Is there any company which can provide free beautiful and ready made email templates for all type of businesses?

All QuestionsCategory: Email MarketingIs there any company which can provide free beautiful and ready made email templates for all type of businesses?
asked 5 months ago

I’m looking for ready made email templates for every type of businesses with different formats and designs. Who can provide this for free?

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answered 5 months ago offers customer branded email signature templates with online scheduling included. It takes minutes to create your professional email signature, including social media and Skype contact information. SignOffPro adds the convenience of online scheduling by syncing with your Gmail, Outlook, iOS calendar. A personalized online scheduling link is embedded in your email signature. Client just click, schedule available time on your calendar and you receive the request. Reminders are automatic, eliminating no shows.

You can also copy your online scheduling link and add it to any digital media. For instance, add it to your website so visitors surfing in the evening can immediately engage. Add your link to Facebook, your Twitter page, email campaigns and more. Never miss another opportunity to capture a lead!

Try SignOffPro free for 30 days and see how it saves time, adds value and promotes your business with every email you send.

answered 4 months ago offers free responsive templates with a great free editing tool.

answered 4 months ago

Oh yes,  has tons of email templates suitable for businesses. It’s mainly B2B, focused on E-Commerce, which greatly increases relevancy in your case.

If you want to import any new templates, you can choose to import it via the “Import HTML”.

answered 4 months ago

Well, as far as I remember, atomic mail sender has lots of ready templates. They are not for free though, nothing great is free.

answered 3 months ago

You can use CO-SENDER predefined templates, you can send up to 1.000 emails for free each month. Also CO-SENDER can create templates specially designed according your needs.

answered 2 weeks ago


MailGet Bolt is the best email marketing software that provides free responsive ready-made email templates for all type of business.

I came to know about this service through following sources. You must also check them –

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