What do you mean by email verifier?

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What do you mean by email verifier?

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Initially, I want to explain Email list verification.

It is a process of determining whether a list of email addresses is valid and deliverable.

Now email verifier…..

It’s a simple tool which is used for verifying an email address. Mostly, they are free and quite easy to use. It tells you whether the email address is real or not.

Bulk address verification also comes with some software in which you simply upload the list of addresses and get back the details of good & bad emails addresses.

Most importantly you should periodically check the email lists with any Email Verifier Software as it is a wise practice. In this way, you can delete the invalid contacts in your customer database. Some good email address verifiers are as follows: –

MailGet – Offers Email Validation with Data and IP Appends.

QuickEmailVerification – Offers 100 free email verification every day.

Verifalia – 99%+ Deliverability – Offers 100% money back guarantee.

BulkEmailVerifier – Yet another top email validating service.

xVerify – Offers 98%+ Accuracy for Yahoo & Hotmail email validations.

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