Use bulk email marketing services & transform the growth rate of your business! 

Email marketing is a proven strategy to promote your business, attract new customers & maintain a good relationship with loyal customers. That means by using the best in class mass mailing services, you can easily gain momentum in your business.

But which is the best bulk email service provider?

Bulk Email Marketing Services

It is indeed that follows the under covered points –

  • Best delivery rate.
  • Which is exceptionally cheaper than big guns in the market.
  • Faster delivery of messages.
  • 360-degree sales as well as marketing automation.
  • Comprehensive tool.
  • Attractive User Interface.
  • Multiple autoresponders & workflow options available.

And it is a great deal if a tool posses all the above features. That’s why to ease your work, I’ve mentioned some of the best bulk email marketing services for your email designing and marketing requirements.

Through them, you can create customizable emails & send them to multiple ids in a second.

Even some of these tools also allow you to connect UNLIMITED SMTP services with your email marketing tool. Eventually, you will be able to connect any strong SMTP service whose authority is good enough such that your emails will always land on main inbox rather than spam folder.

That’s way too convincing features. I am sure that one of these marketing solutions will match your needs. Just go through these blogs & explore the email marketing strategies!

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Quickly, Go through the Comparison of various Bulk Email Marketing Services

Services Pricing  Drag & Drop Feature Multiple SMTPs Email Tracking No. Of Emails
MailGet  $5/m 5,000
MailGet Bolt $9/m  2,500
MailerLite $10/m 2,500
Infusioninfsoft $50/m 500
Autopilot  $20/m 1,000

1. MailGet Bolt

MailGet Bolt is one of the finest email marketing software that you will come across presently. Its system has some powerful features that enable you to send emails in bulks within a single click.

Its drag & drop email builder makes it more popular than other form builders as even a non-techy guy can also use it easily.

Apart from it, an integrated SMTP service is an exclusive feature of the software. While in other software, you have to get it separately. 

MailGet Bolt Bulk Email Marketing Service


  • It has a Starters plan which costs $9 on the monthly basis in which you can send limitless emails to 2500 subscribers. Along with it, you will get to use 10  monthly campaigns.
  • With the Rookie plan, you will be able to send emails to 500 subscribers at just $19 charge on the monthly basis.
  • In order to send emails to 10,000 subscribers, you have to pay only $34 /mo charge. With it, you will also get the feature of automatic follow ups. If your client haven’t open your email on the first time then you can remind them about it by sending a follow up notification.
  • The last plan’s pricing ranges from $49 to $439 for subscribers from 15,000 to 200,000 respectively.

Prominent Features:-

  • It enables you to track emails which have been sent by you as a user with the help of mail tracking feature of the system.
  • The autoresponder function of the system delivers an auto generated mail at the time when the user submits the forms on the website.
  • Apart from it, you can segment the contact lists and keep the record in the form of suspended, bounced and spam lists.
  • A function called ‘drips’ will enable you to dispatch a number of mails at the desired time slot. It means you can choose the time and day at which you want to send the series of emails.
  • Also, you can embed subscription forms at your website which will help you to capture leads.
  • You can easily import emails within the MailGet. In addition, the software will enable you to double the open rate with auto follow up tool.

I have tried and tested all the softwares and found MailGet Bolt as best software as it is the most economic email service provider whose plans start at $34/m for 10000 subscribers, also, in the initial phase itself I got 25% OPEN RATE which is really commendable.


2. MailGet

MailGet is an amazing email marketing solution with features such as email builder, drip email, MailGet API and autoresponder.

However, the thing that adds more value is that MailGet is 100x cheaper than the most popular marketing solutions. And it integrates with multiple SMTPs including Amazon SES, Mandril, Mailjet, SendGrid and MailGun for high inbox deliverability. It means you can choose one or more SMTPs at the same time to shoot the emails for maximum deliveries, email opens and clicks.

MailGet Bulk Email Marketing Service


  • The basic plan starts at $5/month. It includes unlimited emails to 5,000 subscribers.
  • Its Rookie plan costs $29 on monthly basis in order to send emails to 25,000 ids.
  • The $49 per month plan offers unlimited emails to 50,000 subscribers along with the live chat feature when you face any issues regarding this tool.
  • There are plans available for as high as $134 for 2,00,000 subscribers which is still cheap when compared with the starting packs of other companies. For more information, just visit its pricing page.

Prominent Features :

  • It comes with free templates for various niches which lets you design a compelling email.
  • The software needs no hosting and complicated setup.
  • See inbox previews to analyze the look and feel.
  • A built in list management and list cleaning system is available to update subscriber list.
  • Import emails in CSV format and send an unlimited number of emails.
  • Autoresponder is available for sending automated sets of emails.
  • MailGet API automatically synchronizes contacts in your desired list.
  • It also has Google analytics integration for real-time reports about email opens, click and bounce.


3. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is a remarkable platform for small businesses. It is a complete package for startups and small businesses that have a less target audience, and need to learn the marketing techniques.

It is simple yet has powerful bulk mailing service that lets users run successful campaigns and keeps your users engaged with attractive newsletters.

InfusionSoft Bulk Email Marketing Service


  • You can choose a yearly plan or a kick-start package. The basic annual package covers three users and cost $199 per month. You will get complete CRM and marketing automation along with access to 2500 contacts and 12,500 emails per month.
  • With full features and access to 100,000 emails per month, the annual plan for maximum 10 users comes for $599 per month.
  • You can even choose a trial pack of $999 that you have to pay even with other plans.

Prominent Features :

  • Through its smart CRM, you can not only import and organize the contacts but also segment them based on their needs.
  • It also lets you increase the engagement through streamlining the leads.
  • You can initiate a personalized communication by analyzing multiple parameters such as email sends, clicks and payment history.
  • It automatically send follow-up emails and set a personalized after sales communication that you can track and manage.
  • Moreover, the analytical feature gives an upper hand to evaluate and improve any campaign or project.
  • It also saves your system connection time by integrating APIs, synchronizing data with popular accounting software solutions and giving access to third-party apps.


4. Autopilot

This is easy-to-use cloud-based software with part CRM and part email marketing features. With autopilot, you can create personalized journeys and boost them with favorite apps. The in-built integrations to messaging, marketing and lead intelligence make it favorable for SMS, email and physical mailing.

Though the software has an appealing user interface, it is overly complicated to use. However, $20 per month for a start up plan can ask you to try it.

Autopilot Bulk Email Marketing Service


  • Autopilot has a base plan of $20 per month and a business plan of $40 per month.
  • The base plan includes unlimited journeys, 1000 contacts, Slack and Zapier integrations, bulk emails, SMS and Headsup, and segments & reporting features.
  • You can enjoy a 30-Day free trial to best test the software.

Prominent Features :

  • You can track real-time activity and visualize your campaign with pre-built reports.
  • Enhance the user experience with built-in integrations
  • The drag and drop allows you to execute a campaign anytime, anywhere.
  • You don’t need IT support as it has in-built end-to-end marketing automation tool.
  • It also has action-based trigger automation, bulk data import and export, unlimited custom fields, HTML email editor and dynamic text personalization to make your campaign assured success.
  • Static and dynamic smart list segmentation, complete email support and online tutorials are other promising features.


5. SendPulse

What’s better than having an integrated marketing software with superhuman features. Sendpulse is comparatively new in the market yet it is a popular choice for bulk emailing. The platform uses artificial intelligence system, personalization and predictive analytics to create an exceptional campaign.

With this tool, you can easily gain 50 to 100% user engagement. The REST API allows fast implementation of email functionality. Moreover, you can integrate transactional emails into CRM and CMS systems, e-commerce and mobile applications. It’s the appropriate thing for a DIY marketing.

SendPulse Bulk Email Marketing Service


  • It offers four types of subscription plans. You can start with free plan that has a limit of 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month.
  • The prepaid plan called Pay as you go allows you to pay only for emails you need.
  • If you want complete package look for monthly plan and VIP package with respective features.

Prominent Features :

  • No technical expertise required
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Drag and drop editor with 100s of templates for compelling emailers
  • Easy and quick SMTP integration to activate dedicated IP address for bulk mailing
  • Automates target sending of emails, SMS & Web push notifications through a scheduler with 3rd party integration
  • Supports mobile devices & comes with exhaustive analytics
  • It creates a behavioral user profile for an individual subscriber based on the patterns of product purchase, layout, time zone, communication preference and more.



Email marketing is one of the many solutions that Cybridge offers. With this tool, its easy to send bulk emails and track email, clicks and other visitor activities. From designing to tracking and analysis, the company does it all for you.

Cybridge Bulk Email Marketing Service


  • No plans or pricing available online. You can contact the support team for the same.

Prominent Features :

  • Templates for campaign design
  • Personalized emails with no spam and no bounce assurance
  • Strong infrastructure to send over 1,00,000 emails per day
  • Responsive designing for mobile compatibility.


7. MailerLite

If simplicity is your choice, MailerLite will surely impress you.

No complex settings and tools. Just sign up and start the trial version. This relatively new email marketing service provider is very user-friendly. It has excellent customer support and interesting email designs.

Enjoy effortless campaign designing, quick analytical result tracking, efficient subscriber management and more. With everything that small businesses need, the pricing is the perfect icing on the cake!

MailerLite Bulk Email Marketing Service


  • The primary plan with 1000 subscribers is free for sending unlimited emails.
  • Its paid plan starts from $10/mo in which you can send unlimited emails from 1001 to 2500 subscribers.
  • Through this $20/mo plan, you’ll be able to send limitless emails to subscribers ranging from 2501 to 5000.
  • When we talk about $35 monthly plan, it allows sets you free to send emails to 5000 – 10000 subscribers in a single click.
  • At last, for sending emails to subscribers ranging from 10000 to 15000, you’ve to pay $50 per month.

Note: You can also change the number of subscribers & the pricing will also change according to it. For more information, just visit MailerLite’s pricing page.

Prominent Features :

  • Easy drag-and-drop editor.
  • Responsive email designing.
  • RSS campaign.
  • It can disable the double opt-in.
  • Automated subscription of notifications.
  • Emoji Support.
  • Segmentation, tracking and campaign reporting.
  • Email statistics tracker & so on.


8. Pure360

Pure360 is more than just an email service provider for small to medium and large businesses. It has four different plans that they called ‘Suite’, each has its unique features and specialties.

Moreover, the Maturity Model is another interesting thing that helps customers understand how advanced their email campaigns are.

Pure360 Bulk Email Marketing Service



  • Price for each suite is available on request. Visit their site and get to know more

Prominent Features :

  • It has all the mandatory features including behavioral re-targeting, spam testing delivery, inbox preview, free email templates and more
  • ROI calculator for expected improvement
  • Web application security to prevent unauthorized account access
  • The software delivers personalized content, prevent duplication and has intelligent time sending
  • Advanced email automation
  • Online ‘clipboard’ of content snippets
  • Split content optimization.


9. InfoUSA

InfoUSA is a basic direct mailing and marketing service. It doesn’t have the impressive advanced features such as integration, automation, designing or autoresponder.

However, the company has expertise in bulk mailing. It provides an assorted email list. You can target customers based on religion, consumer specialty, business specialty and more.

Along with email campaigns, the company generates leads through postal and phone contacts. In a way, it does traditional marketing.

infoUSA Bulk Email Marketing Service


  • Pricing is on request. It is based on multiple factors. Better to speak the customer support

Prominent Features:

  • Creates a variety of products such as postcards, brochures and emailers.
  • Clean up the mailing list to ensure subscriber data authenticity
  • Provides carefully scrutinized mailing list.
  • Can merge your mailing list to remove duplicate and incorrect addresses for higher results.
  • Offer pre-designed themes and layouts for quick designing.


10. MailGoes

With MailGoes, you can create compelling marketing campaigns. The software caters small to medium and big enterprises. Now, it has included bulk email service both promotional and transactional in its service list.

It provides instant campaign reports, click tracking and email bounce management. You can expect above 90% uptime infrastructure to fix up any downtime issue.

MailGoes Bulk Email Marketing Service


  • MailGoes offers four email-marketing plans namely Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The base plan has up to 5 lakh emails. For more information, just visit its pricing page.

Prominent Features :

  • They claim to have an extensive gallery of HTML templates to create compelling emails.
  • It also provides real-time graphical reports
  • High inbox deliverability.



There is no specific email marketing service that fits all. The selection of the right tool greatly depends on your personal requirements and how a software meets them.

However, we have numerous options available. MailGet Bolt achieved the #1 spot in this list for its uniqueness, efficiency, affordability and ability to cater a huge number of small to medium and large businesses.

I hope the article has provided the useful information to make a right decision.

If you still have any questions about bulk email service providers or email marketing, please feel free to post them in the comments below. Your suggestions are also welcomed.

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