Any email service provider that can import bulk contacts in much easier way?

All QuestionsCategory: QuestionsAny email service provider that can import bulk contacts in much easier way?
asked 3 months ago

Suggest me any ESP that can help me to import contacts in bulk.

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answered 3 months ago

Hello guys,

Thanks for sharing your information. I have read both the answers but still got confused about your services. Can you please elaborate a bit more so that I can compare & take the further needful step.

answered 3 months ago

You must go through with our services …please check this link

answered 3 months ago

Hey, you can directly import bulk contacts through CSV file & can immediately start sending emails to them.

In my opinion, MailGet is best for email marketing because of its unique features. You can import the contacts manually as well as through uploading CSV file of contacts.

Take a look at this feature in this link to get step by step procedure of importing the bulk contacts.

answered 1 month ago

Okay, so any provider can import contacts in bulk. At Sener, You can select a .csv, excel file, paste them. The important thing is, once You have a database imported, what are you going to do with it?

As a representative of an ESP, I’d suggest using Why?

  • Has all the tools you will ever need for effective email marketing
  • Has an extremely intuitive UI
  • Has a scrupulously kept IP reputation ( which means deliverability is great)
  • Has every tool included even in the free plans( yes, even autoresponders, push notifications)
  • Costs an absurdly small amount of money:

If it suits your needs, please do not hesitate to give us a visit at and if you have any questions, contact the live technical support!

answered 4 weeks ago

At CO-SENDER you can import unlimited subscribers and send email according your plan. You can provide csv or excel file. Also you can map your columns in file with subscribers list columns.

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