Evolution of technology has changed the dimension of business. It has also increased importance of selling and buying products online. The business mechanism and its modules are rapidly changing with the time. Auction software have been introduced to increase the scope of business and to provide competitiveness among the market. Meeting consumers’ demand in this regard has gained much importance. auctionsoftware

Choosing a relatively low coast and creative auction software is however and issue that the consumers are facing in the market. However we are giving you some help in this regard. Auction software has not only changed the lives of millions but also opening new horizons for others.

 Following is the list of top ten auction software that will definitely put your life at ease. 

The Best Auction Software Compared (in full)

Check all the services in detail as per your needs and choose service wisely – by the end, you’ll know exactly which one is the right option for you.


1. Auction Software


It is regarded as world’s best online auction software. It is equipped with most advanced auction tools. It helps in building the auction websites ranging from a new business set up to the large scale established businesses. Auction Software has been used and acknowledged by world’s leading website owners. The software offers a facility of being used as it is or with the consumers specific customized options. It offers help in reverse, forward and penny auctions and provides solution to the entrepreneurs for their future as well. It is user-friendly software and has so far won over four awards for its performance.

Key features:

  • Offers solutions for reverse, forward and penny auctions
  • Helps building and establishing online market
  • Provides help through proper mechanism that is easy to comprehend
  • It is equally affective in small, medium and large business setup.


2. Free trial script soft ISP


This is ideal software that is completely owned by the user. It has been observed that the software used for establishing online auctions charge a hefty amount or even get a considerable cut from your income. However the Free trial script soft ISP offers you complete ownership. It makes you feel easy for establishing your own business. It offers a variety of options for designing the website including making your own logo and adjusting background of your own choice. The extremely user friendly manual places the software among the top in the business.

Key features:

  • It is completely customizable software
  • It helps you choosing your own logo, branding and images
  • It helps you choosing the fees and does not demand any cut from it
  • It offers 24/7 customers support for its worthy users


3. Rainworx Auction Software


It works as customizable auction platform. It is designed to meet your business requirements. It is equally useful for small, medium and large scale business set up. The Rainworx software has solutions for every business problem. It helps you design and plan your business event and also offers key help in executing your plans as per your wishes. Building a market place for selling and buying has been made easy by the software and is equally popular among the entrepreneurs and large scale businessmen. It offers you space to save your data for buying and selling the products as well.

Key features:

  • It is mobile optimized software built with a Responsive Design Bootstrap 3 Framework
  • It allows the consumers to use their own brands
  • It does not demand any transaction fee
  • It is highly customizable software with user-friendly manual


4. Auction Anything


The software is a heaven for online auctioneers. It helps a variety of help from hosting online auctions to buying and selling your products with a complete backup data. It offers branded solutions to the customers and is regarded as powerful and flexible software. It is equipped with a facility of automated invoicing, reporting and bulk loading. Auction Anything provides help to the business rookies and offers complete business solutions to the gurus as well. The software is designed to match the requirements of the market. It also helps the entrepreneurs to discover new horizons for their business.

Key features:

  • This software has a simple setup and does not indulge the user in any complication
  • It offers complete help in donor management
  • It also provides help in managing integrated payments
  • It is affordable software that matches with global standards in terms of its manufacturing


5. Bid Path Software


This auction software is fully equipped with all the requirements best suited for an online auction platform. Providing aide for online live auctions to timed auctions, the software is unique in its manufacturing. It offers rich features of tool sets that help in managing the auction website for further convenience. The BidPath is compatible with a variety of currencies being used across the world and helps you choosing gateway for money transactions. It enables you to have a complete watch list for better management of the business. This software can easily be used in phones and tablets. The adjustable screen gives you the ideal view.

Key features:

  • Helps in building all tools required for auction
  • It offers complete auction accounting system with payment gateways
  • It has a user friendly manual and is easy to comprehend for the rookies
  • It offers a complete customizable layout


6. Live Auction Group


Online bidding is the order of the day. Scope of online auction is increasing since inception of the modern technology. Online bidding has made life of consumers and sellers much easier as compared to the earlier. Live Auction Group is an idea to meet the world at a higher platform. This software is regarded as best for the online auction business. It not only helps you get bidders from near your home but also finds customers from across the globe. The software is designed to make online bidding dream into reality. You can build your own auction group and can enjoy the blessings of the advent of technology.

Key features:

  • It offers catalogue listing of the auctions and items online
  • It enables bidders with facility of bidding directly from their computers
  • It helps in setting up real time audio/video streaming of online bidding
  • Offers help in custom branded website and integration


7. Bid Logix


This is unique software designed to meet all the requirements of modern-day online bidding systems. The software provides low cost solutions of the online bidding problems. It has a state of the art manufacturing outlay and meets the global standards to compete with the other software available in the market. The BidLogix offers help in absentee bidding and provides complete track of your business history fed in it. It has a user friendly manual and ensures safety of your data preserved in it. BidLogix is low cost investment to your worthy business.

Key features:

  • It offers complete help in forward and reverse bidding
  • It is equipped with buyer notifications required to keep you updated
  • It provides help in inventory management
  • It is equipped with unique Buy Now option.


8. Auction Experts


Mobile auction has been a dream comes true for the online bidders. The Auction Experts played a key role in realizing this dream. This software has been designed for the mobiles and is offers unmatched features. The user friendly software offers unlimited possibilities and a variety of functionalities for big and small auctions. The software is supported by a 24/7 customers support system that ensures the smooth running of your online bidding platform. The software helps you save plenty of time and generate valuable income for the customers. It has been regarded as the best online bidding platform with customized solutions.

Key features:

  • The software is accessible everywhere through computer, tablet or smartphone
  • The software offers packages from basic to very broad
  • It offers possibility of custom made software
  • It offers a user friendly manual that adds value to the software


9. Next Lot


Statistics show that it is the most popular online auction software since its launch in 2007. The software has over 15000 online auctions run and over 3.9 million registered bidders. The software holds a record of online bids worth 15 billion USD. Next Lot has been a popular online bidding solution and has improved its quality a lot in the due time.

Key features:

  • It helps you build your own brand
  • Offers help in live webcast bidding and timed bidding
  • Enables you to own your bidder data
  • Enables you to see all online bidders including under-bidders


10. ilance software


It is regarded as the professional’s choice for auction software. The ilance software has unique features and offers help in increasing scope of your online bidding. It not only secures your future in the business but also helps you get suitable bidders from across the globe. It is thus the best professional software for the said purpose. The software has customizable themes and suites them most who want to excel in the field.

Key features:

  • It offers a free demo for the customers
  • It offers complete cost-effective management
  • It helps in getting bidders from across the globe
  • The user friendly module makes it more acceptable for the users.


Establishing an online bidding platform was a dream that has come true due to the advancement of technology. The modern methods of engineering have made the online bidding more convenient. It now requires skills and a specific frame of mind to overcome the risks involved in the business. The software mentioned above have plenty to offer for those who want to excel in their field. Choose the best among these software and increase your business scope.