What are the main factors of list management? How they can affect the email deliverability?

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingWhat are the main factors of list management? How they can affect the email deliverability?
asked 6 months ago

I want to know the list management factors, can you just explain it in an easy way.

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answered 6 months ago

Hey, there are several factors of list management such as:

Bounce rate
Unsubscribe link
Inactive contacts

I am elaborating the above points one by one. Let’s start here,

Bounce Rate – Check for invalid address and remove them. The invalid address is due to the reason that may be the mailbox doesn’t exist or is banned. You can check for technical issues like SPF/DKIM validation that will help you in decreasing the bounce rate.

UnSubscription Link – You should have unsubscribed link for each marketing messages that will be visible & easy to use for each subscriber. Hiding the subscription link can put you in trouble by subscribers and you even get blocked by many ISPs at the same time.

Reengagement – It applies only to inactive address i.e. unopened/ unclicked emails (since 6 months). You can re-engage them by grabbing their attention through the subject/layouts/discount etc. Let them know how they can get back to you with side notes. If failed to re-engage them then just remove that email address.

Inactive Contacts – They influence your image negatively so the chances of IP block is maximum. So, do regular list hygiene i.e. within 3-6 months. Remove non-responsive email address (whosoever deletes your email without reading).

Reconfirmation – Only applies to old list that you have lost touch with since significant amount of time. Ask for re-confirmation that you still have permission to send them emails or not. The name of company/person who is contacting them should be visible to them. How you got their contact information should also be visible to them. Ask only through one re-confirmation message.

Hope you get the basic knowledge of list management. This will definitely help you to improve the email deliverability.

answered 3 months ago
  1. Don’t be lazy – clean up your centuries-old email list
  2. Use a double opt-in method to get only the best subscribers
  3. Sending schedule – stick to it.
  4. “From” name – one of the tricks. If it’s not “from” your brand, it should totally be from a team member of your brand. The main point is that if you can build a trust with your subscriber by sending your email campaigns on a regular schedule, you can do it by picking the same “from” name
  5. Check your reputation at sender score platform calculator
answered 2 months ago

A healthy list doesn’t always mean that it only brings you money. That is an advanced step and the content you provide could have a great impact on your revenue from the list.

The primary action is to analyze this KPI:

1. Bounce rate

2. Open rate

3. CTR

4. ROI (but this can be influenced by the action taken by competitors and by your own content)

As i said before, return is just a result of two actions: getting the right people in the list and providing the right content.

When in doubt about the health of a certain list i would try to first segment it by the information provided by users and also validate every single email address to have a clear input on the right size of your list.

For the email validation system i would suggest trying ZeroBounce.

For the email segmentation part i would suggest using MailChimp (it seemed a little basic at first but you can do wonders with it)

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