The contract management software has become the need of the hour. Everyday office and business life have become dependent on the use of information technology.

The large scale as well the small-scale businesses of every medium have turned into hi-tech powerhouses due to the use of the IT and gadgets running on it. The contract management has thus been upgraded as well.

The outdated sources of contract management have become obsolete, and the information technology gadgets have replaced it. Contract management software specially designed to deal with the issues pertaining to the contract management solutions.

This software helped the improvement of the IT facilities and had also provided much-needed aid in running the businesses in smooth order.

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The contract management has thus been upgraded as well. The outdated sources of contract management have become obsolete, and the information technology gadgets have replaced it.

Contract management software specially designed to deal with the issues pertaining to the contract management solutions. This software helped the improvement of the IT facilities and had also provided much-needed aid in running the businesses in smooth order.

 Following is a list of 10 best contract management software that can put your life at ease. 

The Best Contract Management Software Compared (in full)

Check all the services in detail as per your needs and choose service wisely – by the end, you’ll know exactly which one is the right option for you.

1. Manage Engine

This software is providing quality service to the target customers for more than a decade. The issues regarding the service desk are managed best through the use of this software.

Manage Engine Service Desk Plus has made its mark among the best in the market. The easy to use software offers are the tools required for contract management and helps to improve the progress of the work.

It is also equipped with the solutions that are normally dealt with by the staff. The software does not add an extra burden on the systems connected to the server.


Key features:

  • It provides great visibility and central control
  • It saves the business from suffering any unnecessary downtime
  • It offers power integration with IT management Apps
  • It is fairly user-friendly and easy even for the beginners

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2. Counselytis IT service pack

The software is termed as a one-stop solution to the contract management. Counselytics is uniquely designed software aiming at saving the information management cost.

It has been estimated that the software has the capacity of saving upwards $ 750,000 in information management cost. The software offers help in the management of document data. It has the capability of saving, reading, analyzing and extracting data from all your documents.


Key features:

  • The software extends help in reading and extracting data
  • The software is useful in the management of document data
  • The software helps in saving the information management cost
  • The user-friendly tools of the software increase its worth in the market

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3. A-1 Tracker

This is highly recommended software for the large and medium scale organizations. The A-1 Tracker is designed to provide all the solutions pertaining to the contract management. It is flexible to adapt to track many types of contract for an organization.

It offers a standard contract workflow process with a web-based contract management system. It is cost-effective software that offers very low investment in grooming your business to the sky high.

Choosing this software to increase your business scope will not help you finding ample time to discover new markets but will also help you in gaining valuable profit.


Key features:

  • It is ideal workflow software for manufacturing
  • It provides solutions to the IT related issues of an organization
  • It helps management save their precious time
  • It takes far less time to get installed as the installation is quite simple and the user manual makes it further easier

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4. Ariba Solutions

The software offers a variety of solutions to the contract management systems of any organization. Having a valuable space for saving the contract details makes Ariba Solutions a choice for the large-scale business firms.

The software offers quicker execution of the documents saved in it. It also saves the precious time of the management that was earlier wasted in the saving and placement of the contact information.


Key features:

  • It helps in standardizing and controlling contract development
  • It ensures collaboration with all stakeholders
  • It is effective in automating and accelerating contract lifecycle
  • It strengthens operational, contractual and regulatory compliance

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5. Determine Software

Contracts are the main source of taking the business to the new highs. Contracts are the base for sustainable development of any business.

Managing the contracts was never an easy job, but it has been made easy by Determine Software. Not only, that it is suitable for the long-term contract but also offers several ways of keeping the contracts engaged for the future usage.

The software also provides necessary help in reviewing the contracts on demand in easy and manageable ways. This software has been programmed to work on computers and the mobile phones as well.


Key features:

  • It provides help in saving precious contract data
  • It offers quality tips for comparing the contract data of various companies
  • It makes the business processes easier and smoother
  • It improves the workflow of the business by saving time

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6. Contract Logix

The software provides businesses in more than 50 industries. It offers tools that are required to efficiently manage contract documents and data. The Contract Logix is a solution to the issues most commonly witnessed in saving and prioritizing the contract data information.

It offers much needed and much valuable customer care service as well that further adds to the value of the software and increases the customer, service relationship. It is highly recommended to maximize your contract value by adding the software to your business.


Key features:

  • It is user-friendly software designed for the small, medium and large scale businesses
  • It has unique tools to provide ease to saving and executing data
  • It provides help in increasing lifecycle of the contract
  • It provides customer care service for valuable consumers

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7. Zycus Solutions

It is a collaborative platform to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of the contract data. It provides help in securing data thus saving you expose or mismanage the valuable contracts.

The Zycos Solutions is the voice of all the leading industries and is a reliable source of contract management. The software provides accelerated contracting processes and enhanced compliance across multiple legal and government regulatory systems.

The software provides to help to review the contract on time and saves you from facing any legal issue in this regard.


Key features:

  • It offers user-defined access controls
  • It has powerful multi-parameter and free text search
  • It is equipped with template libraries and wizard-driven contract authoring facilities
  • It has dynamic reporting and configurable dashboards

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8. Apttus Solutions

The software is aimed at accelerating deals and eliminating risks involved in the business growth. The software is the perfect solution for the contract management issues.

It offers accelerated contract lifecycle to help the sales team to top the competitions and beat the competitors by a visible margin. The Apttus Solutions have so far been able to bring calm to the life of the business owners by offering solutions to the risk tasks.

Its centralized Legal playbooks and audit trails keep you fully compliant. The software is easy to install on any system.


Key features:

  • The software offers a demo on demand
  • Helps you save your precious data to the cloud repository
  • It provides powerful search capabilities
  • It offers help in measuring the effectiveness of the contract process

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9. Coudtract Solutions

It is regarded as the world’s simplest tool designed for contract management. The simpler is the use and most effective is the outcome of the software.

It enables you to set alerts and save your required date with complete assurance. The unique features of Cloudtract are the reason for the increasing demand for the software in the industry.

It is best for tracking the expiry of the contracts and prevents you from suffering any loss in the business. The sustainable business development is guaranteed with the use of this software.


Key features:

  • Helps you simplify your contract management scheme
  • Helps you save time in looking for contact or supplier information
  • Provides valuable strength to your business
  • The user-friendly manual helps in smooth running of your business

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10. Icertis software

This software is designed to help you increase the demand for your business by offering help in the contract management.

The Icertis is the most looked for and desired software for the medium scale businesses. The state of the art software helps you keep a complete check on your data without fear of losing it or being misused. The quality product has been upgraded to meet the standards of the modern day.


Key features:

  • The installation is fairly easy both on the PCs and smartphones
  • The software helps in the management of the precious contract data
  • It saves the data from any unauthorized use
  • It helps in increasing the lifecycle of the contract

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List of the leading contract data management software is given above. The main purpose of designing this software is to equip the industry with the modern day demands and solutions to the old problems.

The reviews suggest that sufficient time and energy is wasted to procure the contract management data. This software provides you ease in both the work and in the business flow. These are the key factors to groom any business.

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