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Auto Repair shop management has been an issue since demand for repair services increased. Auto repair shops deal with a variety of issues including management, repair parts buying and selling and billing, all which are hectic for a single person to manage at once.

A lack of checks and balances for sales and purchases in the auto repair business was a problem that affected businesses for many years. However, this issue has been resolved by the innovation of Auto Repair Software. This software is performing exceptionally well in the market and is giving much-needed ease to business owners in auto repair shops.

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 Following is the list of ten best Auto Repair Softwares. Use of these softwares guarantees satisfaction as well as  improvements in the business. 

The Best Auto Repair Software Compared (in full)


Labour Rates & Tracking
Invoice and Estimates

Appointment Booking

Service Reminders

Work Order Management


Free Trial


Mitchell 1YesYes YesYesYes$169

Work Orders Software


WinWorks Solution

YesYes Yes YesYes$89

Auto Repair Bill


Shop Boss

YesYes YesYesYes$109

Repair Shopr

YesYesYes YesYes$49.99
Garage PlugYesYesYes YesYesContact Garage Plug

Protractor Software

YesYesYes YesYesContact Protractor Software
All Systems MaxYesYesYesYesYes$30/User

Auto Repair Boss


Check all the services in detail according to your needs and choose wisely. By the end, you’ll know exactly which one is right for you.

1. Mitchell 1

This software has user-friendly tools to handle common issues in the maintenance and management of auto shops. It is useful in saving desired data and helps get comprehensive details of day-long work.

Mitchell 1 is being used by large and small auto shops and is yielding desired results. It has easy to use functions that enable a competent team to work together in a friendly environment. It provides data quickly to maintain good workflow at the workshop.


Key features:

  • It is designed for small, medium and large auto workshops.
  • The software is effective when it comes to cost savings.
  • The software enables you to boost your team’s skills.
  • It saves both time and valuable money.

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2. Work Orders Software

This software is aimed at providing quality management services in the auto shop.

Management work is all about keeping a record of all files related to the business. Manual processes for gathering and analyzing data have been outdated since the launch of maintenance software.

Work Orders Software is the ideal solution for auto repair businesses. It has ample space for storing your data  and makes it easy to search for relevant files by use of  a search engine. The software allows for better teamwork and  enhances the business scope. It helps you get proper guidelines and keep track of all the data saved in your system.


Key features:

  • It is a simple management software.
  • It is easily downloadable.
  • It works equally well for large and small auto shops.
  • It is packed with user-friendly tools.

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3. Win Works Solutions

This is the best auto workshop maintenance software. It is equipped with all the features necessary for auto workshop maintenance. It is a low-cost solution to common issues facing auto shops. It saves your data and ensures its security at all times.

Win Works records the history of your work and presents it in a way that is easy to comprehend. It not only saves the money that was earlier being invested in maintenance but also gives you a chance to spend hard-earned money in a more meaningful manner.


Key features:

  • It helps you write and save work orders.
  • It helps you track customers and vehicles.
  • It maintains service history and recommendations.
  • It guarantees customers visiting your shop again.

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4. Auto Repair Bill

Auto Repair Bill helps generate auto workshop billing and ensures the saving of data. It is software that provides maintenance professionals with a chance to place their operations online.

This software has revolutionized the auto workshop maintenance system. It is helpful in tracking your work orders and giving you a summary of the work performed by your company. It decreases risk factors and boosts business. It is the ideal software for automobile workshops of all sizes and volumes.


Key Features:

  • It helps with auto billing and invoices.
  • It offers a detailed client and vehicle billing dashboard.
  • It helps you track clients and vehicles in no time.
  • Gives you a full-service history of the vehicles.

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5. Shop Boss

This is the best auto workshop management software across the board. It provides you with an opportunity to enhance the skills of your team. Shop Boss has provided the best maintenance management service for years. It gives you easy access to your data and also helps in building a stronger relationship with clients.

Data tracking is made easy with this software. It not only has ample space for your data, it is also reliable for securing it from theft. It has been designed in a way to help you maintain your workflow.


Key Features:

  • It is a web-based software that is easy to comprehend.
  • It helps you get connected to the business through mobile.
  • It is integrated with a majority of systems in the market.
  • It helps you go paperless for convenience.

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6. Repair Shopr

This software is designed to simplify your auto workshop maintenance management with style. It offers simple tools that create harmony among the team at work.

Repair Shop offers a free trial and a free demo. It provides a user-friendly, web-based system for computerized maintenance and management. It is used by leading workshops and has been acknowledged for its performance. Repair Shop is equipped with all the solutions for workshop management.


Key features:

  • The software helps you analyze your team's performance.
  • It collects and saves data.
  • The software helps you keep a close eye on your business.
  • The software is designed to cater to all the requirements for auto shop maintenance management.

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7. GaragePlug

GaragePlug is a pioneer in automobile workshop management software. Automotive businesses that implement this software report as much as a 20% increase in revenues. GaragePlug is used by thousands of companies across the world including AutoPro, ART Garage, Patriot Car Care and Piston Head Garage.

This software will digitize workflow on your shop floor so that orders never fall through the cracks. By moving your storefront operations online you’ll be able to attract more customers and stand out amongst other garages in your area.

One of the biggest benefits of this software is that it provides search engine optimization tools that clients can use to rank their websites and boost online sales.

GaragePlug - Home

GaragePlug Features

  • You can use it to create professional documentation including job cards and invoices.
  • Use it to manage works on all vehicles in your workshop. You can track progress and inform customers when their cars will be ready for collection.
  • You can see the history of each vehicle, and added bonus that your customers will enjoy.
  • Get shop-floor analytics with a click. Find out which how much time it takes to carry out different activities on the shop floor, how much different jobs cost and how much they bring in.
  • You get a great scheduler so you never have to miss an appointment.
  • Track and manage your technicians, including productivity data.

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8. Protractor Software

This software has contributed to the growth of various top auto workshop companies. Protractor software is designed for use in small, medium and large-scale workshops and is consistently giving great results.

It is equipped with all the requirements for maintenance and management systems. It helps you interact with customers in various ways and provides a complete history of saved data over time. The information is easily reviewed and can be assessed for further improvement in customer management departments


Key features:

  • It helps you track work orders.
  • It provides assistance in scheduling work tasks.
  • It is useful for recording asset history.
  • It also offers external work requests.

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9. All Systems Max

This is compact software that offers a variety of tools to add value to your business. It helps in resolving the challenges of workshop maintenance across the multiple industries.

All Systems Smax provides solutions for better team collaboration and streamlines communications with stakeholders. It provides much-needed help to increase demand for your business and also helps the customers to interact with servers through various means.


Key Features:

  • It is widely acknowledged as a highly integrated solution to workshop management.
  • It helps you establish an excellent management system.
  • It offers an online demo and case studies as well.
  • It provides customer data in real time empowering you to make better decisions.

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10. Auto Repair Boss

Auto Repair Boss records work history and presents it in a way that is easy to comprehend. It not only saves  money that was earlier being invested in maintenance, but also gives you a chance to better spend hard-earned money.

Auto Repair Boss is one of the best auto workshop maintenance softwares. Its features are mandatory for a good auto shop business. It is a low-cost solution to many of the issues facing auto repair shops. It saves your data and ensures its security at all times.


Key features:

  • It is web-based software that is easy to understand.
  • It helps you get connected with your business through mobile.
  • It integrates with  most systems in the market.
  • It helps you go paperless for a cleaner workspace.

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All leading auto repair shops in the world use workshop management software.  Choosing among the best is however not an easy task. We have tried our best to give you an update on the ones that come highly recommended. All the software discussed in this article is designed to provide you with the  necessary convenience and ease to run your business.

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