Is there any way to connect WooCommerce with external SMTP to send emails?

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingIs there any way to connect WooCommerce with external SMTP to send emails?
asked 6 months ago

I want to connect external SMTP to send emails for WooCommerce, Is it possible to do it?

I want to send payment receipts, cancellation payment notice, chain product info for WooCommerce?

1 Answers
answered 6 months ago

The two major steps to enable SMTP to send emails are:

  1. You need to add SMTP plugin to your woocommerce site.
  2. Build the SMTP settings of the plugin.

Just install the WordPress plugin WP Mail SMTP, WP Email SMTP or WP-Amazon SES SMTP, to your woocommerce site just like we do in other WordPress plugins and activate it on the dashboard. Configure SMTP settings of the plugins and select “Send all WordPress emails via SMTP” to start sending emails through respective mail transfer protocol.

If you want to choose the best path to deliver your emails then you can use “SMTP Routing” through which you can send bulk emails without any interruptions. MailGet has inbuilt SMTP Routing to get high inbox deliverability as well.

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