YesYesYes$18/User



Cisco Webex

YesYes Yes YesYesContact Cisco Webex

Vision Help Desk



YesYes YesYes

NetSuite CRM

YesYesYes YesYesContact NetSuite

Team Support

YesYesYes YesYes$50/User
VerintYesYesYes YesYesContact Verint

LiveChat Inc




Check all the services in detail as per your needs and choose service wisely – by the end, you’ll know exactly which one is the right option for you.

Zoho Customer Service

This CRM is equipped with all the desired requirements and functions of an ideal Customer Service Software. The Zohu CRM is designed by keeping in mind the modern-day facilities of contacting with the customers.

The customers can thus contact the management round the clock and get the answers to their questions. Use of this software has increased in the current day market. It offers all the solutions to the customer service related issues.

It has been designed for use in computers and the phones as well. The software makes the use of email or other means of communications easier for the customers and the servers as well.

Zoho - CRM - Home

Key features:

  • It is regarded as software that empowers the teams and businesses that use it
  • It offers multiple channels for communication
  • It gives a complete performance analysis of the team using the software
  • It helps in saving energy and time

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FreshDesk Support Software

The software offers help through a number of channels including phone, e-mails, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks. The Freshdesk is designed to cater to the needs of the customers and the servers at the same time.

The software helps you generate a competent team of with elegant communication skills. It provides you a detailed analysis of the customers that approached your organization through different means.

Besides, it gives comprehensive details of the problems of the customers solved by your customer service team. It gives a leap to your business and helps it strengthen its position in the market.

FreshDesk - Home

Key features:

  • It is equipped with almost all the modern-day communication tools
  • It helps you get your sales; support teams work together
  • It does not have any hidden charges
  • It reduces support load by offering customers an FAQ and discussions on your portal

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Cisco Webex(Formerly: CloudCherry)

It offers cloud-based real-time help to customers. The unique software gives you multichannel customer experience management solutions. The real-time help to the customers provided by the CloudCherry is unmatched and has helped in improving the concept of customers support across the globe.

The easy to use software allows your customers to get maximum satisfaction regarding their queries. The easy access of the customer to the server was a dream that has come true for the leading industries by the use of this software.

It is low-cost software that has so far been able to earn the respect of many who tried it for their business.

Cisco - Webex - Home

Key features:

  • It offers multi-channel feedback for the customers and the servers
  • It helps you integrate real-time acquisition of data from customers
  • Helps you track promoters and detractors in seconds
  • Provides insight central apps for CXO's and customer experience managers

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Vision Help Desk

This software has contributed a lot to the growth of various business companies currently leading the market. The Vision Help Desk is designed for use in small, medium and large scale business houses and is consistently giving better results.

It is equipped with all the requirements for customer service. It helps you interact with the customers in various ways. It provides a complete history of the data that is saved in it with the passage of time.

The data is easily reviewed and can be assessed for further improvement in customer management departments.

Vision - Home

Key features:

  • It is a satellite helpdesk product
  • It helps you manage customer support
  • It provides a single centralized portal for customer support management
  • It also offers each company or brand has its own branded client portal

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ManageEngine Support Center

This software is providing quality service to the organizations for more than a decade. The issues regarding the service desk are managed best through the use of this software.

Manage Engine Support Center has made its mark among the best in the market. The easy to use software offers are the tools required for Customer Services and helps to improve the progress of the work.

It automates the process of creating, organizing, tracking requests into a seamless process. The software does not add an extra burden to the systems connected to the server.

ManageEngine - Home

Key features:

  • It provides great visibility and central control
  • It saves a business from suffering any unnecessary downtime
  • It offers powerful integration with IT management Apps
  • The navigation is quite simple for the users

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NetSuite CRM

We present compact software that offers a variety of tools to add to the value of your worthwhile business. It helps in resolving customer care challenges across the multiple industries.

Net Suite CRM provides solutions for increasing team collaboration and streamlining communications with market stakeholders. It provides much-needed help to increase demand for your business and also helps the customers to interact with the servers through various means.

NetSuite - Home

Key Features:

  • It is widely acknowledged as industry’s only integrated CRM
  • It helps you deliver excellent customer service
  • It offers online demo and case studies as well
  • It provides customer data in real time empowering you to give better support

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Team Support

It is an excellent software for the beginners. Team Support is regarded as the best business companion in the modern world. It helps you interact with your customers through various means and to provide them solutions according to their queries.

This software is useful for small and large scale businesses and has so far improved the lives of many worrying about management of their business. It is regarded as the software built from business to business. It has helped the servers to capture a large market for the growth of their business.

TeamSupport - Home

Key features:

  • It empowers help desk to manage their customers with ease
  • It offers better ticket management for customer support
  • It offers unique higher level reporting
  • It is customer service software built for business to business

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Verint(Formerly: Kana Solutions)

This is an ideal software that is completely owned by the user. It has been observed that the software used for establishing online solutions for the customers charge a hefty amount or even get a considerable cut from your income.

However, the Kana Solutions offer you complete ownership. It makes you feel easy for enhancing your own business. It offers a variety of options for satisfying your valuable customers. The extremely user-friendly manual places the software among the top in the business.

Verint - Home

Key features:

  • It helps you interact with your customers through various means
  • It provides assistance in managing the customer's load
  • There are no hidden or background applications
  • It has a user-friendly manual that adds value to its market

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LiveChat Inc

It is simple software that is equipped with all the desired functions for the customer's service related issues. Its web-based live chat option does not require any additional training for the staff.

Live Chat Inc Software is designed for the customers to keen on detecting the faults in due course of enhancing their business scope. Use of this software will not only add value to your business but will also earn the further chances of eliminating risks involved in the growth of the market.

LiveChat - Home

Key features:

  • It offers an opportunity to interact with the customers live
  • It is easy to use software with an easy installation procedure
  • It does not require any extra add-on
  • The software is comparatively low cost

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This software helps you to obtain high standards of customer support services in a number of industries. The targeted market for the software makes it the most viable choice for the selected business holders. It helps you compete with the world’s leading business companies.

Offering a variety of solutions for enhancing scope in the business, the Sales Force Software made its mark in the market in a far less time. The software is successfully helping its users to obtain their business goals.

SalesForce - Home

Key features:

  • Its unique Service Cloud Einstein gives you smart customer service
  • It helps you resolve customer’s problems in less time
  • It offers a variety of communication modes for the customers
  • It helps you personalize customer care

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The customer support software is in use in almost all the leading industries in the world. Choosing among the best is however not an easy task. We have tried to give you an update about the best of the rest. All the software discussed above are designed to provide you with the moss necessary convenience in your business.

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